Tournament of Spirits!!! (Chapters 12 and 13)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  No Houses

Chapters 15 and 16 for the Tournament of Spirits crossover!

The Girl and the Wizard duel the Students

As the peaceful stars twinkled above, the battle raged below. The entire galaxy looked peaceful, all except for the field.

Elijah stared down Ben, unsheathing his sword. Ben smirked and charged at Elijah, ready to end him.


Elijah sucker punched Ben, sending him to the floor. Ben then launched himself upwards, knocking Elijah's sword out of his hands. It fell out of his reach as Ben tackled Elijah to the ground, his claws digging into his skin.


A mysterious figure appeared from the darkness, jabbing their rose emblemed blade into Ben's shoulder. She then kicked him away, causing Ben to fall to the ground.

"Scar face, demon boy, meet Rose Warrior."

Jaxi reached into her second sheath and revealed her secondary weapon, a golden katana to match her silver one.

Elijah charged at her with his blade ready, Ben doing the same with his claws. But Jaxi was ready...

She swung her blades, blocking Ben's slashes with one while cutting into his forehead with the other. She then kicked Ben away before swinging her golden blade back, just barely catching Elijah's attack.

With one blade locked with Elijah's, she swung the other downwards and cut into his shoulder. Blood sprayed out, staining the shining silver sword.

"You underestimate me.... girl..."

He grabbed Jaxi's blade, pulling it out of his wound. He then punched, sending Jaxi flying backwards. 

He approached her, retrieving his sword and preparing to end her time in this tournament....


Elijah clutched his waist, blocking the gunshot wound as he fell to his knees.

"Fucking Andrew!"

But it was not the emo pyromaniac, but another familiar figure.

Sabrina emerged from the darkness, aiming her gun right at Elijah. Tyler stood behind her, ready to fight. 

He charged forward to Elijah, pulling out a large knife. Elijah simply grabbed him by the neck and squeezed, causing Tyler to turn to dust.

"You really need to learn the difference between a clone and a guy. Dumb as Alpha."

Tyler stood next to Sabrina, smirking at Elijah's confused state.

Ben then rose from the ground, glaring at them before charging at Elijah. Elijah grabbed him by the arm and threw him, knocking him right into Tyler.

Elijah's eyes began to glow and he looked to Jaxi who charged at him. He then grabbed her by the wrist and clenched his fist, causing blood to burst between his fingers.

He dropped Jaxi to the floor, her wrist broken and covered in blood. She went for her blade, swinging it upwards to block Elijah's attack.

"You cannot hold me off forever...."


Ryan dashed over, aiming his shotgun and firing into Elijah's arm.

"Aye Miss Rose! I have arrived to shoot!"

Elijah jumped backwards, breaking his bladelock with Jaxi before throwing his sword in Ryan's direction.

The blade pierced his stomach, causing him to fall forward.


Jaxi then grabbed her sword, her hand shaking while blood poured from it. She lunged forward and took Elijah by surprise, cutting him down from behind.

He then spun around, keeping her in bladelock. Nearby Ben rose from the ground, slashing at Tyler right after. Tyler sent a crane kick to his shoulder, but the attack did nothing. 

Sabrina came from behind and fired twice, shooting into Ben's shoulder. Still not much. Ben then launched himself forward, tackling Tyler to the floor before digging his claws into Ben's arms.


Across the field Kathrina and Opus stood their ground, dueling against the familiar Ren.

Ren jumped backwards from Kathrina's blade, shielding himself with his own flames while Kathrina shot hers.

The fire collided, smashing into each other and sending fireballs everywhere. 


Opus used a rune, sending a beam of energy upwards. A figure then swooped down, dodging the beam and knocking Kathrina to the floor.

Freya the majestic valkyrie landed, pulling out a long silver blade.

"Kathrina-san, I have heard much about you."

She jabbed at Kathrina repeatedly, who dodged each of her attacks until finally a stream of black flames sent her flying to the ground.

Ren ran at her, jump kicking Freya before grabbing her by the neck. Freya's sword was out of reach, but her spear wasn't. She pulled her long silver spear and jabbed at Ren, causing him to leap back.

