cooper beginning part 1

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Submitted: February 05, 2018



“Cooper, I don’t trust this guy, he’s too shady for me, ” Jake said as he flipped a coin and let out a sigh. “Relax Jake, everyone looks shady these days. Plus if the king’s men find out what we are doing we would be hanged, right?” Cooper was waiting for a response from Jake when someone knocked on the door of the abandoned house. “We’re talking here, so stop your knocking!” Jake yelled towards the door as Cooper bolted towards the door and flung it open. Grabbed the person and tossed them inside then slammed the door shut. “What are you doing?!” Jake said as his quarter fell to the ground. The girl was laying on the ground wide-eyed, silently staring at Cooper. “She overheard our conversation, we can’t risk her telling the guards.”

Cooper and Jake stared at the girl, She looks 18 maybe 19 around the same age as Cooper. “I….was told to...ummm” She tries to finish but before she could the door flung open, Jake drew his bow and nocked an arrow as he spins around to face the door. “So y’all the people that want to go into the caves then.” After a couple of seconds of silence, Jake lower his bow. Cooper pointed at the girl “You tell her to come here.” The older man walks into the building and shuts the door, “Of Course, Y'all want to go to the same place, so I thought why not do both of y’all at the same time. So let's get going before we run out of moonlight.” he puts on a cloak and signals us to follow him.

The walk up to the caves was cold, dark, wet and had many dangers. Everything from the wandering wolves to the full-blown packs, but sadly those guys were the least of our problem. The personal guards of the king for some reason guard these caves like it’s the damn palace itself. By the time we got up to the cave system we wanted, it was already sunrise. “Alright, I will keep watch for you. If y’all ain’t back by night, I’ll leave you behind.” They all gave him a nod and headed down the cave system. The walls were dripping from the rainstorm that had just come through two days before. “Alright the marking should be on the six floor down, you brought the torches right cooper?” Cooper lets out a laugh, he reaches into his backpack and tosses him one of his torches. Jake stops to light his torch, meanwhile, Cooper looks around the cave and saw the girl looking at some text on the wall.

“You're just getting into the old empire and their rise and their fall, right?” The girl turns around “Also I want to know what their damn name is.” She let out a laugh, then look back towards the text on the wall. Cooper walk up to the wall and ran his finger throughout the engraved sign, the old empire had their own text. Supposedly only their king and king guards could read it but Cooper has met many people who could read it. “Long time we wait for a king, to draw the sword. That what it says if you’re wondering” She turns around with her jaw dragging across the floor “How can you read it? That should be IMPOSSIBLE” Cooper smiled “My dad taught me how to read it and now I’m teaching Jake over there how to read it; plus they're a lot of people who can read this. How about you come with us, maybe I will teach you a thing or two.” He lets out a laugh as he hands her a torch.

“Alrighty, ready Cooper? And you better not slow us down lady and if you're going to be coming with us what's your name.”

“Destiny, nice to meet you Jake and you too Cooper.”

They all gave a nod and ran off, it was going to take most of the day just to make it down to the six floor. Six hours of running in the dark with only the dim lights of their torches to light a very small area ahead of them, it was wet and cold. “We are here guys!” Cooper yelled as he turns around to ask for Jake to hold his torch only to find Destiny behind him. “Where did Jake go?” Destiny started to laugh “Haha he said that I better not slow us down. He started walking when we saw the stair on the fifth floor.” Cooper rolled his eyes, Jake had a habit of talking himself up. He looks around the room he was thinking the six floor would be like the rest, but the other floor were like mazes and this one was just a square room with only a stone bed in the middle of the room. The walls around him were made of no fancy stones, but still, he found them to look amazing with the water dripping from them. Cooper and Destiny approach the stone bed in the middle of the room to find a sword lying in the bed.

“Hey, Cooper! You find anything yet?” Jake yelled in between his gasps for air. Cooper signaled him over towards the bed. “Jake, you sure no one has ever been down here.” Jake walks up to the bed and his eyes widen as if he had seen a legend “That sword…..could it be the sword you were talking about Cooper.” Cooper scratches his head and takes a step back from the blade, along the side of the bed he could see a text. He walks up to the side of the bed and blows on the text and runs his hand across the text in order to clear any loose rocks and dirt from it.

Cooper paused for a second “What does it say?” Destiny said as Cooper looks back at the blade. Everyone was quietly looking at the blade lying in its bed like a sleeping beauty waiting for her prince. “That's the king's blade… the blade that can only be picked up by a king worthy to be a leader of the old empire.” Everyone went back to silence until Jake finale said something “Could we take it?”

