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Chapter I
Short for man who sits behind the rear window of my car. Alone to me its an eve of events spaced in my head or almost forced because i have no known sense of time, or the current day time, you know like some short needle has been begging me to be someone else I have I arent. Unto upcoming arrival comes a shattered screen from which i`ve woken up sends an illusion right in front room, i sat up and walked trough the lense i could speak and inherit unknown culture, m i think sprites forward something illegal unseen, id like to go back to bed but my bedtimes over, overseen, most of the worlds news, i could grab my empty cup, but its my lucky day to go for a pain staking run up the far end of the sea motel i`ve been renting, like the rest of house homies. I chase an every day seek for what im worth im gonna live here for eternity all i`ve done is been freeing everyones imaginary brains for unimaginable prisons. High up onto first wooden bridge im stopping myself from thinking, its like inventions of dissapearing road cars, circles me for walls, steping of I stop forever. Had i heard the ten people talking in previous day shadows, they exhanging something one women says, i move but look unshaken, i guess they forgot the past, i couldnt so they gonna shatter my brain in an asphalt and laugh until I will remember anything usefull. You know ive made running appearances since the day ive arrived, but stillness over the horzion hadnt changed no one, for know i dont know how long im surviving in the left wing, but thats smart. I Mean for any ancient memory person aquires in hes or hers solitary life the will be an invsibility around anything you pick up, oh i apologize your sadness envokes as i m looking up a man from the unexisting bus stop comes forwards introduces himeself as Tom Sullivan. What im saying he says you are 10 minutes late for same meaning im not here to leave anyone. Im waking up. The satere if im in the stillness am not dead or been killed. I chatter until the lights roam into my fallen white room, the blankets seem alright but something definetly isnt right, i look up and grab a mobile phone it has an annonymous number on its screen, it says you missed me, then everything dissapeared. That must be unless i wasnt standing in a white angels costume from my dreams in private cinemas. That must be it someone run in on me we missed something. Has my parents returned on trip. I look into theyre bedroom but everyones missing like previously its only the first night and im already fucked up. Somethings missing and im alone now my sadness will apear on this sad lonely wall television, oh miss how it never stops working, and you in reality are dead how everyone misses you, seen i have been thinking what if you look into its bright red sensor and wake up again and agains until there will be a dark painting, no now not thats whats been missing, on an oil paint nothing grows something or someone nudges into me and tells me that, now, that just dogma from pre initiallized realiticism, banged inside me for every to now see. I got to get together find my cabin and take a shower, somewhere i will find a towel. Moments are worth waking up, sucks, showers all cold because homes low on water, but everythings feeling fine, its not like someones running into me in the middle of street, hey and dont forget to use scrub to get shells of, okay. Now everythings back to normal, im ready to go for a final run before im out into the world that never stopped existing. Ofcouse everythings here a door keys, and 1 dollar for a missing memory. Now now then ive been here i think im on the stairwell thinking has been very nice, i misundertood everyone, you know you never lived, a large sirens go out all around the city. Maybe someone shot an entire living rooms mirror shockingly nothings happening and you have to move on to you everyday ordinary life. So jump nothings on your weakness, my entire dream splashes on to single boot, written as a yellow sticky it says your life will change into someone so make this chance your last. Graffiti it says on the dark wall that ones not been missed its appearing to me you cant just spread your words, or whatever its just a dot or security guard, gets me going the same man apperas following a familiar chatter, he runs past me, were both men. Running over, i run unto hills, it hosts a lone chair for me and my friends to see. As i sit, small petite women runs by and gives me a look. Was or passing moment left you alone, standing in an idolescent forest, you were holding an airsoft bullpup and unloading it in the trees branches. Basicly you were told to standby and wait for orders, shots even poped an plastic pepsi bottles. An aircan had malfunctioned so for an occasion i had two baloons, filled with gas. I Was in bed by 8 eight`o clock, and woke up at nine, shooting dreams into airspace lungs were full of alchohol. Im currently running my sentences in a jam. Jelousy operates most of decisions you take for up control, or out of control events such as terrorist missile strikes, or a gas explosion. One of those happened here for a single day, that never ends. Mature i am know, thinking of my lowself esteem while others hadnt growed up.
Blink of the eye
Castle dialeted in plum of summers end. Memory to live for, to me sun shine lights a different reality. You know i live in a sad and lonely town with one sized hotel, and caffeteria for a single lonely man to commit his existensial act.