Kathrina drew her sword, ready to strike down Freya while she was distracted by Ren. Kathrina leaped forward, her sword up and ready to be swung.

Freya turned around, her eyes widening as she noticed the sword-wielding Kathrina above her.


Kathrina fell to the ground, clutching her waist. She glared to the side, ready to end Andrew's life. But however Andrew was not there, but Lydia from MTD was.

The darkness then came, several figures emerging. First, the boy by the name of Keith. Then another by the name of Catherine. Lydia joined them, surrounding them.

She stood back to back with Opus, who readied his rune. The shield rune came too late, all four of them already charging.

Ren went for Freya, blasting her with more flames. But the other three were untouched.


Suddenly, Opus disappeared, Kathrina going with him. They reappeared several feet away, but the other three didn't.

The storm grew, shards of ice and water catching the other three in the trap. 

Catherine was caught, the ice cutting into her arm. Lydia was caught as well, being completely submerged in the storm. 

Keith managed to dodge but became rage induced at the sight of Catherine's wound.

The storm faded, revealing a knocked out Lydia and Tsunami standing above her.


Keith charged at him, ready to kill. He swung twice with his holy sword, both missing Tsunami who managed to dodge.

Finally, Tsunami retaliated with a block before shooting Keith away with a blast of water. 

A sphere of fire came from behind, completely submerging Tsunami. The fire faded.... only to reveal a sphere of water which Tsunami floated in.

Kathrina then joined her friend, Kathrina staring down Ren while Tsunami went into bladelock with Keith.


"Nom.. nomnom.... nomnomnomnomnom."

Lydia from The Omega universe laid on the ground, her panda hoodie covering her face while she nibbled on a sweet pink cupcake. Axel sat next to her, looking for a target with his rifle. Anikan, Andrew, and Space stood above them, surrounding them defensively.


"The last thing I ate was a Snickers bar from the vending machine at the hospital, I need something to hold me over."

Andrew holstered his Deagle, pulling out his combat knife. "You think she'll be okay?" he asked.

We all looked to Jaxi, who was blocking Elijah's deadly slashes. She jumped backwards, barely preventing herself from being sliced in half.

She ran forward and jumped into the air, crane kicking Elijah in the face before sending another kick to his balls. Elijah stopped, stunned for a second which gave Jaxi a chance to cut into his shoulder with her silver blade.

"I think she'll be fine," I said as I looked through the scope.

"I'll go watch up close then, be right back," Andrew said. He then dashed across the battlefield, running off to assist Jaxi.

"You ready Julian?" said Andrew as he looked to his black combat knife.

Just then, two shadows emerged from the sky. 

"Well well well, hello bullet boys and girls."

The demon stood there with black hair, a vampire standing behind him.

"Hi! I'm Lydia, you're Alpha right?"

She put her hand out and Alpha took it, shaking her small pale hand.


Alpha whimpered as Lydia twisted his arm with a devious smirk, staring into his soulless heart.

"You ever try and mess with me, instead of waking up in a whorehouse as usual.... you'll wake up in a swarm of mutants... being eaten alive... ripped apart.... piece... by... piece..."

She kicked downwards, causing Alpha to shriek and fall to his knees.

Everybody stifled a laugh, even Nightly began to giggle a bit. Her eyes then flashed red and she leapt forward, going for Lydia.

Lydia drew her twin daggers, blocking Nightly's punches. Each punch gave Nightly a cut across the fist, and eventually, that'd work in her favor.

She punched Lydia across the face, sending her flying across the battlefield. Anikan drew his revolver, aiming it at Nightly and blowing out her shoulder.

"Hehe... hehehe..."

Both Nightly, Anikan Space stared at Lydia as she rose from the ground. Her hood hid her face, but we could all make out a slight smile.


She ripped off her hoodie, tying it around her waist. Her hair changed, revealing not short pink hair but long. She revealed a long silver blade and charged forward at Nightly, ready to fight.

Lydia swung twice, both catching Nightly off guard and becoming a direct hit.


