An Extra Ordinary Life of A Very Ordinary Girl

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A woman was walking alone at night on a rainy day for her home. It was a scary night with deem light or no light on the way, water logs here and there. Drunks were passing by. She approached a
gentleman to walk in his side just to make other feel that she was not alone. And she reached safely. Since she reached safely, you can say her decision was right. If that gentleman would misbehave
with her, you would say, she was wrong. But she was the same person,overcoming the same difficult challenging way and taking the available safety measures. So before you judge and comment admire
the pain of living in it!!

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An Extra Ordinary Life of A Very Ordinary Girl


Teacher was absent and it was an off period. All friends & classmates started playing, chatting & screaming to some extent. Standard – 3 student, little Doll came out of the class & slowly proceeded towards a locked classroom. This classroom had always been a curiosity for her. The door was locked as usual and covered by curtain. Standing on her toe, through a hole on the curtain, Doll was trying to see inside. It was a bigger room having shelves with the walls and a very long wooden table at the middle of the room. Some bones & things were there inside the shelves. She was not able to understand what were all those! Someone touched her shoulder and she turned back. It was her favourite English Teacher.


Teacher: What are you trying to find there, dear?

Doll:I always find this class is locked and it looks different than my class room. Why madam?

Teacher: It’s the Science classroom

Doll:Science classroom!!

Teacher:yes. Your seniors who wants to study Medical to be a doctor, studies in this classroom.

Doll:Oh! I see! Then if I study to be a doctor then I can also study there.

Teacher:Yes dear, for sure, you can.


Teacher was walking with Doll towards her class. Asking all students to sit properly and draw something instead of making noise, she left. Doll was imagining that she would be a doctor. She used to love her lady doctor as well. Whenever she used to get fever, parents used to take her there and the doctor madam would give her chocolates, so pretty she was! Doll was an intelligent student as she grows up, her ambition to be a doctor became stronger. She was very jolly and naughty. Completing studies she used to play and trouble her mom in kitchen.


As she grows up, she was found anemic and treated with allopath and homeopath. But even after long treatment her health was deteriorating. Fever, weakness & forgetfulness were very common symptoms and increasing with time. Hardly a week she used to be fit in a month. She was literally struggling with her health, studies & dream to be a doctor. Though dad was putting consistent effort for her recovery with all possible treatment but she was realizing that her dream was stepping back from her. At times she had to remind herself on the way to college that from where she started and where she had to go so that she does not forget. Identifying places was also challenging for her very often. Still she used to go to college regularly. Many a times she found that whatever she studied in the morning she no more remembers at the evening or while doing a sum all of a sudden she used to forget what was the problem at all!! Till college life she suffered a lot. And thereafter, started improving slowly. By then she was diagnosed as Thalassemia minor. Doctor said that she had to take certain medicines and good food, that’s all. She can lead a normal life and do what she wants. With that hope Doll joined software development course after graduation. As usual she was doing well. But yet she was not that fit to do long hours technical jobs. So even after clearing interviews, she had to step back. It was very much frustrating for her. A few days she spent with visual basic and c++ books and programs written by her, cried alone. Then she packed all those books and notes, locked in a cupboard accepting the fact that she could not make it a profession for her health. Mom always said that Doll was brave enough to accept the truth and finding the next way out. Doll joined a computer faculty job and enrolled for distance M.Com. Early morning she used to attend her tuition class, then office. After returning home, she used to solve Accountancy problems while listening hindi songs and mom used to feed her. She was happy with life. Completing M.Com, she shifted to Accounts Executive job. She used to write poems. She could make others smile, motivates friends to move in life and resolve others’ issues. Her health recovered to a great extent by that time. Parents started searching for matrimonial negotiation for her, especially after elder sister’s marriage.


