The Hero Of The Tribe

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Long ago, even before our existence, there existed many creatures that are unknown to us today. They roamed the lands, searching for shelter, food and sometimes mates. The creatures lived in tribes, surrounded by the alpha male or female. But, one tribe despised this. This tribe was the Ugandan Knuckles Tribe. They had a deep hate for that type of ruling. They ran their tribe based upon communism, even though they had an alpha female named Mimsy. Mimsy was the alpha female of the tribe, but the tribe people would call her ¨the queen¨. They lived in a small town made by the gods of the Earth in Uganda. Unfortunately, there was an opposing tribe that hated communism, lead by Doctor Doofenshmirtz. He hated communism and loved capitalism. He even had the american flag painted across his whole chest. The tribe people of this tribe agreed with him a lot of the time. They were located in The Forbidden Territory, marked by the Ugandan tribes. One day, Doofenshmirtz was thinking in his own little hut about ways to take down the communist tribe. ¨here has to be a way¨ said Doofenshmirtz, leaning back into his 3-legged chair. Out of nowhere, one of the tribes warriors runs in and yells, ¨MASTER, I HAVE AN IDEA!¨ Doofenshmirtz, being startled by the yelling, falls off his chair and face first into the mud. ¨What is it.¨ Doofenshmirtz says with a sigh. ¨I found a broken portion in their wall around their village, we can attack them from that side and kidnap their queen. Its ingenious!¨ Doofenshmirtz, still dazed from the fall, looked at him with rage building in his eyes. ¨You came into my hut, to blurt that idiotic idea to me? ARE YOU GOING INSANE?¨ Doofenshmirtz yells at him. The warrior sees this and makes a mad dash for the exit. He escapes before Doofenshmirtz can grab a hold of his leg.¨AND DON´T COME BACK!¨ Doofenshmirtz yelled at him while he was running into the distance. Later that night, Doofenshmirtz was thinking. Wait. What if he is right? Doofenshmirtz thought, staring out into the wild green yonder. Maybe, just maybe,I can give this idea a try. And with that, Doofenshmirtz raided the communist tribe with his warriors at night and captured their ¨queen¨. The next morning in the Ugandan Knuckles Tribe, everyone was uneasy. ¨DA QUEEN HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED!¨ Yelled out one of the townsfolk. Everyone was running in circles, making mysterious clucking sounds and doing spiritual needs to ask the gods to find the queen. ¨What are we gonna do bruddas?¨ Said a random civilian of the tribe with uneasiness in his voice. ¨Maybe, we could spit on the person who kidnapped the queen?¨ said the priest of the tribe. ¨No, no, that won't work. Our ebola is too weak for any foe.¨ Said the tribes strongest warrior. The yelling suddenly changed into silence. All the people in the tribe started thinking very hard of ways to rescue the queen. Some of the people's train of thought even ¨died¨ to ¨overthinking¨. Then, someone walked in the tribe. The people in the town thought this was a blessing from the gods. He was a mean, green, fighting machine with the ability to overthrow any foe. His name was Shrekicus. ¨Maybe, we should go full throttle at his town. That´ll teach him.¨ said Shrekicus, ready for anything. The people in the village looked at each other. ¨Bruddas, he has the essence of the super-ebola.¨ said the priest with joy. There was a long silence that soon broke out into a very loud cheer. ¨Let us sing our glorious anthem to the gods my bruddas!¨ said some of the tribes folk. They clucked through the night and into the morning. The next morning, Shrek gathered some of the warriors of the Ugandan Knuckles Tribe, and charged at Doofenshmirtz´ town. ¨Let the gods bless you bruddas.¨ said the priest. The tribe started clucking again. Shrek heard it fade as he charged at Doofenshmirtz town. By the time they were in the field separating the towns, the clucking was gone. Now, it's up to him and his fellow warriors to save the queen from Doctor Doofenshmirtz. Once they reached the entrance to the village, Shrek prepared his army with everything they got. He had spears that could be ignited into flames, bombs and sandwiches leftover from the trip that have rotted and emit a foul odor strong enough to knock out an elephant. ¨Are you ready bruddas?¨ One of the warriors said. The warriors looked at each other, then at Shrek. ¨Shall we attack my king?¨ One of the warriors said to Shrek, with confidence. Shrek looked at the village, then looked back at them. ¨CHARGE!¨ Shrek bellowed as loud as he could.The warriors ran into the village. The warriors of Doofenshmirtz were prepared for this and started fighting back. There was a lot of bloodshed on the battlefield. Doofenshmirtz witnessed this and was astonished by Shrekicus´ power. ¨Wait, he has the ¨super-ebola¨?¨ Doofenshmirtz said in confusion. This confusion broke into a very loud, deep laugh. ¨This guy. I can take him down with my one secret weapon. He will never win this war.¨ Doofenshmirtz said with a big devilish grin. On the battlefield, the Ugandan Knuckles Tribe seemed to be winning the war. ¨I think we did it bruddas.¨ Said one of the warriors. Everyone else in the tribes warrior group concured with this. As they were walking away from the village, they heard a metallic roaring sound from behind Doofenshmirtz´ hut. The tribe warriors readied up and waited. Then, Doofenshmirtz walked out of his hut and to Shrekicus. ¨You will never win this Shrekicus. Even if you think it.¨ Doofenshmirtz said to Shrekicus with evil in his eyes. The roaring started to get louder and louder. The warriors started to pass out because the noise was rupturing their miniscule brains.¨I´d like to introduce you to some of my friends.¨ Said Doofenshmirtz. Shrekicus knew Doofenshmirtz was up to no good, but he didn't know what this devilish plan of his was. Then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw them. They were cuddly, black and white and fully mechanical. ¨ROBO-PENGUINS?!¨ Shrekicus said with fear in his voice. Doofenshmirtz started to laugh uncontrollably as the penguins went full pursuit on Shrekicus. Shrekicus, the clever person he is, hid behind a rock that was getting heavy gunfire from the penguins. This went on for several days. At the end, the Ugandan warriors were successful. Doofenshmirtz, still alive after the onslaught, was displeased by this. I can’t do this. They are my only weakness.” Said Shrekicus with tears in his eyes. “Come on Shrekicus” said one of the warriors at the verge of death. “You are one of us now. Defend our honor.” said the warrior before he passed away.Shrekicus heard this and said with might in his voice,”I WILL NOT FALL TO DEFEAT!”He started tearing up Doofenshmirtz’ robots into tiny gears and bits, which astonished Doofenshmirtz. Then, he went to Doofenshmirtz, who was in a corner hiding.“You will never win, baby.” Shrekicus said in might.¨I will get you next time Shrek. Some day very soon.¨ He said with a very evil grin. And with that, Shrek made the final blow to Doofenshmirtz, which instantaneously killed him.Shrek and his warriors returned home after the war with the queen. ¨Hooray for Shrek! Let us cheer for his return home bruddas!¨ Said the tribes folk. Through the night, they partied and celebrated the safe return of the queen, and lived happily ever after.


Submitted: February 08, 2018

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pen in motion

I found your story very amusing up to the point where shrek and his army reached the village. The rest of the story seemed like you lost your excitement for writing bradda style, what happened man?... Its so close to a masterpiece. This story actually made my day, thanks!

Thu, February 8th, 2018 6:41pm


Don't worry. I have edited the story. I forgot to add in some stuff.

Fri, February 23rd, 2018 1:56pm

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