She swung once more, sending Nightly to the ground. But out came Alpha, flying above her and tackling Lydia to the ground. She struggled to hold him off, but a single shot from Space sent Alpha to the floor.

Space ran over, holding her railgun in hand. She fired twice, hitting Alpha dead on and causing him to collapse.

"You... fucking... BITCH!"

He leapt forward at them, but was stopped as a figure ran in front. 

Anikan took the hit, Alpha's claws digging into his arm. Blood burst from the wound as Alpha revealed a sword, shoving it through Anikan's waist.

"God..... damnit...."

He fell backwards, Alpha backing off and swooping past them to Nightly He took her body and fell back, hoping Opus would appear to heal her.

Space and Lydia dragged Anikan away, Axel pulling out the medkit. In seconds his wound was bandaged, a white bandage wrapped around his arm.

A young girl then ran over, approaching Lydia. She went for her sword but stopped when she noticed what she was after.

"Give me it."


Lydia and Aoi dived for the cupcake, beginning to fight over it. Axel sighed, reaching into his jacket and pulling out several pancakes wrapped in a napkin.

Aoi then let go of the cupcake, going for the pancakes and immediately beginning to eat one.

"Should we fight?"

"Eh, we can do that later. Food is more important."

"I know right!"

"I'll invite Rin later, kid you got any more food?"

Axel smirked and pulled a cake from his bag, which caught both their eyes.

"Save some for Kathrina!"

Anikan rose to the ground slowly, "alright enough of just sitting here. I'm gonna go see what Tusunami and Kathrina are doing. Looks more fun over there."

"Don't you mean Tsunami?"

"Nope, it's Tusunami now, screw grammar!"

He walked off, holding his shortsword close. Axel then looked up at Space, "your just gonna let him walk off?"

"He can take care of himself. He was the one that took care of me."




Across the battlefield, the battle raged. Tsunami and Kathrina stood back to back, Kieth on one side protecting Catherine while Freya healed her and Lydia on the other.

Kathrina cut into Keith's arm, managing to nick him. On the other side Tsunami's blade clashed against Lydia's stolen one while she attempted to gun him down with a shining silver revolver.


Kathrina and Tsunami both spun around, changing sides and enemies.

Tsunami swung at Keith, their blades clashing against each other before he managed to kick him away. Behind him, Kathrina saw an opening in Lydia's attack patterns.

She swung downwards, cutting right through Lydia's hand. Lydia screamed in pain as her hand bled and she fell backwards, blood dripping onto the floor.

From across the battlefield, Julian's spirit spoke from Andrew's knife, "Oh how I loved the Empire Strikes back... I wonder if Elijah managed to impregnate Kathrina and then sent Lydia as their daughter to another dimension... oh how I love plot twists too!"

Before Kathrina could finish her, Ren came through with Rin trailing behind.

Ren fired a blast of fire at Kathrina, who managed to block the flames with her sword before Opus intervened. He fired a beam of darkness right at Ren, sending him to the floor.

Rin came from behind, firing a burst of black fire at Kathrina. She then stopped, smirking.


Kathrina fell to her knees, her arm beginning to smoke. She then ran at Rin, who formed a large sword of blackened flames in her hand and countered.

Behind them was Tsunami, who was continuing his fight with Keith. He went to jab Keith, to just cut through him. But couldn't.

Keith began to glow, a silver aura completely surrounding his body. The sound bounced off, he was using a shield spell.

He then grabbed Tsunami by the wrist and punched him in the stomach before running him through with the holy sword. Tsunami coughed, blood spilling out onto the ground.

But before Keith could strike him down, a bullet blew across his head, causing him to collapse. Blood seeped down the side of his skull, Keith completely out....

Keith has been eliminated


Catherine rose from the ground, glaring at the shooter. Anikan stood behind Tsunami, smirking.

"Hey Tusunami, Catherine."

"It's... ugh god.... Tsunami..."

"Don't care it's Tusunami for me now!"

Catherine ran at Tsunami and Anikan, only to be grabbed and carried away by a wild Alpha. He dropped her nearby, but only after dropping Nightly near Opus to heal.