Deep shadows of a chopper shallow the ocean below as a man fires an unknown weapons into the far city, glazing with palms and pleasant memories. I sit in the shadow of people, as I go back into the near end park a large orange sun welcomes my encounter of constructionism, i believe theres a home were i was living back five years ago. Ofcourse im talking about tel aviv, and old nightmare of cars falling sky uncropped fields. I Means things happen there. But as i lived on my own, making my own life i saw an angel dust, from my room. Skys where in vapour trails. People summoned and then dissapeared in rooms, i was left alone to a pleasant encounter of local shop that was open for 24 hours other than a fresh vegetables in the morning shop also offered a chicken and some other goods such as drinks ice creams and pack of smokes. I ve smoked them all by the nightfall.
Jerusalem was my knees getting crossed in a local church. The old church up on the hill sends me some picutres i think i had up on the go, but i didnt they non rights on me. The church was full and really wide full spectacles, my artwork was on the top of the altar banging in some preachers texts. There i remember having a conversation with a young women. She had a wire russian. It was a big suprise. Moving out i had a big ladder back on my left, and i went for the fortress crossing the boarders, walked right into it. Ladder went up to a room full of turntables and dark mini cam on the rings of the room. To the end of the night it got really dark and i was home by the end of the evening/ There i had a absurd encounter with my fellow citizen of tel aviv. I mean the women had a white god and she was appearantly waiting for me in the elevator i dont think anyone knew about this but since i was a bit lost it might`ve been someone else entirely. Know i walked out of there alive but as the night got dark i was eating at the local pizzeria. Some servant all of them women, white dog was sleeping next to me and everyone was watching, i could barely eat. My sadness didnt interest anyone and i wish i asked her for bottle of wine. When i walked in to the shop it was just a local lemonade and anything she put in her bag. We up on the room, and i was falling into my bed from child good memory. Walls were surrounding me as the light was glowing right into my head, i could only stare and listen to everything around then the citie became alive. Even a remote was talking. A rocket came out the home. Missed the moving shadow and there i was fully inmeresed in someone else.
Then i woke up apparently alone, and with trousers, went out for a run then i had to be back at the work in the embassy.
Someone called and i was in the car going for the city of haifa.
Great escape
Know if theres some who wants you dont look back. I mean other things appear in front of you, and the signal the end of everything. You i if had a choice ive taken what i had back from life. The sound was ending me. I slept straight into floor. I read into many things the ender. For my worth ive spent all of the given time on my own. The moving made me hot headed i ment back into the screens.
I dont remember having anyone for the night, some unspent bottles from my friend. I Was finally on my own. Dreams run me up sleeps. And for the cold night ive given everything for anything. So whos waking up. I went only running and im not alone, someones in the room. Reading was everything.
Thoughts made me change gyms, i went to friend for christmas dinner, gets hes chismas presents and im half past 6 in my end home. Alone drinks found me a future. I m sure sad.
Thats a shity danish company, for illetarats, who have a disability to fucking read. I mean i had a choice to work in its factories compilings consumables. I was thinking about fridges, they were real heavy but for the most parties i just carried mini boxes, such portables, fans and such. So one day i get a bunch of grills straight for the truck, one of those carries about 50 kgs, i remember breaking my back over one, so me and my new found suprise college helped each other. Ether way way i took my bycicle over city, and i mean i stinks there, theres a horse farm and bloody circus between the cities.
It had to take me 30 minutes to the bike and the village, its a shady home were i used to buy weeds and other special substances, i could recognise in my misarable life, my images are still blurred. Weed was always good and the rest was just a as the life puts you on halt, some tracks you could smell some you just had to talk out with a friend.

Shallowness of the depths of my thoughts have starred my life from brand new start.
You will have to start somewhere.

Enemies side
Fc cologne on the river reina. I m waiting for a whole month like a human, rewriting sensless informatoon. the cities closer to malaga the spanish city, Its having fun what makes humanisms.
