A boy gets stolen after hitting the Grim reaper with his bike. He's introduced into a hidden world of magic, then goes on a great journey across an alien land, with his new mentor, Death himself.

Table of Contents

The arcade

Wodin The arcade was a particularly bright place. Especially on a Friday night, and especially on a Friday night in this boring town.... Read Chapter


  The first thing Mikey felt was a sharp pain on the top of his head. Before he was properly conscious he was astutely aware tha... Read Chapter

Don's Window

Grim handed Mikey his scythe as they strolled out of the forest. ‘Wow...’ Mikey whispered, turning it in his hands. Inscribed along t... Read Chapter

Welcome to Eden

It was not far past midday as they approached the tunnel, used by residents as a way to cross the broad river up ahead. 'Grim... How much... Read Chapter

The Exodus

The Exodus was in every meaning of the word, huge. It was a palace from a long-gone age, used by the Eden officials to process new Eden c... Read Chapter

Grim's Place

Grim lived in the penthouse of one of the more premium skyscrapers of the cloudy city, if one could imagine such a thing. He pointed, as ... Read Chapter


Mikey could now see the grime and grunge that the Underbelly was known for. Now being up close to these colourful buildings, he realised ... Read Chapter

The First Journey

Humming over colourful rooves, Mikey and Grim made their way out of the Underbelly. ‘So, where’s Robbie going?’ Mikey asked. ‘As ... Read Chapter

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