“As far as I know only a king could take it, but if you want to try to go right ahead.”

“Well, ladies first.”

“Why are you bringing me into this”

She looks at the blade, let out a sigh and then grabs the handle with both hands and try to pull it up. Sadly the blade didn’t move. “Maybe, you should work out more,” Jake said trying to release, some of the tension in the air. “You try Mr. don't slow us down!” Jake let out a growl and jump up onto the bed and grab the blade, then start yanking on it. “Come out of your bed, you lazy fuck!” Destiny and Cooper started to laugh, Jake gave up on the blade “Shut up destiny, you shouldn’t even be here! I mean at least I can help in a fight! You're just unwanted baggage”Destiny's eyes shifted towards the ground. “You're the type of person who would watch me and my friends die!” Jake froze and turn towards Cooper to see him shaking his head. It wasn’t the first time Jake had to lose control of himself and started to shout random thing. Destiny turns away from Cooper and Jake. After a little bit, Jake walks over and apologize and talk to her tell she calm down. Cooper reach down and grab the blades leather grip. Just above it was a green gem, it must have been worth a couple hundred’s of gold coins.

A loud bang came from the staircase going up to the fifth floor, once again Jake drew his bow and nock an arrow and spins around to face the doorway to the stairs. Cooper spins around and points the sword towards the doorway. There was a cold quiet that filled the room as his friends notice. There was a cold quiet that filled the room as his friends notice. “Ummm...Cooper, nice sword you got there. So...I guess we should leave now, right?” Cooper and destiny were both just staring at the blade that seems as if it was glowing, Jake walks up to cooper and slap him across the face. After a couple of seconds, Cooper snaps out of it “Yea we better get going before the old man up top leave us.” Cooper reach into the bed to grab the case of the blade and signals Destiny and Jake to follow him. By the time the three of them got there the man was just about to leave. Cooper throws a rock at the wall next to him, he turns and flips Cooper off but also let out a little chuckle. They gave each other a nod and start down the mountain.

Guards were all over the forest because of loud bang that came from the caves, we were about 20 minutes away from the city. When we heard the scream of a devil. “Hey! There are people in the ditch over here!” We all got up and started running towards the city, Cooper looked back only to see that they were chasing someone else. Cooper dove to the ground and takes everyone down with him. “They're not after us, there must be others that went up today as well.” The man that took them into the mountain looks over the ditch to see who it, he seemed very worried about the other people. “Alright, we nee-” Before he could finish what he was saying, Destiny, shouted, “Fuck this run while they're not looking.”

She ran off at an amazing speed and made some distance, unfortunately, she hit a bear trap. She was stuck screaming in pain, begging for Jake to help her. Then a guard came, smiled wave goodbye to her then launched his spear into her throat. Cooper and Jake look at each other then back at the guard, the guard let out a small laugh as four others approach. “These bear traps only seem to catch peasants. Ha” The other guards started to laugh as well as they walk back to a small camp just a few feet away from Destiny. “We're going back up. There is a cave they don’t know about. We will hide them until tomorrow.” The man whispered

“You sure they won't see us?” Jake said as he glances back at Destiny.

“Shut up and follow me.”

They ran back up the mountain though what seems thousands of guards. Until they reach a small cave, that had others inside it. “Richard is that you?” A voice came out of the cave, Richard turns towards us “Y’all, are going to stay here until morning. Get some rest.” As Cooper and Jake walk into the cave an older man walked out. Inside the cave, they saw two girls talking in the Connor, by the sounds of it one was crying. Jake taps Cooper shoulder and points to the wall on the other side of the cave. They walk over to that side of the cave to find text on the wall of the old empire, it was the same thing Destiny was looking at from before. “Is this really that blade?” Jake look at Cooper, he had a confused look on his face, that was a rare look for Cooper. “Long time we have waited, for a king to draw the sword. Well I don’t know about the king part but that must be the sword, I’m going to go ask Richard something.” Jake says as he slaps Cooper on the back.

Cooper sits down in front of the text and read it over, and over again. About ten minutes go by, Cooper still can’t understand what going on. One of the girls came over to Cooper “Long time we have waited for a king, to draw the sword. That what it says if you're wondering.” Cooper turn towards the black hair girl “So you can read this stuff too, also I’m going to take it that you were the one who made the loud bang that happens in a cave.” She turns around to look at the blond hair girl still crying in the Connor. “My little sister wanted to go up there she is the one who set a trap off, I told her it was a bad idea but she came anyway and that cause our dad to come. But we got caught and… the guards killed him”

“Sorry, about your father.”

