Devil May Cry

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Morgan is filthy rich and living in a large loft, in the center of New York City. Only it's seven years after the second civil war and New York is not longer the old New York. Water is more
expensive than diamonds to Civilians, while central park is replaced with the newly built white house. Morgan is an extremely privileged one percenter living the best life in the new age with a
close tie with the president, what could possibly go wrong?

I used Jarvis from Marvel as the AI's name cuz i just love Jarvis so much, but this is not exactly the same Jarvis?? Also the main character's name is Morgan Stern cuz i love the name morgenstern
too much!!

Heres the playlist i was listening to while writing this : Warnings: Describtions and mentions of death and killing

Submitted: February 08, 2018

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Submitted: February 08, 2018



She awoke at 0630 sharp without any alarm, the dark navy tint of the window gradually faded as she got out of her rather large bed and walked out then down the ebony floating stairs with glass panes on both sides. The loft was quiet, the only sounds were coming from her and from a small waterfall on one of the taller wall. It was still dawn and the warm hues of the not yet risen sun gave this cavernous loft a fake sense of life. The huge sunken bathtub finished filling itself with hot water by the time she finished brushing her teeth. 


As she stepped into the tub, the embedded tv on the wall across from her turned on the news, a concerning voice stated that clean water is gradually becoming more expensive than diamonds on Civilian markets, then started showing footage of poor people of Civilian areas complaining about the lack of water. She raised her eyebrows indifferently then held out a hand, hidden robot arms quickly handed her a mimosa and brought her freshly made breakfast, she took a deep breath of the sweet smell of waffles and fresh berries and let out a content sigh while the news of desperate people played on in the background.


The sun is up, dipping her cold and lifeless loft in a vibrant gold through the tall window panes around her whole loft.


The breakfast tray was taken away as she finished and a robotic arm handed her two folders with the words EYES ONLY in red on it. She quickly read over the files and handed them to an arm to be shredded then she leaned back and closed her eyes to relax. 


The peace was disrupted by the sound of a huge explosion mostly muted by her soundproof glass. She turned her gaze to the general direction of Civilian Brooklyn and saw a dark mushroom cloud quickly rising on top of what used to be the glorious NYPD Civilian Division building. She rolled her eyes and shook her head in annoyance, 'I better not be going out the WEB again today, the rebels need to stop bombing...' Her thoughts were interrupted by loud wails and cries from footage the news played on the expensive water issue, she turned to the TV with clear irritation and muted it. 


"Morning Morgan, I hope you liked your breakfast. You have a meeting with POTUS and the Congress regarding the WW3 situation in fifteen minutes, shall I prepare a jet or a car?"The voice of her British AI Jarvis echoed in the loft. "A jet today please Jar, thanks" Morgan stepped out of the tub, after being instantly dried, she got ready and was sitting in her jet within ten minutes.


Morgan walked into the conference room, nodded and sat down in her usual spot, the other end of the long table across from POTUS. She was not supposed to be there, she wasn't a part of the Congress, nor did she work for the white house, however, she attended every major meeting, courtesy of the POTUS. 


A soldier came in and started the briefing: the war between Middle Eastern Countries Alliance and League Of United Nations (Germany, UK, China, Russia and other major countries except for the US) has reached an Impasse because the MECA executed one hundred LOUN children prisoner and threatened to kill more if LOUN does not surrender. The brutal act of MECA has angered the Americans, and the Congress needed to decide whether to not to join the war. 


A secret service agent knocked on the door and after POTUS granted him permission to enter, he walked to Morgan and handed her a tablet with live surveillance footage on it: " Commander Stern, the target is spotted and on the move with means to flee, should we pursue?" Morgan glanced at the tablet then stretched out her arms behind her head and said lazily in a sultry voice : " Nah I got it." The agent grabbed Morgan's long black cashmere coat that was hanging on the back of her chair and her bag as Morgan stood up and excused herself from the conference table.


 "Miss Stern," the VPOTUS suddenly spoke, " Yes ma'am ?"Morgan half turned around with one hand resting on the door, " what are your views on this matter?"


"The attack?"Morgan let out a short sardonic chuckle, "they're executing children, what is there to view?"


Before anyone said anything, an alarm from the tablet indicated that Morgan's target is on the move, after a nod she quickly left the room, completely unaware of the furious president.


By the time Morgan returned home, it was already past dusk, the fireplace and lamps lit up as she walked in, the warm ambient light glistened off the spotless slate floor. She headed straight for the bathroom, peeled off her bullet vest and dropped her bloodied jacket on the way. 


The shower automatically turned on while an arm quickly cleaned up the bloody footprints she left and collected all her bloody clothes.


"I'm assuming you're going to brief the president shortly?" Jarvis asked as Morgan slid back into her freshly cleaned tactical bodysuit and pulled on her boots. 


"Yessir!" Morgan had a rare smile on her face, but it quickly faded as Jarvis said in a concerned voice: 


"we have a problem." 


Her brows furrowed and she instinctively reached for the gun resting on the sink: "what is it?" "The white house announced the attack plans on MECA... but... the president wished against it." 


Morgan walked towards the window that overlooked the new White House — rebuilt in central park after the second civil war destroyed it seven years ago. 


Jarvis continued: "The Congress were all notified to vote no but..." " but I said otherwise." Morgan nodded, then smiled: " I wonder who he's going to send." "Morgan..." Jarvis immediately started but was cut off by a short laugh:


 " I shot the last person who threatened his absolution less than an hour ago Jar, I know what's coming."


