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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic


She roams the halls.

Not an opinion for anyone.

She is a Zombie.

If she had an opinion,

Not many would like.

Instead she is quiet. 

Not mute,

But discreet.

She has little cares,

For anything;

Her surroundings,

Her peers.

Simply ghosts.

Lost In the back of her mind,

Her beautiful mind. 

Not that anyone would care,

To ask.


They assume.

It is not as if,

They know better.

They believe,

She Is different.

She would hope so,

If she had an opinion.

Instead she is a Zombie.

Surrounded by,



All just words.

Unimportant words.

Not to some,

But to her.

She does not believe,

She is better.


That would mean,

She believes,

And remember,

She does not have an opinion.


No cares.

Not for these people.

The ones that care too much.

She will simply be,


Walking from door to door.

For her.

Not for them.

She is higher.

Not better,

Just different.

Some might believe,

She is brighter.

Not her though.

She does not believe.

No opinion.


One day they might learn.

Feel shame for their way,

Against her.

She will not be there.

Not to hear their late sorrows.

She will be free!

Not caring.

No opinions. 

She is a Zombie.

Roaming the halls. 

Avoiding the unnecessary.

They do not know.

Too much belief in them.

Too many opinions.

She is not shattered though.


That would mean,

She feels,


What they say.

She does not,

Have an opinion.

She is much too high,

Above this.

She is,


Submitted: February 07, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Deadnoisee. All rights reserved.

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