Little Bill Stood Still

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Little Bill and friends


Little Bill Stood Still


Little Bill walked outside and stood still. He held his arm and index finger straight out in front of him. He hoped a raindrop or a bug or a bird or a dinosaur would land on it.

But a Dragonfly soon landed on it. Little Bill said "Buzz buzz."

The dragonfly looked intently at him and said "Buzz buzz" back to him. Then the dragonfly asked what does "Buzz buzz" mean?

And little Bill was still very still and said "It means Hello, nice to meet you."

The Dragonfly said "Well I do not know about that but 'Hello and nice to meet you' so let's just talk."

Little Still Bill said "O.K." And he asked the dragonfly if it liked to play. The Dragonfly said "Why, yes, I do. I like to fly and skim along the pond and dip onto the water and then fly some more."

But that made little Bill sad because he could not fly and he told the dragonfly he could not fly. The Dragonfly wondered why not.

But little Bill said "I can run with you if you will fly slower." The Dragonfly agreed. When I say one, two, three, and then we'll race to the tree across the pond" the dragonfly said. They both took off for the tree. The Dragonfly waited for little Bill to catch up. Little Bill said "Wow, you are really fast, even in slow speed."

The Dragonfly said she thought it may be her wings.

Then little Bill said "I'll race you back to the other side of the pond."

 The dragonfly got happy and said "Buzz buzz" even though she did not know what that means. The pond was her home and favorite place.

There was water and reeds and her other bug friends all around the pond. This made the dragonfly very happy indeed. But the Dragonfly arrived first, of course, and little Bill arrived and fell into the pond a little bit. He held his finger straight out in front of him in hopes the dragonfly would come back.

But a Cowbird landed on his finger and asked little Bill if he had seen any dragonflies. The Cowbird said they were delicious and he was very hungry. The thought of his dragonfly being eaten made Little Bill so very sad. So little Bill stood very still and did not answer or say anything. The Cowbird flew away.

The Dragonfly soon returned to land on his finger and said "Buzz buzz." That means "Thanks" in Dragonfly talk for not telling the bird where I was. Then the little Dragonfly said "I have to fly home and tell my Mommy where I am and that I am alright" So the Dragonfly flew from little Bill’s finger to her home, just right on the edge of the pond. Little Bill watched her fly home. Setting in the pond, little Bill kept his arm and finger pointing straight out in front of him.

Soon a Peacock landed on his finger. The Peacock was heavy but little Bill kept his arm and finger pointed straight out. The Peacock said "Buzz buzz."

Little Bill said "Well, hello and "Buzz buzz" to you too." The Peacock knew what "Buzz buzz" meant.

The Peacock said I'm hungry. “Is there anything to eat around here?" "Are there any reeds around the pond?"

Little Bill said yes. Little Bill’s arm was getting tired. Just then the Dragonfly landed on top of the Peacocks head. So little Bill stood there with his arm and finger pointed straight out in front of him.

"Buzz buzz" the Dragonfly said to the Peacock.

"Buzz buzz" the Peacock said to the Dragonfly. Both said they were hungry and flew off of little Bill’s finger to the edge of the pond. The Dragonfly was happy that she did not have to fly. She was sitting on the Peacocks head. What could be better than setting on a Peacocks head and flying around? She thought it was fun to fly on a Peacocks head. She could just sit on the Peacock and go to lunch and play and fly to Momma's house and tell Momma where she was. So from then on, the Dragonfly flew on top of the Peacocks head everywhere they went.

The Dragonfly said "Buzz, buzz" to the Peacock, "What’s your name?"

“Well", the Peacock said "My name is Colors." "What’s your name?" the Peacock said to the Dragonfly.

The Dragonfly said "Well, my Momma had three hundred babies and could not think of enough names". "So, I do not have a name but I like your name.”Can I be Colors too, can I have that name too?"

"Of course you can" said the Peacock. So Colors and Colors flew off of little Bill’s finger together. They were best friends.

Little Bill stood up and got out of the pond. He lowered his arm and finger because they were so very tired. But he would be back tomorrow. He had made friends with Colors and Colors.

They told their Mommas about little Bill and how much fun they had with him. The Dragonfly told his Momma she had a name. I am 'Colors' she said.

Her Momma cried and said that was what she would have named her if she could have thought of it. They asked if they could get up early and go to the pond.

The next morning they found little Bill lying on his back beside the pond with his right leg sticking straight out.

Colors and Colors landed on his toe and asked "Buzz buzz, what’s up?"

Little Bill said "My arm is still tired." So they played all day long and talked while sitting on little Bill’s toe.

Submitted: February 08, 2018

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Very clever. Thank you for sharing this. I kept waiting for a moral to the story but realized the story was it... Friends don't need a reason to just be friends.

Sun, July 5th, 2020 8:46pm


So cute!
I love this story.
Children stories can be a bit hard to write for me, but you seem more than a natural :D

Tue, February 23rd, 2021 7:56pm


GOOD story

Thu, May 26th, 2022 1:28am


Thank you. It was fun to write. And one of my first

Thu, May 26th, 2022 3:47am


You're welcome not bad for your first one you're doing really well

Fri, May 27th, 2022 6:03pm


I sat down at the computer and decided to write something. Finished it in 10-15 minutes.

Fri, May 27th, 2022 2:19pm

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