 "You should get going, he'll be coming soon." 


"No," Morgan's gaze toward the white house turned cold, " I'm the hunter, I will not be hunted by anyone. Especially not some petty little man who built his presidency on terrorizing the Congress with a hit squad." 


Morgan turned abruptly and strutted away from the window with a smirk on her face: " Prep my car Jarvis, we're going to visit an old friend."

The car went straight to Defiance's headquarter 120 miles east of New York. They were once called the CIA before the civil war broke out. After their side lost in the war the remaining agents used an old 20 floors underground training facility as the base and started Defiance. All the pre-war recruits returned to the base joined Defiance, recruit ranked number 2 went on to become the commander. The top recruit, however, never returned.


Morgan stepped out of the car and took a deep breath, a rundown barn covered the entrance under the pale moon, just like eight years ago. By the time the elevator door opened on the-12th floor, the whole command center had their guns drawn and aimed at the elevator, readied for fire. Morgan raised her right eyebrow then walked out unfazed with a sniping rifle in one hand, she quickly scanned the room then held up the unarmed hand: " Relax kids, I'm only here to talk to Elijah, besides, if I were to attack I'd just send a nuke." "Let her through." A monotoned voice spoke, the crowd reluctantly withdrew their weapons and parted to let her through.


"Miss Morgan Stern, what is our dictator's guardian devil doing in a rebel's HQ?" Elijah asked as Morgan walked into the conference room, Morgan scoffed then sat down in an empty chair, put the rifle on the table and leaned back: "I sided with attack when the VP asked for my opinion, Congress voted against him since the hit squad is gone" "gone?" "they asked POTUS for positions or else, so he asked me to take them out." Morgan shrugged, " He's probably starting a new one now that he needs me gone." One official sighed: "So it's back to him terrorizing the Congress."


" Not if he's dead." Morgan leaned forward, her grey eyes glistened like the edge of a dagger.


Elijah shook his head: “ His convoy has a three-day scan ahead for the routes that detects any change in the environment in a ten miles radius, a satellite to all missile signals, and the glass on his car is tested to withstand any bullets. You of all people should know this.”


Morgan looked at Elijah with an amused expression on her face when she lightly patted the rifle: “He didn’t test mine, I wasn’t a threat remember ?” Jarvis remotely connected to the Defiance system and projected a map of the POTUS’s convoy route onto the wall, along with a basic model of the attack plan: a sniper waits in the snow for three days and fire from two miles away. After the kill is confirmed, air support can move in to extract the sniper before secret service gets to them.


The room was quiet, it was not an easy plan and the chance of the sniper surviving was slim to nil.


“ I didn’t come to ask for a sniper,” Morgan glanced the room, “ I’m asking you to do what you did before the war. Once POTUS is dead the VP will become the president, she will need protection and a new, non-corrupted intelligence service to stay president. Defiance will be her shield and her spear.”


“You are the dictator’s executioner, why would you risk your life to save a nation that will never love you back? ” Another agent spoke, all eyes fell on Morgan, she sat in the chair with her legs crossed with an almost indifferent expression her face: “I never really had anything to live for, I just do my job and I get it done whatever the means. This nation belongs to people who actually have something to live for I will do anything make it stable for them. And if it means executing for a dictator or presidential assassination, so be it. Besides, when I die I will die on my own terms, not anyone else’s”


Morgan carved a M onto the back of the bullet then loaded her rifl after she focused the scope and angled the rifle she got into position in the snow. Elijah came to adjust her camouflage and left before midnight.


“Stand by. Stand by. Scanning sequence initialized.”


“Lucifer. This is Jarvis. Scan initialized, refrain from movements.”


“Lucifer-Lucifer. This is Defiance Alpha.T-4320 minutes until HMX-1 on scene”


“This is Lucifer. Copy all. Standing by at Zulu.”


The whole area within ten miles radius of the convoy’s route was lifeless, it was only cold


white snow glistened with dead silence, rocks and frozen plants. Morgan did not move, she gently closed her eyes to rest while in her position and listened to the occasional wail of wind and Jarvis’ update time.


“Lucifer -Lucifer. This is Defiance Alpha. T-3 minutes until HMX-1 on scene”


Morgan’s grey eyes shot open, the cold had crept into her bones and froze the blood in her veins. ‘Three minutes Morgan,’ she thought, ‘just three more.’


“Lucifer, this is Jarvis. Satellite disturbance approaching Zulu proximity, AI going offline in T-1 minute, take care. Repeat, take care.”


“This is Lucifer. Copy all. Standing by at Zulu.”


“Defiance Alpha, this is Sentry. HMX-1 on scene. Lucifer is green.”


“Lucifer -Lucifer. This is Defiance Alpha. HMX-1 on scene. Mission is a go. You are clear to



“This is Lucifer. Copy all. HMX-1 on scene.

Engaging in








“Defiance Alpha, this is Sentry. Shot out… HMX-1 down. Kill confirmed.” One bullet, through the bulletproof glass, a perfectly fatal headshot.


Ecstatic cheers erupted in her comm while “Defiance Alpha” yelled orders for air support extraction and Jarvis’ voice that was completely masked by the sound of chopper’s take off.Two miles in front of her the mixed horror of “POTUS DOWN” was immediately followed by “SEARCH PREMISES FOR SHOOTER”.


Morgan took a deep breath of the crisp, freezing air and let out a content sigh before she sunk into that lifeless snow, while all the sounds blended together and faded away into a white nothingness.


The sun is up.

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