The Dream

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Its about my dream in which I would like one day.

Submitted: February 05, 2018

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Submitted: February 05, 2018



Everybody has a dream.
A dream of what they want in there life.
For the old it's those darn kids to get off their lawn,
Or a person who wants to succeed in there life.
For me it's been the same dream since freshman year.

A dream of meeting the love of my life ,
And starting a family with a couple of kids.
A dream of having a great job so my partner doesn't have to work.
A dream of owning a house out in the country with a big backyard,
And watching the kids run around while me and the misses,
Sit on the porch steps watching on a warm summer day.

This is my dream.
A dream in which I'm scared to start.
From the past all I was gifted was ghosts and whys,
Which adds a constant battle of back and forth in one's mind.
A pain that I don't want to feel again...

Then I'm at fork of what am I going to do for a living.
Do I take the left path,
Of going to work and working my arse off or,
Do I take the right path,
And go to college for something i may like,
But be in debt starting off.
A choice which I can only choose.
A choice which can alter all of this.
A choice which I have no idea to make.

This be my dream.
A dream that helps me,
Get through the hard times.
A sanctuary in my worn torn world.
The only thing I can do,
Is live my life and let time do it's thing.


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