Lost thoughts of teens

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Lost Thoughts Of Teens

This world is hard to trust maybe its as brittle as crust!? Sooner or after, we all get stuck in the web of lies especially in this teen age. During this age we do know that the world is big but we
start thinking that we are bigger. You get to feel so much that you stop feeling! You start calling others without even realising that selfish is the one who was once selfless!

We go through a lot of bittersweet moments. Things happen that turn your eyes into an ocean and your tears splash out like waves! Sometimes you do enter into the world of dark caves and feel like
it's another imaginary grave. You start wondering if you could wander above the clouds and get lost in your la la land's magical frost!

But the day you finally realise that you don't need much, you start getting even more than what you ever wanted. Small things should never affect you or make you weak because all this is TEMPORARY!
One day you will wake up above in the royal heaven and get to know that all this was just a dream!

You get to live this dream only once so live it in the Finest way possible !

Submitted: February 07, 2018

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Submitted: February 07, 2018




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