Shee-an-Bro. B1, Dark Shee Trilogy

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Book one of the Dark Sidhe Trilogy.
A young Druid, Cu macTire (Koo Mok Teera) is sent to investigate a murder in the village of Shee-an-Bro. What he uncovers, sets Cu macTire and his companions on a perilous quest, in order to prepare themselves to face the power of, the Dark Shee.
Note: It is recommended that before reading this novel, flick down to chapter 35 - Glossary.
This will provide the reader with invaluable information about the world the story is set in, and also has a nice snazzy digital map of Tir Dhuchais for you to admire.

Contains, mild to moderate, fantasy type violence, blood and gore, human sacrifice, very mild nudity, and adult themes.

Table of Contents

The Awakening.

A young woman from the village of Shee-an-Bro is found murdered inside of a mysterious stone circle deep in the woods in Shadryfell forest.
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Cu macTire

The Druid, Cu macTire gets a visitor.
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The MacRatha Brothers

  Chapter Three The MacRatha Brothers   The moonlight illuminated some parts of Shadryfell Forest, other parts ... Read Chapter

Ri Vitorox

King Vitorox calls upon the young Druid, Cu macTire for his advice and judgement on the murderer of Dorna.
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Suil na Hintinne (Mind walking)

Cu macTire uses his Druidic abilities to enter Cunnart's mind to try and find out the truth about Dorna's murder.
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The Hunt

Ri Sainrith, King of the Dalanba encounters a strange Boar while out hunting in the forest.
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Breaking the Circle

Sainrith has become possessed by the shadow-beast of the Cairn and plots to escape the stone circle
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The Killing

Sainrith, possessed by the shadow-beast, goes on a killing spree.
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A Tale To Tell!

Cu Mactire tells the MacRatha Brothers a Bardic tale.
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Laying the Dead to Rest

Cu macTire leads the funeral for Pwyll and Ronthar.
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Ri Sainrith relives a childhood memory.
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The Warrior Woman

Cian MacRatha has a deadly encounter in the forest while out checking his animal snares.
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Belisana Argetlamh

Cian introduces Belisana, the Danann Warrior Woman to his brothers.
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A Brief encounter in the Woods

Cu macTire has a strange encounter with a mysterious, beautiful woman, in the woods.
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The Power of Bri

Belisana teaches Cu macTire to unlock his dormant sidhe powers.
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Cappal Mor

Cu macTire arrives at Cappal Mor the seat of Ri Mark of the Dumnorii Clann.
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Weaving a Love Spell

The Bard Druid of Ri Mark works his magic on the guests of the marriage of Ri Mark and Isolde.
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Cu macTire enters the caverns beneath the forge and encounters a Clan of blood thirsty, Bogles.
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A Declaration of War

Two envoys from Dun Morhaig, travel to Dun Ranathorne to deliver a bloodsword to Ri Sainrith, declaring War on his Clan.
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A Trap is Sprung

The Bogles chase, Cu macTire and his companions into a trap.
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The Forge of Goibhniu

Cu macTire reaches the Forge of the smith-god, Giobhniu.
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The Forging of Sidhe Weapons

Giobhniu enters his great forge and makes his weapons for Cu macTire and his companions.
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The Cave Spiders

After receiving the sidhe weapons from, Giobhniu, Cu macTire and his companions leave the forge and walk into a nest of giant, cave spiders.
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Brothers Divided

Fergus finds he cannot forgive, Belisana for cutting off his brother's hand. resentment sets in and the brothers come to blows.
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Strangers in Camp

While huddled around the campfire, Cu and his companions welcome three travellers to join them around the campfire.
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The Eclanders

Cu macTire and the MacRatha brothers follow the trail of the Eclanders, vengeance burns in their hearts.
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Deargal mac Ceilliur

Deargal makes preparations for the coming War.
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Blood on a Raven's Wing

Deargal gives Cunnart an offer he can't refuse.
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The Battle of the River Ellyl

The Clans of the Celenioth and the Dalanba clash on the banks of the River Ellyl.
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Badh Catha: Oh Dreaded Battle Crow

Badh Catha the Battle Goddess makes an bloody appearence
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The Battle of Dun Morhaig

A small force of Dalanba warriors, led by Ri Sainrith attack the fortress.
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The Warrior Druid

Cu macTire throws a curse upon the heads of the Dalanba warriors who have breached the walls of Dun Morhaig
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The Lord of the Muintir Scathanna

Cu macTire and his companions finally confront, Gubrath Fhir.
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Slan, Slan, A painful Farewell

Cu macTire has one final part to play in the defeat of Gubrath Fhir, it is the most painful farewell he must endure.
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This chapter is a Glossary of Names and terms used in these books. Also there is a Digital map of Tir Dhuchais.
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Well, Celtic-Scribe....this was kind of excellent. Ogham stones?

Tue, February 6th, 2018 6:59pm


Thanks for reading it and commenting.

It is a long story (approx. 650 pages) and a bit of a slow burner with lots of characterisation, but it is rich in description and when the action starts it gets intense, I promise, lol.

Ogham stones, yep!

hope you will stick with it.


Tue, February 6th, 2018 11:11am

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