As so far we understood, Doll had an imaginary world to cherish her life. She wrote stories on her 1st meet with her husband and poem for her would be daughter ‘ Sneha’. Finally arrange marriage got fixed with Joy, an MBA, earning well in a reputed company and having his own flat other than parental house. Joy & Doll used to chat regularly on various topics after marriage got fixed. Both found each other suitable, impressive & respectable personality. Doll never had any boyfriend. Everything was Joy for her. She used to write poems for joy and send him daily. She used to give missed call to Joy just to listen her favourite caller tune, that popular hindi romantic song ‘Chhukar mere monko…. ‘ .  Both were eagerly waiting to begin a new life. Doll personally requested the camera man to take a few nice clicks that she can enlarge wall- wide & fix in their bed room. Unfortunately, Joy got transferred to other city just before a couple of days of marriage. It was shocking for Doll and her mom. Everything was going smooth otherwise. Marriage shopping, planning & preparation were almost done. One night before the marriage, Joy’s mom claimed that Doll provoked Joy to get costly ornaments for herself, when the truth was that he purchased everything by his own choice. She also demanded that Groom participants in marriage party should be 100 when the actual decided number was 60. Doll’s dad was shocked as everything was decided with Joy’s father and in presence of Joy. But neither Joy nor his dad, no one revealed that truth that evening. Doll took a loan to contribute towards bride close relatives’ flight fare to attend the reception party at the home town of Joy, just to respect his mom wish that reception should be at home town in presence of all. She felt Joy’s mom would be happy on that. But still such complains was heart breaking. Doll decided to cancel or atleast postpone this marriage as mutual respect and respect for own words were not found. All relatives reached. Next morning rituals will start, how could dad stop or share such nuisance with all. Afterall it was a family image matter. So, unwantedly with lots of stress in mind Doll got married with Joy. She could not even give a sweet smile for a nice photo. After marriage, knowing everything from Doll, Joy insisted that she was unaware of such communication of his mom. He also asked his dad & brother in law to discuss & resolve this issue with Doll’s dad. Finally things were sorted between families. Reception was great. Even though Joy’s mom was not very happy and taunting Doll at times, she adjusted the same with the hope that time would make things fine and heal these short falls.


