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The world as we know it, is altered. Could the mysterious virus solve everything or is something else going on?

Submitted: February 08, 2018

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Submitted: February 08, 2018




“Come on let’s go! They’ll catch us if you don’t leave it alone!”
“I have to finish this now. I can’t just leave it alone! People will get hurt otherwise.”

She shot off a piece of his right ear and forced him to go along. He snorted some cocaine he had lying around to numb the pain of his ear. She pushed him in the back seat of the car and stepped on the gas.

“The world is fucked Rhonda, fucked I tell you! The black and white monsters will always take what you hold dear, mark my words!”
“Just relax Davey…MOM will know what to do.”

They drove over to MOM’s compound and went inside. MOM was not pleased with the information given by the two. She grabbed her gun and shot off a piece of Rhonda’s right ear.

“The fuck did you do that for?!” Rhonda shouted.
“You children need to be taught that actions have consequences. Let me deal with the Hunters…”

MOM was interrupted by a loud crash outside. It seemed like the Hunters had already caught up with the two.

“Hand us #32105 and the doctor. Refusal will be met with certain death. You have one minute to comply…”

MOM looked outside and saw the two mechanical Hunters standing outside. She ordered her children to leave through the underground tunnel.

“What will you do?” Rhonda asked clearly emotional.
“Those things outside are not my children. Therefore I shall end them. Leave now and retrieve the virus!”

The two complied and fled through the underground tunnel. At the end of the tunnel there stood a black muscle car, perfect for a quick getaway. While driving away they could hear several explosions and feared for MOM’s safety. Rhonda fought her tears and wanted to return to the compound. Davey put his hand on Rhonda’s shoulder.

“Save your grief…we need to head back to the laboratory.”
“How can you even remain sane at this point?” Rhonda wondered.
“I can’t…but I really want to get fucked up so I can forget whatever happened here. Once I upload the virus those robotic fuckers will all just shut down. The mission will be completed.”

After a while both arrived at the laboratory that was now on fire. They had to hurry before their chance was gone. They ran inside the building and headed to the control room. Davey entered his security code and pushed a button.

The program ended and Davey found himself back in his bedroom. He snorted a line of cocaine and leaned backwards in his chair. Soon he would wonder off and forget about all that had occurred.



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