Shades of Gray

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I do hope that you get the whole jest of this. Although this is a humorist piece, the underlying truth to what I'm trying to say here is serious. We only look at our differences, not the things
that make us all common, and we fear or hate those who look differently from us, think differently from us or who we simply don't want to try to understand. To point a finger is such an easy
solution in many cases, but often times we are the ones who are wrong when we do this to others.

Submitted: February 08, 2018

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Submitted: February 08, 2018



Two color swatches of Gray in a paint store were arguing with each other at the end of the day.


One was saying his was the best shade ever.


The other was arguing that his was the better color of the two.


“No, I'm the best looking gray” the one said. “You're too blue” he would say, taunting him.


“Well you have more a reddish undertone” claimed the other. “I'm more a true gray”


“Bah. You should see yourself from my side” retorted the first one.


“I could care less what you think”said the other. “I stand by my opinion”.


“Well it's yours and yours alone. Everyone knows I'm the better of us. My gray is true” said the one.


The other color swatches stood by listening and rolling their proverbial eyes at them both.


“I bet more people will pick me in the end. You'll see and I'll prove I'm the better of us two” said the one.


“Ha. You live in a fantasy land and you are the mayor and the only citizen” said the second.


After a while the lights were turned off in the store and all the color swatches sat in the dark.


Finally a blue color swatch a ways off from the two swatches of gray that had been arguing spoke up, breaking the silence. “We're all brothers and sisters you know. All of us no matter what color we are. We are all related, because we make up all the colors. None of us is better than the other. I wished you two would just see that” he said and sighed to himself. Several other color swatches applauded him and had to agree.


Both the gray swatches thought about what he had said.


“If you don't believe what your brother has said” another color swatch finally added. “What color are we all now? Tell me, what color are we all now?” he asked, trying to make a point as they all sat in total darkness.



The two color swatches became silent and after that they wouldn't argue who was the better color because they understood the point.

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