Hear and understand. The Lord God Creator has given a day to be a year. This poem.

The Lord Almighty God, over all,

Has made one day to be as a year.

So that when He comes and call,

Man will draw near and fear.


You will hear a voice, but no form,

Something strange, away from the norm.

The earth will suddenly quake,

Your feet will tremble, they'll shake.


It is rather complex

You'll hear the word ''Next.''

Then you'll move forward,

Don't hesitate, you coward.


The Angel of the Lord will write,

With Stardust and Invisible Light.

The small strip of film will declare,

If you are far, or ever so near.


You'll hear a voice saying:

''I gave you energies for your stay.

You denied me and kept from praying,

''Next,'' this is the Lord's day.''

Submitted: February 08, 2018

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