Shards of lights glade the cities main gates. Sculptore is enlingthment. The christmas giving away my discovery. The Building are surrounding museums in center of the central train station, that serves for everyone. No suprises the factories are brilliant ways to share god given intelligence, but in the church i spent most of time doing fotos of the city from the cross. I had a hds right in my personal document. Shares a link to my light i walked trought the night of the first stay in the centers inn. A local growds anticipated my every move. Saw the shop atleast. So whats happened in cologne, well there are high storie Building that are about to star collapse on my god for saken head. The trains netherless world spawns right by you i sip the mixery. Everybody music. The boats are a load of cars, shallow waters fullfill the distilled terrain on my go.
i wonder if ill ever get to unviersity of delhi ever. suggestions are pointless and are seemingly getting more boring and boring day after day.. i still used to send secret messages in yotube about facebooks online capacities. They got me about bit jelous on avarage estimate they stand still. But the whole pictures about company are out of this world, how in the gates world the facebooks gets this rich.
On avarage consumer its documented that facebook is the most used website. Checked its online.
But whats suprising is its getting attention. More ive used social sites making me reach out to wider audiences. Thanks for using facebook. Twitter usualy does banking for me.. no Money on me so im suppousedly arriving at halloween..
center must be open for anyone interest in the cuurent times. any other gibberish has left me just bored before the weekend i was exhausted. Was not impressed, to tell the complete unmarked truths, about those soviets, is its not nothing personal but its just bores you to death. I still have pictures on my mobile.
Ive written this a long time i took me to plan some artcicles couple years into my highschool that never began, days ive spent re reading old classical books, like time machine, aristotle and books about symbology. I dont now why i bought amy tans book about ancient chinese women.
It not like it was for sale anyways. I ve been looking for something that makes some sense to anybody.Ahmm like page turners, and other types of stuff. Its not like i ever saw anybody reading, but thats an interesting thought besides writing and blogging, using facebook, tumblr.
blade runner 2049, made me vomit, the least the books were decent..
More youre read into them then the more ssenses it made.
Like a prince, you can watch the entire epic genre by Philip k dick, but internationaly the books opened a different enjoyable world. I Remember now reading a a dicks book, it was called three valis.
Now there are okay movies sci fi, sometimes andromeda strain is favorited in my household, but so is jericho and so on and so forth they all get just boring.
I played rift for few hours now, theres a church the next awakening and its suppousedly feists couple thousand giant bugs that came out of hives as i approached the new location..
Today im gonna write about my day, and how it went, from now on i`ve been 2 motnhs in work, work is tireding me,,..
Previously i wrote the big listted companies i added a year ago in linkedin.
Noew im trapped in a large library of working dwarfs, trying to earn my living..
I Guess you can call me pretty successfull, i think the number is around 5 now, for a 23 year old thats good result!????
Just for few days now iv`e been quite busy visiting cinemas. Sony does satisfie my needs anymore because i skipped the last call of duty infinite warfare while i was travelling. The new WWII is suppoused to be the latest release, but I cant see how its different from other previous call of duties...
Nonenetheless it made sense thath the jack daniels trailer was booked from Aushwitz campaign of bf ones or something like that... I Guess this was the trailer but i dont really now ...
No ones playing it, i guess i lost interest ......
Now i have sims3, but thats only because the last sims4 was bugged and couldnt preform any functions i told it to do. Mirrors edge still blows my mind, catalyst for example is a nice pc game, but you cant just get it started, multiple missions for example were from your apartment, which completely broke my apetite...
Back in the days the gadgets dont make it, so the new cities are on the verge a apocalyptic breakdown, mostly it all ends quickly but the game is sitll up there, bad graphics is the least of my complaints. My new personal desktop stopped everything is was doing this week, it first stopped changing graphics, then it completly malfunctioned at the boot menu. Now im stuck on buying a new laptop. This picture never climbed up to no space opera, or other jerk off cartoons.
Its only recently that i remembered this anime in particular, because of its information about world wide network. Sense of this im trying to make is why animatrix is still getting better graphics, for an old japanese anime this ones still coming up in my thoughts, or holding them together, whatever.....
I had to clean my storage on my ps4, so ofcourse i deleted the old battlefront, in order to replace it with the new battlefront 2, fortnite..
Hitman was fun, to tell you the truth contracts are on.
Sapienza, Marrakesh, Bangkok.
I think its somewhere close to 60 Gb, the new 1tb PS4 is just too much..
The thing i love about killing in this games, the god dam remote cant function properly..
Hitman had a 6 six episode streak, it wont just let anything new out and i think that sux.