Anikan drew his shortsword and went for Tsunami, who drew his sword as well. Their blades clashed and after a few missed swings and cuts they were trapped in bladelock.

"So you fighting for Kathrina over there?"

"No, she's with Elijah over there. Can't understand why she likes that guy, he doesn't care for anyone but her."

"So you want to be with her?"

"Uh... I... um.. SHUT UP!"

He broke away, firing a stream of water at Anikan.

Anikan blocked some with his blade, retaining his sight. He then pulled his crossbow off his back and fired a single bolt, which struck Tsunami on the arm.

"Well that'll take care of your little squirt gun for now, well water powers not your actual... okay let's just fight."

He swung his blade, catching Anikan in bladelock once more.

"Back to white hair, Andrew's kinda like him. Except Andrew cares, just doesn't show it unless it's to Lili."

"Same! He never shows any compassion or empathy unless it's to Kathrina in bed!"


Anikan's and Tsunami's faces turned red in embarrassment as Kathrina glared at them both. 

Tsunami then kicked Anikan away, who leaped several feet back after.


He charged at Anikan, who threw his sword. Tsunami slashed and knocked it away, continuing his charge. Anikan then aimed with his revolver and fired, shooting through Tsunami's shoulder.

"Shit... forgot.... gun... damnit..."

Anikan walked past him, patting him on the soldier.

"You'll get someone..... at some point."

Tsunami fell to the ground, Anikan aiming his revolver at him. A single shot to the chest..... shoulder... heart... almost any shot would render him unable to continue.


Anikan was thrown into the air, a black shadow swooping down. He stared down Alpha as he drew his sword, his evil grin angering Anikan.

"Alpha buddy... you really gotta learn to pay attention!"

Before Alpha could attack, a figure came from behind. Alpha turned around, only to see Axel.

Axel sent a punch to Alpha's face, then a kick to the shin. Alpha took it, but did not expect a knife to the spleen. 

He continued his flurry of attacks upon Alpha, who was beginning to wear down. Alpha slashed forward, knocking Axel backwards. His hat hit the ground as Alpha approached him, a thirst for blood.

A bullet then flew through his wing, creating a large hole that smoked. He glared over to the side to see Andrew dashing towards Elijah and holding his deagle at him.

Axel then pulled out his rifle, aiming it up at Alpha. He fired and Alpha attempted to dodge, flying away before the bullet fire caught his wing. He then fell to the ground, glaring at Anikan.

He swung, cutting into his stomach and finally knocking Anikan backwards. he then swung his sword downwards, cutting into Anikan multiple times. Axel ran to help, but was stopped by Tsunami who sent a blast of ice that froze his leg to the ground.

Anikan was close to death... close to being eliminated....

A figure then appeared in the sky, firing a green beam straight Opus nearby. Alpha stopped stabbing to look, watching as Luke materialized nearby. 

"Hello demented demon, demented demon's brother, gun guy, Keith's "dead" body, Ca...... huh!?"

Luke stared at Keith, his eyes widening. Anikan took the chance, kicking upwards at Alpha's balls and causing him to fall backwards. Anikan then retrieved his revolver, aiming over at Kathrina and Luke. 

Kathrina was taking a flurry of attacks, Ren, Rin and Luke now going for her. Anikan aimed and fired, sending a bullet into Ren's shoulder.

Anikan then glanced over at Tsunami, who was glaring at him. Anikan grabbed his shortsword and went for him, ready to finish him off.

He slashed, and Tsunami disappeared in a storm of water. Anikan attempted to escape but was knocked to the floor before the storm finally overcame him and he was lost in the water.


On the other side of the field, things weren't going well for anyone who opposed Elijah.

He slashed his sword at Ryan, who blocked it with his shotgun. He couldn't match up to Elijah, considering the fact he has a prosthetic.

Two others had joined the battle, Kai and Pharoah. Kai ran towards Elijah, revealing a large silver blade. He swung twice, both missing Elijah which gave him a chance to knock him backwards.


Elijah just stared at him dully, his eyes beginning to glow. Elijah then closed his eyes, Kai falling to the floor. Pharaoh looked at Kai as she ran past, ignoring him as she went to assist Tyler and Sabrina.

