My Darling Foundling

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A Victorian harlot must make the difficult step to leave her baby in a house for unwanted children.

Submitted: February 07, 2018

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Submitted: February 07, 2018



I look down at the baby seeing the strings of attachment coil around it. The night was long, excruciatingly cold and warm at the same time. I look at the ghostly figure in the mirror, reaching for the wooden compact on the table and opening it to reveal the rouge inside. I applied a brush full on my bony cheeks. 

I must go back to the streets tonight. I haven’t made any money since the baby bump started showing. 
‘I will come back for you, my darling. One day, when I am off the streets, I will come back for you.’ I say to the whimpering child.

I must find a token to leave with her, otherwise I won’t know which of the children is her. I look at my rouge, the only thing I have that belonged to my late mother. The round wooden compact with circular carvings on top. I remember as a child how I loved to trace the circles with my finger. Round and round my finger would go on the smooth wooden surface. 

‘It’s time to go my little one.’ 

I wrap the infant in a blanket, put the wooden compact in the pocket of my coat and holding her close against my chest, I head out into the snow. Each step heavier than the last, I make my way towards the Foundling Hospital. 
Through the doors I see a nurse at the counter. With one glance my way she knew what I want.

‘Will I know her name?’ I ask hesitating.


My heart aches as I reach into my pocket and place my rouge on the counter. I look at my little foundling with tears welling in my eyes. ‘You have my heart, my sweet Alice, though we must part.’ 

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