Assasins creed Black flag is on my laptos harddrive for month now, i dont think i will ever play, cinemas run out of movies to show, i think American assasin was my favorite. This game is on steam for how many years?? I mean did anyone even buy it, i get its real wetware, but its just getting too much, the only recommendation is Global Offensive.
Money, from me mechanised on my own. I had an idea of charges for whats needed to star a life.
Blackness was almost real. Time sucks. Atleast reality came to me, some walked me my goodbye.
Writes a real novel, then calls for a nuclear bomb and in the end rules over me the old dream what woulve happened i ive done anything. Its worth everything for a 23 year about to reach hes christmas up in main. Snakeman for know i m gonna be leaving to the localy managment shopping facility.
Always ocean, book pilles are thrown aside, and hidden in the edges of cupboard i call my attic. So i have two storie home, never remember reading a book on the first floor. Threw in some logs and read peacefully. Some stayed in my mind some are beings being read. Some books come back to me, in my dreams and in my life. Yes i used a library, thiefs journal.
So i walked back in my home, from a local bar. Smoked a cigar, merry christmas, heres nothing there, just a lake, and a lame walk home, suprise me on my own. Life just gets better. Polished my now new sold car. I guess its probably in a parking lot. Whats sold and whats done, well im suprised with every new year. Oblige to uncerntainty is awfull mistake takes from seven or five seconds each grizzly day.
U know and you dream that someone some day will take you out of our comfort zone, but you never believe that somethings gonna be different for songs you listening or reading in your every newpaper.
Swear me and my apprentice originaly saved your marker for you to change, e commerce is one big rip off.
You know what, big screens host a jewish spy network, you know i just found out. Thanks for asking because you dont know me. Appeals to every tourist that coke drenched barber shop, on the corner of fallen street on every corner.
If you see aksing someone for one of those bottles that cost more or less around 700 grand for glass of alchohol. My last airport put those one display. Its full of smek perfumes. Shady renessiance of polo or introvert Vision of armani, they shells.
Moods that you smoke for any good, its good to stay in shape reflex.
or of ruins he follows me, makes feelings. Bloody fortress of shop overseer, came along for a river boat. Journey of known land, made of one own, hiding in the shallows. An oldder river road, leads to unchained slope in the tame of the rivers depths. Made a little nudge of the tip in the boat, its swelled on its open right, made an inherit hole, which chucked in river forming a gloomy feeling, a side was driving down in the cold water. As it plunged the moisture got all weter and i swam drowning myself in the shadow. Hoped nothing troubled anyone.
Corner Shop
A colliding dent atomizes in front of my eye widespread sparke shakles a frozen sand on the opposite side of the coast. A moon tells you a very horrific story for a moons own sake. A man made machine commands a polar circle. A tell tale game man made terror truly changes everything. Support the essence of self being made me intesly rich, not that ive changed the rest of worlds, but if something happens i wanted to stay on this land.
A high impact vechile shattered left rear end of my ship HEWS, now an abandonment has left a large part of ships mechanics on the side end of storm cloud of debri. Not much time is left and truly there wont be any chance of surviving not now not ever, the gods have been angried to the upmost and are very dark about theyre thoughts.
Beliefs seem of no interest, to any intelligente being on this dumb misarable ship i call modern afghanistan, or a cup of tea in the embassy. Its not that far away by the way, you can get there if you get out in time and arrive back in the right time before the miserable changes in attitude has saturated of the heads of milita. Dreaming in a foreign lands of surrouding coast i kinda modern way of telling you memories hold the deepest secrets of your thoughts. No other way in telling you someones about ram you the side of a head a large spark of bulletshine. I hope and i dream that some day someone will remember me. Such is a ghostly presence around here, the soldiers here arent that rough. They managed and lived here more then hundred years, year around they write a sob story for locals to experience and dream a viseral site. And such is this place i mean who wouldve thought that someday i will be here sharing a shattered faces of ideals.
Theres thrown on my table as i poke one eye on its covers its blank. Someones hand takes the initiative and draws something on the paper. I took the pencil and drawed a larges stripes of things that might occur in history. Then i left an airplane was to fly out of capital the following three days. Then never say it, i look up and i was in airport just like that, i switched my music off and pulled up to the gate. The women checked my bags asked couple questions with another gentlemen, and we talked for some time. Last the check-in. And so here i was.