Ben slashed at Sabrina, who dropped her gun before being tackled to the floor. Tyler attempted to rip him off of her, but that only caused more blood to drain as Ben's claws dug deeper. 

Pharaoh then emerged, pulling out two large blades which burst into flames that shined the darkest blue. 

Ben got up off of Sabrina, turning to her.

"A challenge, finally!"

He ran towards Pharaoh, dodging her slashes and cutting at her shirt. He managed to rip off a sleeve before she swung her blade and cut into his side.

A figure then appeared, Richard. He swung his blackened scythe at her, going into bladelock against her dual swords.

"Hey cutie, you ready to die to someone like me?"

"In your dreams."

She kneed him in the stomach, knocking the air out of him. She then emerged from bladelock and slashed at him, only for Ben to grab her by the leg and take her down.

Sabrina then fired, shooting Ben through the back. Richard swung at Pharoah once more before they went into bladelock once more.

"So.... you wanna keep going?"

"I will, not so sure about you."

Richard fell back, a wave of electricity moving through him and his scythe. 

"Ow! Couldn't you have taken Ben!?"

Ben dived towards us, slashing at Pharoah. She dodged and stabbed one of her blades through Ben's leg into the ground, trapping him. She then went back to Richard, knocking his scythe out of his hands.

Weaponless, he stepped back and dodged her swipes. But he took her by surprise, pulling out a large sword and clashing with her.


Nearby, the fight against Elijah continued.

Andrew then ran at Elijah, pulling out his knife as it began to glow.


He pulled down his hoodie and lept up into the air, diving down at Elijah. But before he could land, a shadowed figure took the hit.

"OW! That kinda hurt!"

The knife dug into the back of Alpha's neck as he hit the ground, his body beginning to shudder. He slashed at Andrew, knocking him away.

His eyes began to change and Kai rose from the ground nearby. Alpha then stopped his angered attacks, finally looking calm.

Andrew could only hold the possession for a minute, probably less considering Alpha's attack power. 

He then looked to Kai and the others, who all took a break from their fight to look at Alpha.

Andrew smirked, remembering Spencer's favorite game.


Alpha ran forward, holding his sword close before clashing against Pharoah's swords. He slashed at them, pulling his sword out as well and cutting into his shoulder. 

Richard swung his scythe to defend himself and went into bladelock with Alpha. Richard took Alpha down with two strikes before backing up and out came Elijah.

"You are really that weak you can be posessed?"

Elijah sent a single punch to Alpha's jaw and he fell backwards, the knife falling from the wound.

Andrew retrieved it and ran to Jaxi, but was countered by Elijah. He ran at Andrew and they stared at each other, their eyes flashing red in anger.

"You tried to possess me."

"You're lucky that thing took the hit."

Richard then came in between, swinging his scythe. Andrew fell to his knees, the scythe cutting into his side. Elijah fell back as well, his arm bleeding slightly.

Then... it started.

Ben's eyes were flashing red as he stood to the side. He turned to the others, his fists balled and his entire body filled with pure rage.

"Uh Richard?"

"Yeah Andrew?"

"Should we run?"

"Screw you guys!"

Opus appeared next to Elijah, teleporting away right after and taking him with him.

Ben then burst into full flames, charging at all of us. Richard attempted to block with his scythe, but that did absolutely nothing as Ben broke through his defenses. He charged at everybody, slashing his claws and cutting down every figure he saw.

Finally he stopped, collapsing nearby. Richard had a long stream of blood going down his leg and Tyler and Pharoah were rushing away from the smoke. A body crawled out of the smoke, falling to the ground and moving no more.

Sabrina has been eliminated!


Richard and Andrew turned around, spotting Jaxi standing next to Ryan. He was lying on the ground, a cut going through his chest and his entire body covered in blood.

Ryan has been eliminated!

Everyone then looked to Freya. She stood above Lydia, who had a large cut across her body.

Lydia has been eliminated!


Four dead, all in a single fight.

Submitted: February 07, 2018

© Copyright 2021 AnikanDarkness. All rights reserved.

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