what diversity mean to you?

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Submitted: February 06, 2018

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Submitted: February 06, 2018



What Does Diversity Mean To You?  

Diversityis a term that is rarely used during this time period. Diversity is who you are. Diversity brings many people together and also separate others. As a teenager in high school during this time period diversity has caused a lot of people to judge others but also uplift others. When hearing the term diversity I think about loyalty, looks, personalities and others perspective towards life.

 Diversityto me is the different hairstyles ablack girl and a Caucasiangirl would wear on different occasions or just a regular day. Many think that a black girl could just throw their hair in a ponytail and call it a day, many Caucasian girls can not many blacks, to me that's diversity because they are not the same, they will not come to school looking the same way by color and hair! But understand just because a black girl hair does not go into a ponytail like Caucasians does not mean we need to dislike each other, it’s DIVERSITY! To me, diversity is different hairstyles in the same state, town, school or office.

 Diversityto me is different styles people have, from heels to tennis shoes also make-up to a natural look. Many girls are obsessed with heels that have a very nude or bright color but then you have girls that are sneakerheads that love what brand they are and the dope colors mixed together. We have girls that like to wear both. It’s not about what everyone has or what you don’t have, it’s about being yourself and finding the true meaning of the word diversity. We do not have to knock anyone down about their shoes because it’s their style and who they are.

 Diversity to me is the way people think towards life.You will come across some people that do not care at all if they fail or pass then you have someone who is determined to make their family proud and make a positive name for themselves.High school is everyone goal towards life but others they just want to get out of there. You have the ones that do not know who they really are because they like to be in a crowd but you also have the ones that are focused and still finding who they are but knows the right and wrong times for certain things. That’s when diversity truly step in because it’s a separation between a group or two people that is not the same.

Diversity to me is loyalty. All mankind has a different way of showing loyalty from a long friendship, relationship or school. Some people will uplift you but then again be trying to bring you down and then you have people that will uplift you and mean it with a passion. Diversity is showing a different type of loyalty in society. You have people that will show loyalty until they get what they want, then you have people showing loyalty to just see the other fall. Loyalty is uplifting someone that does not have the same characteristics in the word diversity as you.

Diversity to me is loyalty, looks, personalities, and others perspective towards life. All of the examples given is something we lack during this time period. Diversity has a meaning that needs to be embraced more than it has ever been before. Diversity is the way someone sees it.

By: Erika Street

Central IB Student

10th grade



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