Long Road
So we buried a chunck of tobacco, liars bed from today i will begin an new alternative, which is in modern way talking false way of living your life. Shadow had dreamed for the whole night alone, last supper. Dreaming alone. Shadow jumped on me by my bed. "Are we metal head", get off me, i said and jumped on my organ, inhaled a full breath, and then he was gone. He was kinda like a stalker, with long fingers, big black jacket, shining from the end of forest, it shocked me when we saw him, bastard left us all alone. You know who he was, yes, said the guy in an act of sleep, thats before he run out down the stairs and smashed second floors window, and ruined my cousins birrthday cake. No did you, i asked him as i looked at his scared face, what hed yelled, i think he was a sleep, but it looks like its ending now. He sees it as going trough one of those phases, where one is living in a nightmare. Before you think look what your doing, not long time ago something like two or three days ago a both lines to my headphones went in sparks and almost burned my earlobes. So i walked down to eat breakfast.
Everything in the kitchen had lost any meaning to me. I mean the last day was already forgotten. So i mustve forgot something. Someone was watching me, daily. Truth. Your thoughts will probably be swept in a highschool entrace exam thats going to be excercised at the end of somewhere next week. A yeah i think the vineyard, was mugged, i said to my grandma, i said just because i bought and printed that old french novel, it was hugged in all white papers, somewhere around 200 pages long, both sides were taken, one with numbers, other with words. If everything connected it was death, you will see said my brother. I Think time is up for spreading word around the town, how about you take your bike from your godfathers house, and drive from there to here. Sure, ok. But i will be back, soon so you hold on. And take care of grandfather.
The next week a car stoped next to the garage, my dad walked out on me, and i was gone, thinking what to do, after im done doing my examination. Nothing new ever came up, i just gouled at the stray dog, running past the wild, wilderness he or she shall not see, for probably of the end of his or hers life. I didnt care these dogs run out on me every night, to september. I should move to live somewhere else, i am i need of new acquintances, and personel. It will come up and then i will go down, said a friend next to my bike that was about to get hammer rammed in his pedals.  Its not a long walk home, said a friend, so walked it was a dark hour, it seems its been like this for hours now, i was alone now. Right as the car drove away with all of my friends, i got confused. Didnt and couldnve known whats going to happen, it was like one of those old sayings, if you look for a forest you will find someone hanging in there.  And there it was no one drove back, its been ten minutes, i felt lonely and walked home, the road goes right around police, and you only have to walk by a large storie building, and thats it, youre ready to go for the bed.
Exams took place in a large room, at highschools top floors, its one ment right for the exam, or at least thats how i used to feel or am feeling right now. I have a nice umbrella next to me, and around 100 students surrounding the terrace of the hall. It was a silent time, no hard feeling but i always felt bad, no one was staring at me, everything was changing, room got filled, i didnt notice anyone entering, i dont even now if i was late for the exam. Either way exam papers were handed out, and that was a start. I probably walked last out. After i was done, i took a walk home. Long journey i thought, it was a geography exam, listen im not the bightest mind here in this town, but some grades just go higher than 5. If youre up to challenge we might think of places we can travel to, you only skiped a grade, and everyones still in studies, for example you travel back next year, to finish last year at poth, that wouldnt trouble anyone. So i have this chance to pick a place anywhere in this world to live.
Europe, thats a gilgamesh of fantasies to remedy my dieses, i forbidden any last thought of moving anywhere else, but usualy it is with grown ups, they pick a place much nicer than you couldve imagined. But it true you know.
Winters End
Brazil, nocturnal, you step out airplane, for the first time, you move to security guard, force unleashed backslash at his face, but stood your ground. He took a prepared document from you enforcer made your thoughts move, he made a phonecalls adressed for airport, and asked if anyones ready to pick me up for drive. So he got his response, someone was there, i got my own personal bus, preface, it was empty how i loved, no it was full and everyone was watching straight to the end, of my visit to this latest summer home.  So get this im in a room, ready everythings patched up. My second day in a row, and ive visited all the foreign sites the embassies could offer. Now i was about to be left alone, because my relative was catching a plane, she was on a urgent buissness, that just couldnt be left alone. So i stepped out opened the golden gates, walked right up to the park, sat down for the first time here. It was birds singing and to no one i ment anything, i was all left to wait, for the taxi service. Wherever shes working its going to be bankrupt, so you better hurry i thought. Seven minutes later i was back on my back ends to run to the home, hoped not to get grounded but i wasnt that far, so i helped and opened the doors, here doors were always open. She made me wait for an hour, and recommended staying home, because it was very easy to get lost, but the sense i got from here was that it was safe, and overall possible to perform any activity i was i need of, so i let go of her, and sat down to my laptop, it was turned on.
