The Immune

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A virus mutated from the newest flu vaccination evolves into a deadly viral disease that wiped out almost all the world. Only the Immune are left to repopulate the world. The Immune create a system
that ensures genetic purity and favorable genetic outcomes in offspring in order to remake the world in a foolproof way. The system is made almost perfectly, the only variable it didn't account for
was love.

Submitted: February 06, 2018

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Submitted: February 06, 2018



The Immune

My name is Ainsley Briquette, and I am one of the Immune.

It all started about twelve years ago when Jamie Knop got sick. Jamie was a cheerleader at West Altoona High.  Everyone thought she had gotten Ebola or something, but little did we know this mysterious disease would change the world as we knew it.

The disease spread across Altoona like wildfire. Students, parents, grandparents, and infants were getting sick for no reason. Surgeon masks were distributed across the city, and soon Altoona was quarantined. Left and right people were dropping like flies to this unknown threat. Everyone was dying. Well, everyone except for my mom and me.

How did you escape this terrible epidemic? Simple, my mom is crazy. She has always been a naturalist. Essential oils and no vaccines are the only way to live, according to her. Well it turns out she was right. No vaccines were the only way to live.

A mutation occurred in the flu shot vaccine. Somehow, whatever the virologists had concocted in the newest vaccination had mutated into a deadly and incurable virus, causing 44,587 people to die. The disease spread like wildfire through Pennsylvania. Obviously, the quarantine wasn’t helping. There had to be another reason for the outbreak.

As it turns out, vaccines all over the state had mutated and caused the virus in thousands more people. Virologists were put into overdrive trying to figure out what went wrong in the vaccination. They came out with a new and fixed vaccine, but the virus evolved. With every new vaccination, a new virus came out stronger than the previous. People kept getting sick with symptoms that made the victims turn into vampires, starving for fresh blood before they died painful and long deaths.

We call them the Broken. They stumble aimlessly through the streets with desperation filling their black, barren eyes, leaving a piercing chill behind. Their lips are cracked and dried with their royal purple blood.  These monsters, if not contained properly, take over towns and produce more through their deadly bites. Once the Broken chomp down on you, the virus enters your circulatory system and takes over your body.

For the first year we were left without international help. The world was terrified of the deadly disease, and they had good reason to be. Mortality rates increased ninety-six percent throughout the United States. As we commenced the sixth year of our battle against the virus, financial support flowed in from China, the UK, Mexico, and Italy. Canada was the first to send in real help two years after the finances came in. Medical teams came with their bright yellow hazmat suits to try to cure an incurable disease. Medical teams from around the world came to study the virus. Thousands of blood samples were taken into laboratories to be studied. The only thing that came from the study was a spreading of outbreaks. Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, North America, and South America were all hit. The virus went global. Everyone was dying. Well, everyone except for us.

The world went through what we like to call, the Cleansing. The Cleansing is the period when everyone was wiped out throughout the land leaving only three hundred thirty-three people left. Somehow, our DNA mutated, making us completely immune of the virus. We were free to restore and repopulate Earth. My life quickly became like one of those old zombie apocalypse movies.

Once the world was clean, we broke out into groups of fifty-five and sailed out to the different continents. I stayed in the US and Mom went to Europe, just like she had always wanted to. As heartbreaking as our split was, no families could stay together. Families would compromise genetic purity and would cause too many complications. It was for the greater good.

In time, we restored a small town in California and made it our home. Because I was only eleven at the time Mom and I split up, I was unable to reproduce offspring for the first few years of our colony. We had made an impeccable system that ensured genetic purity and favorable genetic outcome in offspring. Those who could not reproduce became unnecessary mouths that would be exterminated for the greater good. We were gods.

Soon enough our number had risen. People from different continents moved in and out of our colony to ensure genetic purity. Our numbers continued to increase until we had to spread ourselves out throughout southern California. Finally, at the age of fifteen I was able to support the cause.

Life was going along perfectly until my first failed pregnancy. I was twenty-one and my mate was a thirty year old male named Shawn. The system selected us to mate because of our physical strength, intelligence levels, and attractive outward appearances. We slept together three times until my pregnancy was confirmed. I was six months along before my body rejected the child.

This heartbreaking experience pulled me into a deep and merely endless depression. Eighteen months later I got pregnant again, this time with Landon, a twenty-three year old engineer. Landon came from the Australian colony in Sydney. He was beautiful with his golden bronze skin, almond shaped eyes, and close cropped charcoal hair.

 Before we found out we would be mates, we were best friends. He was a jokester. He lived to prank people, which is why we got along so well. We would spend hours on the beach laughing and telling stories about life before the virus and what our families used to be like. Landon was the one person I could trust with everything. And foolishly, I gave him my heart.

Love was never a factor of the system. You sleep together, you get pregnant, and you mate again. The system is good, the system is right. Or is it?

I still remember the day when Landon and I got matched. It was dawn and I was going on my daily run on the beach. The crashing of waves eased my mind into a state of meditation as my body glided down the waterfront. I continued running until I saw Landon standing barefoot in the frigid water. Grinning, I jogged over to him excitedly. He’s usually not the early bird type. For whatever reason, he always made my heart skip a beat and my face beam.

Once I reached Landon, I realized that something was off about him. His charismatic smirk that usually rested on his face was replaced with a furrowed brow and a look of hopelessness.  

“What’s up Lan?” Landon’s concern was instantly wiped off his face and was replaced with one of his infamous grins.

“Nothing much Ains,” Landon replied turning toward me. He shoved his strong hands deep into his pockets and rocked back on his heels. “Hey, have you checked the system recently?” His dark eyes were engulfed with concern.

What was in the system that could have shook him up so badly?

“No, I haven’t checked since yesterday morning, but I was going to when I got home. Why? Are you matched with Megra?” Landon rolled his eyes. Megra was Landon’s neighbor who had a pretty big thing for him. To say the least, the feelings were not mutual.

“Actually, I’m matched with you.” My body froze with shock. Questions flew through my brain like a powerful hurricane, tearing apart everything that once was familiar and leaving behind an ugly reality. “And that means that we might not see each other ever again.”

From that day on we decided to spend every precious moment we had before we were separated together. We postponed pregnancy as long as we could trying as hard as we could to elongate our time together. Throughout the next three months, we fell hard into that terrible thing called love.

Once Landon and I became with child, things changed. It was like no other pregnancy I had had. This time the greater good wasn’t my motivation, Landon was. Landon begged our system administrators that he could stay with me through the nine months of my pregnancy so that I might not fall back into depression in case of a miscarriage. Begrudgingly, the administration counsel complied with his request in the name of mental health.

As each month blew by, a crazy idea formulated in our brains.

What if we could stay together? What if we could escape the system?

This taunting theory stayed with us all nine months. Once our Charlotte was born, it was confirmed. We had to leave our home. If we left, we could be free. Free to love whomever, for however long, without any limits.

So late one balmy night in July, we left. We trekked up North to what used to be San Francisco and started our own settlement. It was hard with just the three of us and extremely limited supplies. All that was left was a whole lot of love to make it through each merciless night in what was now our home. 

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