A Walk In A Park

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A girl heads to the park for a walk. Slowly, we realize why she's there.

Submitted: February 07, 2018

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Submitted: February 07, 2018



I love the crunching beneath my boots. The orange leaf that slowly falls in front of me makes me smile. The cold breeze that brushes against my face sends a shiver across my body. The sky that’s dusted with soft pink clouds is turning gold as the sun starts to set, even though it’s only four o’clock in the afternoon.

The park is empty except for a couple romantically strolling on the other end of the square. My hands are cold inside my coat pockets. I wish I hadn’t forgotten my gloves at home. It’s a small squared park with a white wooden gazebo standing in the middle. It takes less than five minutes to circle around the park. 

I like to come here because its quiet and It’s the closest park to my building. Takes me exactly six minutes to get here. A rustling movement in the grass to my left makes me turn my head. A squirrel runs up a bare tree with just a few red leaves on it and sits on a branch chewing on a chestnut. I quickly take out my phone and take pictures. Of the squirrel, of the gazebo, of the couple, of the sky. 

The sun hid behind the buildings, and it’s getting darker. I am glad I took a few pictures while I had the chance. Seven pictures are on my gallery, I counted. Seven beautiful pictures of the sky, the couple, the gazebo and the squirrel. I wonder if I should go home. Its so cold I can’t feel my fingers anymore. I breath warm air into my hands and stick them back into my pockets. I keep walking. I have an assignment due next week. I hope my professor will give me an extension. I will never finish my essay in time.

I must have passed the couple sitting on a bench eight times by now. I wish I can walk into a timeless vortex or a portal and come out on the other side into a parallel universe. Maybe then I could avoid it. All of it. Maybe then I can have her back, as if none of it ever happened, and I can hear her voice again.

This park doesn’t have many trees. Only nine. There should be more trees. If I were the president I would issue a new tree planting law; All citizens must plant and care for at least one tree in their local park and/or block. Maybe that will fix it.  Maybe if there were more trees, cars would have something to crash into other than people. My legs stop moving, and my breath gets caught in my lungs. I can’t breathe. I look up at the dark sky, the pink clouds no longer there, I wonder if the tears would freeze on my face if they fell. I know if I take a breath I will cry, so I hold it in. I hold in my breath for as long as I can, looking up at the black sky wishing for the earths atmosphere to break and suck me into space. I hear my heart pounding on the inside of my ear drum, realizing that I’m on the verge of losing my consciousness. I let the air fill my lungs in a desperate frenzy and come out in a series of shaky and broken breaths.

I force my legs to move. The couple that were sitting on the bench are gone. There is no sign of the squirrel either. Now I am alone in the small park. Ten more minutes and I’ll go back. I am sure everyone is wondering where I went. I wish I could stop time and never go back. Whoever said that kids need to be in their parent’s funeral anyway?


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