Then came the night. I thought of doing excerises, but i the idea was gone. My shoes were laying oposite the entrace. How nice weather was outside was obvious it was around 20 degrees at its only about 8`o clock.
Around this time and sense of age your living in and everything else, is past it. In Rio de Janeiro, you live past that time essence of space that says you cant be someone or something in this life, so that was what i used to be sick of saying, these trips just hit you like waves, a wealthy man right next to the hotel says, hes wearing a t-shirts and jeans, i dont even know what to think, so look for a bench, thats where i spend most of my time.  As i look up the, the park is half full, theres a women reading a book, or giving me a look, shes in a dark coat, i mean its hot here right I smile, but no one cares, because reality has been too good for you. Theres a kid worried to death walking back and forth across the scsquare, everything pointed a the fountain, the kid doesnt notice, its a dream hes on. I got to get back in the end ive never been here.

Chapter II
Upon suffering a major headache, i enter the plane with presented ticket I am able to pass inside the cabin, i have my private seat.  Im offered a free diner, but i decline. I have a seat next to the window that is in the front of the plane right on the left. Everyone was calm but passage was terrible, and some chatter began to emerge.
To smoke in this country is illegal, or only in specialy dezignated places, for a spanish city i think thats about it. Im going for ten minutes more. Im all ready to leave, the seats were nice, in the end i enjoyed the flight. Security wasnt that much, i only had show my passport that was kept in plastic bag, i took from university.
Local shops had bank exchange, most of money i brought i changed to local euros. I was swept away because of the bus and loud taxi drivers so i took a cab to the motel. The place was nice, not like some other place kid can run in to, had a person waiting for me inside, she was taken busy with clients three girls that is. Then the time was to settle in, unpack my luggage. Free coffe, free kitchen, i slept on last floor, with a view to the sky, wi-fi was very weak so I stopped using it.
I Was alone in this world.
Chapter III
I Felt the shop chains raining down on the city, afterwards something dissapeared, and football was being aired right trought the streets straight to my body, so naturally im walking straight for the towns theathre, didnt look back so was suddenly taken back. I took a seat, and emotions were high, for me and others it was the first time viewing football, i meant well, but i wanted to explore seabed, along the fortress that appeared as a seperate street. So i used a bank, but at first the card was thrown back. So i tryed again, screen flashed, and then i was swept back in collective conciousness.
I Starred at ceiling on the go but my innerself was next to solitude. With a large camp nothing was around me, just a plastic bottle and a table, i think i couldnve lost time. Blurry vision chased my fears, and my unknown surrounding fear was boiling up in me. Unconcioussly i ran right by the camping by the sides i spotted a large exit, looked like rock arc but i wasnt sure, i stood and run forward, while the fumes were all around me i found myself on the street looked like poth, but could recognize anything, right there, there was the console, i walked and sat on the bar stool, but machine is modified by text to performe gaming rules, chase move a man around the screen, screen though looks unpenetratable. For now there is only a way back to the rock arc, all sides of the asphalt road are in white glow, and couldnt be seen trough. as i approach the entering the world stops and a bed appeared to my right, wool, a sports backpac, and clothing from all over the place, a shirt from barcelona, all ment to be weared. I Quickly packed everything in the bag, and ran back for arc, whilst crossing a barren column. The doors had been placed on the arcs way, it was white wooden door but too great to get trough. I didnt even try, it was now or never, quickly, before someone shows up, i ran right to the columns trying to finds tables, chairs anything, that could bring me back to previous estate, but no such thing was here. A Metal shelfs are covering most of area, placed side by side. Then i travel forward, but i dissapear in information flow.
Eyes open says voice from inner voice of mine. Ive been sleeping in a bed, it was daytime now, no panic, just a calm warm feeling, a blanket slides itself on down to my stomach, I can feel my body appearing and reapearing, one hand one leg, then other parts sizzling immune.
Chapter IV
Orange Light
I Walk straight, then pavement appearing underneath my legs, a sound is making a roar infront of me, a large lake, a site, dawning in an sinking land, made me feel such a terror, its yellow but reminds me of light, a sun light.
The End

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