Doll & Joy shifted to the new city. A new beginning. Two weeks they were staying in a hotel and looking for a place to shift. Everyday, they used to have breakfast together. Then Doll used to accompany Joy till cab. Whole day, she used to watch marriage photos & videos, write poems and sms Joy. By evening, she used to dress well and wait for Joy. She could sense when Joy would enter the lift and she used to come out in the corridor. Joy used to be surprised with such attachment & sense of her. They could not find any suitable place and after two weeks they had to shift to a paying guest accommodation. It was well equipped room with attached toilet and common kitchen, but a bit far from the proper city. First few days Joy did not allow Doll to cook as she was newly married bride and she was not habituated with cooking before marriage. Doll was eager to play the role of wife. Arrange marriage shyness and hesitation were fading away slowly. They used to have lunch together from the same plate. Then Doll had to watch the clock when Joy would return from office. She used to cook for him, then wait at the gate for Joy. Doll used to miss her mom a lot. Spending the whole day within a single room alone was difficult. At times she used to walk down to the beach and stand alone for hours. She could view her room, her friends & relatives in the sea waves. She wanted to join a job but Joy was not supportive for that. One day she broke down in tears that she could not spend alone for such long hours and she had to join a job. Moreover, she had a marriage loan as well to be paid. Thereafter Joy started helping her actively. Appearing for 3 interviews, she received 2 offer letters and finally decided to join one MNC, Accounts Receivable job. Both were happy here after. Doll was in general shift while Joy in UK. So Doll used to leave after breakfast and back by evening while Joy used to leave after lunch and back after dinner in office. They used to help each other for house hold work. Doll used to wait for Joy on bed until he returns. Oneday, as she could hear his foot step, she got a naughty idea and lied down silently as if slept. Joy opened the lock and entered the room. With deem light he was observing Doll while getting fresh. Doll’s left hand was hanging outside bed. Joy was confused to keep it properly or by touch she might get awaken!! He sat near Doll and thinking…!! Doll could no more hold herself and started laughing. Week end they used to go out together for shopping, daily market or beach. Their specialty was same colour dress. Wherever they used to visit, people used to say ‘made for each other’. 3 months of married life was heavenly as a dream, as every soul should have dreamed. Oneday, they received a long letter from Joy’s mom. She was ailing at Doll and her dad in the letter stating that Doll was not a Lakshmi as she could not get gold ornaments for mother in law, cash dowry and car, so Joy should not behave well with her. She also said that she was so shocked and not getting sleep feeling that Joy was sleeping with Doll happily. Joy’s attitude and behavior changed here after. He used to be annoyed on Doll and pinch her on silly or no issue. Doll was sad. Marriage terms & conditions, process, gifts everything was discussed in detail during marriage negotiation. Doll’s father asked Joy, his dad & his mom separately what else they expect or wish. Cash dowry is not a respectable practice and Doll’s family does not support that. Otherwise, furniture, apparels, ornaments as in custom were given in marriage with a grand welcome. If cash dowry or such high demand would be put forward by Joy’s family then definitely Doll would not marry Joy. After an open discussion on each issue, Joy seemed convinced and ashamed of his changed behavior. He decided to visit his mom and make her understand so that relationship could be valued and taken care of. On that note, Joy left Doll in the paying guest and started for his home town. In 3 months of married life 1st time they were getting apart for a few days. Both were sad and missing each other. Joy was on the phone until, he board the flight. Whole day Doll was eagerly waiting for his call as she was missing him very much. Atlast after dinner she called him. Joy was so annoyed. He informed Doll that his father had taken huge debt for their reception and as daughter in law she should pay those loan. He also said her that if his mom is having little gift expectation that is not wrong as she put enough effort to grow him up. He also felt that Doll’s salary was Joy’s money and thus Doll should hand over the same to him for the need of in laws. Doll was shocked. She did not mind to help her husband or even her father in law but that should be a polite request not a force and such dowry claim was just unacceptable to her. She could not find herself liable to repay father in law’s loan that she spent in marriage reception party. Doll was so sad and restless with MBA joy’s view, expectation and words. Within a couple of days Joy returned back and it became a regular topic for them, especially every week end. Joy clearly stated that Doll cannot repay her own loan. She should handover the whole salary to Joy and he might give her some pocket money. Moreover, he ordered that Doll cannot speak to her mom regularly over the phone, with his permission & presence she could speak occasionally. Doll could not accept such words or expectation. Her health started affecting very much due to this stress. Still she did not inform such issues to her parents. Oneday, she was in dressing room of office, her father called and informed that joy gave him a call and asked ‘can you please let me know what I need to do for you? How much I need to spend for you from my family earning so that I can make a list?’ Doll’s dad got shocked and felt insulted. As he was a retired bank manager and self-dependent. He was also not aware of such mess going on between them. Doll immediately called Joy & charged him. The loan taken was her own decision. It was her commitment so she should repay that. And Joy was aware of this loan and it’s purpose before marriage itself! Then how dare he could insult Doll’s dad for that!! They had a bad fight over the phone. Doll sat on ground and busted with tears. Her lady colleagues all reached there, sat around her and consoled her. Hereafter, Doll stopped talking with Joy. Within a few days, some relatives and friends started alerting Doll not to go far to unknown places with Joy. It clicked her when the same suggestion was coming from many points. Oneday, she charged her elder brother on this and came to know that Joy was looking for 2nd marriage. Doll just could not believe such incident. It was just 3 months of their marriage completed. Reaching office Doll opened her email and found the forwarded message from elder brother where Joy sent a marriage proposal to Doll’s friend, unknowingly. Doll could not take this. At night she attempted for suicide cutting her wrist nerve in toilet. Since joy started knocking the door, she had to come out. She was on bed, somewhat fainted. Seeing blood drop in the toilet Joy immediately searched her, stopped bleeding with ice and bandaged it. Next morning, he confessed and apologized as Doll got back her sense. He said that he was provoked by his parents and specially mom. But he loved Doll and wanted to stay with her lifelong. They decided to call Joy’s parents and resolve the issue with discussion. As decided, Joy’s parents reached. Doll served them in all possible way, took them for a tour on her own cost. Then requested them with folded hands to allow Joy to stay with her happily and she promised that she would take care of them at old age, love and respect them, but she should also get her deserving love, respect & security in the family. She also requested to stop such post marriage dowry demand and insult. But it could not change their attitude much. Everyday, they used to finish their dinner before Doll returns from office. No one would even ask her for the same. All together used to ail at her. Father in law stated that even Doll loved Joy, Joy might not, there should not be such expectation. Mother in law stated clearly that she would need 5 lakhs cash dowry atleast to allow them to lead a happy life. Joy simply said that he could not disobey his parents. Till mid night they used to fight with her. At times Doll would cry, at times answer them or request. Joy’s mother used to sleep in between Joy & Doll on the same bed. Doll was loosing hope & health. She started feeling that anyday she might die without seeing her parents last time. Once she visited bank locker to withdraw her gold necklace that her father gifted in marriage and found that Joy gave him a wrong key. Everything happening in her life was unbelievable to him. She could not stop her tears. She talked to the manager & shared her story. And with her help she could lock her locker saving her ornaments. On the same day, she somehow managed to get a flight ticket and from office directly with a single dress she reached her parents intimating Joy by a sms. Reaching own home, Doll was not speaking neither crying. She truly became a ‘doll’. Doctor gave her stress release and sleeping medicines to relieve her from the panic. After a few days she came to normal busting in tears. Listening everything from her Doll dad asked a very simple question ‘do you still love him?’ Doll was silent for a few seconds and then nodded her head to mean ‘yes’. Doll’s father wanted to have a discussion with Joy’s father, after all he was a retired teacher. But Doll had already tried enough for that and it could not change them a bit. Moreover, being a teacher Joy’s dad could not take the deserving step to stop his own wife. So Doll & family decided to lodge a police complain. Reaching the city, they lodged the complaint. As a result, Joy & her mom got arrested. Joy’s dad already left for their home town. At the police station, Joy was charged for his 2nd marriage proposal, dowry demand & misbehave with Doll. Joy and his mom had to give in writing that henceforth they would take care of Doll and not repeat such mistakes. They also apologized to Doll at the police station. Doll withdrew her complaint on such note. Coming out of the police station very politely and lovingly Joy’s mom requested Doll to come back home. All parents’ returned their own home towns. Joy & Doll started a new life from the beginning. Joy was no more hurting Doll but he was living so far from Doll. Mom said Doll that it would take some time to heal the relationship. So be patient. With time Joy was recovering & their relationship a bit. In the meantime, Doll got a call from ICICI Bank that Joy had a home loan and he was not paying it. When Doll asked joy, she came to know that Joy had one home loan for his own flat, personal and credit card loan too. Having a take home of 40k, he was unable to recharge his own mobile as all was going against these loan installments. He also said that he helped a lady taking a loan and she was supposed to pay that but later she started telling that she had illegal relationship with Joy so Joy helped him and now asking her to repay the loan. All such truth was quite hard to accept and believe. Still since Joy promised on God that he considered that lady as his elder sister and he did not have any wrong relation with her, Doll believed him. Thereafter Joy started paying all loans