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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

Carter is a student with a secret, he's gay, and he likes the bad boy named Jaxson, and it turns out, he likes him too.

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Submitted: February 06, 2018

There he was, Jaxson B.. Walking down the hall with some girl wrapped around his arm. It was quite obvious, I had a crush on him, it fe... Read Chapter


Submitted: February 06, 2018

I walk into my dorm, to my surprise, Jaxson was there. "Goddammit, you´re my roommate." Jaxson groans, I knew he didn´t like me. It w... Read Chapter


Submitted: February 06, 2018

The next day, we arranged the time and place for me to tutor him, but it´s been hours of waiting for him. Why did it feel like I w... Read Chapter

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