“I don’t get why they are guarding the caves anyways, what do they want to hide.” Cooper shifts his eyes from her as he grabs ahold of his sword.

She wipe her eyes dry and look back towards Cooper “So what's your name?” Cooper looked toward the entrance of the cave and see Richard and Jake coming into the cave. “Cooper, it’s nice to meet you.” He turn back towards her and gives her a quick smile. “My name Kim nice to meet you too” Kim turn around and walked back over to her crying sister, Cooper turn back towards the wall as Jake came and sat next to him. Cooper looks towards him to see his face pale and shaking. “You scared about what happen to Destiny?” Jake started to shake even worse his eyes widen as he remembered what had happen to her “I have never seen anyone laugh about killing someone, never seen someone smile and laugh with his friends. Killing isn't something to laugh about.” He shaking got even worse, as a waterfall started to fall from his face and darken the dirt below him. “She was begging for me to help her; begging!” Cooper sat there not knowing what to do or say.

Then the sound of someone walking came from behind, Cooper turn to see a blond girl walking towards Jake, with tears still in her eyes. She stop behind him, got on her knees then hugged him, Jake is a former slave and he never lets anyone touch his back. But for some reason he let this random girl. Cooper stood up and went to the other side of the cave, sat down, and fell asleep.

The next morning Cooper woke up to someone head in his lap. Thinkin it was Jake because of the black hair Cooper slap his head a couple of times to try to wake him up. He stop and look across the cave to see richard and the other old man, Jake and the blond girl sleeping against the opposite wall. Cooper froze as he looked back at the black hair on his lap, he looks at the curves of the person lying there. It was kim. Cooper pause for a second as she moves around in her sleep. Once she stop Cooper took off his jacket and folded it so she could use it as a pillow and got up. He walk outside, to see the deers running by without a care in a world, with the songs of the birds guiding their path.

Two hour had past, Cooper was now sitting against a tree watching the wildlife run throughout the great forest in front of him without a care in the world. Cooper sat there thinking, how easy it must be to be a bird. He started looking for guards that might have seen them run here from last night. Cooper started to drift off and fell asleep, about two hour later Cooper re-woke. He stood up and head into the cave to find that the cave was empty the other left! Thousands of thoughts go through Cooper's head, why did they leave me? Is Jake ok?, where are they right now! He stops and takes a breath. Then looks around the cave to find a necklace on the ground, he put it around his neck and left the cave.

Cooper slowly made his way through the forest the once amazing animals were now his enemy. One wrong move and a deer will run to a guard or a bird would fly and sing to all the guards. Cooper slowly walk from ditch to ditch trying not to make a sound as guards and deers alike walk by. After hours of climbing through the mud of the forest, Cooper was now free at the city walls. He look back at the forest to see Destiny body still there with a spear through her, He turn around and bolted through the city gate.

As Cooper enters the city he heads straight for the abandon house that him and Jake said to meet at. Forcing his way through crowds of people he was finale there, Cooper ripped the door open in hope to find Jake waiting on the stair for him. But what hes saw was kim sitting on the stairs to the second floor not Jake. “So the missing boy is alive. How the walk down go?” Cooper let out a sigh and crack a smile. “Well, when their wasn’t a guard breathing down my back I made sure to take a second and enjoy the scenery.” Kim let out a small chuckle. “Jake is up stairs if you want to see him, he was crying the whole way down, almost got us killed. He your little brother right?” Cooper walk over to the stair and sat down next to Kim “He isn’t family but he is at the same time, see we’re both slaves, I help him get out of that life, and we’ve been with each other ever since.” Cooper look up stairs where you could hear a faint sobbing coming from, Jake never could take the idea of someone dieing.

Kim laid down on the stairs and put her head on Cooper lap “My sister was like you kinda, I mean she was homeless but no slave. My dad found her one day and took her home with him. You should've seen the look on my mom face, sadly she didn't remember her name so we name her Angel.” Cooper let out a chuckle and pinch Kim nose “Because of her hair right? Anyways I have to go see Mr.Cry Baby up stair so you need to move.” Kim sat up for Cooper as he started to head up the stairs, he saw Jake sitting on the ground crying and Angel was there trying to cheer him up. “Well, well, well Mr.Cry Baby why are you crying this time?” Jake turns and bolts towards Cooper with his snot following close behind him screaming “Cooper, don't scare me like that again.” Jake was running so fast that he knock Cooper off his feet and back down the stairs. They rolled down the stair until they came to a stop at the bottom and Jake stayed in Cooper arms crying, until he finale fell asleep.


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