and Doll was giving his whole salary to Joy for family expenditure. Within a few months they shifted to a rented house leaving the paying guest accommodation. Situation was bit normal between them and Doll was dreaming that by next year when Joy could be relieved from such heavy loans, they could have their own child. Doll was then having fever, probably lever problem. She was not able to eat or bear food smell. She was waiting for the week end to visit a doctor. She was still cooking for Joy & going to office with ill health. Doll just got her salary and handed over to Joy one day back. That day Doll was getting ready for office suddenly Joy called. He said his mom was sick and he was leaving for hometown. He disconnected the line & switched it off. Doll wanted him to come down to home 1st, have a talk with her and then leave with his dress and bag. It was just month beginning, no grocery and vegetables at home. She was not keeping well. No cash left with her. And the home was also not secured enough for her to stay alone. Doll could not reach Joy anymore. Even his colleagues could not find him out in office. Reaching own office and logging into the computer Doll found an email from Joy. The time Joy reached office and called her and this email had 12 min difference. Joy meant that in 12 min, Joy reached 4th floor from basement, logged into his system, got his dad’s call regarding his mom’s health, then he talked to his boss, dropped leave application, got approval, booked his tickets and was leaving for home town, in just 12 min time. No doubt it was a pre-planned trip with Doll’s salary. A person you love, you support if can ditch you and leave you alone with all insecurity then there remains no words to say! There was a very small latch at the mid of the door and the top latch she could not access due to short height. There was a field at the back of the room where bus conductors used to drink at night. Doll was sitting with her pillow whole night. 2 nights she spent like that calling and waiting for Joy. Joy was totally out of reach. Doll realized that she was not secured in this relation and she decided to shift back to that same old paying guest. Her friends helped her to shift with one bag. Doll called repeatedly, messaged Joy. Hardly if he received any call, he only complained Doll that she could not meet her duties in family. After a month, Doll received an email from Joy stating that his dad was not well and had come for treatment. As daughter in law Doll must get back to Joy and take care of her father in law. There was no realization or sorry feelings. Once Doll visited Joy’s office and offered him, Doll’s last mobile bill payment. Joy accepted the cash but did not ask her how she was! It was a 9 months relationship. 3 months life and 6 months struggle. Waiting for Joy to come down for discussion for a quiet long time, Doll filed for divorce. She shifted to a rented flat. Finding a flat in an unknown city alone, getting furniture, packing and shifting, meeting legal formalities and law year visit for her divorce, one part time & one full time job to manage cash needs, pursuing MBA, cooking & shopping, everything she was handling alone for herself. Life was hectic like anything. Many a time step refused to move anymore, yet she had to move on! One night, she was packing to shift to another rented flat. Almost whole night she spent in packing her books, cloths, utensils and other things. Birds started singing, darkness was moving out very slowly. She was just carrying the last thing, her 20 ltr water jar, just to keep everything in one place so that nothing gets missed. The jar slipped, fell down and water started flowing on the floor spoiling her cartoons and bags. She watched it for a few second and sat down on her knee in that water itself. Then again she had to move all heavy cartoons and bags to another room and broom out the water. It was morning. The van reached her door. She had to shift. Such harassments and pains were her part of daily life. Life did not bear her for a single day. She was taking high dose stress release medicines for a few months to get relieved from night mare as all past experience would come in her dream and she would not be able to sleep.

After one year she got divorced legally on mutual consent. With lots of pain in hurt she could convince her heart that nothing was left in that relationship. She did not take any compensation from Joy. Doll was working in the same company with a good salary. She cleared MBA 1st year in 1st division. She used to listen music, sit at the beach on week ends. She was happy in her small world of herself.

Many of her relatives and friends left her alone and criticized her as they felt being a lady she should adjust everything and yet should not break the marriage.

What is a marriage? A man and a woman promise to live their lives together in a social & respectable bond where they take care of each other, fulfill their promises, support & serve each other, love & respect each other and finally stay side by side in every ups & downs. And as a part of family, they stands equally liable to each other’s parents as well. When such love, respect, understanding, sense of responsibilities lost and denied then what else exist in a relationship!! “Earn and give me money because I need it. Come to me because I feel to have sex. Serve my parents and me because I need that. Do not answer or protest because you are not expected to do so. Your love, your liking, your respect, your parents, your need are just out of the syllabus. If you accidently get it sometimes, be happy with that” If it is called marriage then why a girl needs to marry?

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