An Existential Crisis...About Fish?

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Cameron Victor just wants today to be interesting and less boring. after a call gets him thinking, he prepares himself for a very questionable ride.

Submitted: February 08, 2018

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Submitted: February 08, 2018



An Existential Crisis…About Fish?


Cameron sat in his chair nonchalantly, his day having been normal and without incident he honestly felt bored.  There wasn’t much to do right now, he had just finished cleaning the dishes and he hated doing that so the day basically couldn’t be anymore bland.

He could just sit there and do nothing.  That would be very easy.  Just ignore the whole world and enthrall himself with his own imagination.

Then the phone rang.

Luckily having the phone next to your chair does wonders for your legs, that being, you don’t have to move them.  Cameron picked up the phone and answered it.

“Hello?” he answered uninterestedly.

“Hey Cam, it’s me Clyde, I just got a call from Oliver.  He has tickets to the new season of Longmire.  Do you want to…”  His words never left his mouth.

“Yes!” exclaimed Cameron, all to eager to get out of the house.

“Okay, okay geez.  Oliver will be here at about thirty-four minutes after five.”

Cameron eyed the clock.

5:12 pm.  Not bad.  They’d be making good time.

“I’ll be here.  See ya then.”


Both men hung up.  Cameron sat down more relaxed now that he had plans for the evening.

He still had some time to kill though so he considered playing Minecraft.  Nah, he’d stopped playing that years ago.  Something about principle or whatnot.  His room still needed to be cleaned but why think about that when he had bigger fish to fry.

Hmm… he thought as the idea popped into his head.  Fried fish?  He’d had them of course, but now a question hung in his head.  Did fish know they were being fried?  Well of course they knew that but were they aware that frying was the action being done or were they oblivious to it and only knew that they were in pain.

Even if fish did know they were being fried did it register differently?  Maybe fish enjoy being fried as if it is some sort of fulfillment of their existence.  Maybe it’s the greatest happiness in the world, after all, isn’t that what the purpose of life is, to fulfill the meaning of your existence?

Or is it simpler then that?  Maybe he was looking too deeply into the matter.  Perhaps fish have a long know acceptance of what will happen to them.  Do they even care?  Are they capable of caring?  Do they even have the recognition of the time between when they are killed and when they are born and vice versa?

Soon after this inner monologue was about to die out, mans best friend entered the scene: Skippy, Cameron’s loyal dog lumbers into the room to lay down next to his master.  Cameron stares at the canine and begins to wonder…

…are dogs the same way?

What truly separates a fish and a dog?  They’re both qualified as animals and yet seem to have a different understanding of how life worked.  Do fish have greater understanding then dogs or the other way around?  Sure, dogs have bondage and possibly even experience emotions such as love but does that make the dog’s life more knowledgeable or less simple?  Or both?  Cameron couldn’t say.

“Hey Skippy?  What’s your head like?”

What a stupid question.  Even if the dog did know, there’s no way he’d respond.  When was the last time people heard of dogs talking?  Oh yeah, nut houses and soothsayers.

Maybe they understood but couldn’t speak in a way that people would understand.  It’s possible that they simply can’t communicate with us, but then there’s the dilemma that dogs aren’t all that smart.  They do dumb things from time to time.

Then again maybe it’s backwards, maybe dogs understand right and wrong better than people.  Is it possible?  It’s not impossible but how would such a thing even be found out.  They can’t be smart, can they?  They’ll eat raw fish for crying out loud.  Well…so do bears.

And speaking of fish what are there thoughts on dogs and other creatures?  Why fish?  Why were they there?  Why was that the name?  “fish” is honestly a very funny word.  It feels like you attempting to say something but slowly decided against it.  Fish.


Startled, Cameron looked up to see Clyde look him dead in the eye with confusion.

“How did you get I here!?” Yelled the man who had just escaped another hour of inner turmoil.

“How do you think?  The front door.  I have key dude.  Now hurry up, Oliver is in the car.”  He left the room, likely to wait in the car with Oliver.

Cameron sat there for a few minutes before deciding not to keep his friends waiting.

Skippy stared at his master as he left the building.  The only thought in his head being

Of all the people I end up with, one happens to be a nut job.  I hope Lord Dog Bowl is appreciative of my efforts to analyze human behavior.

The End

© Copyright 2018 Clyde Vinceson. All rights reserved.

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