Dragon Slayer

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

"If none of us were triumphant in slaying the dragon, then what does Mito think he is doing?"

Dragon Slayer

"Mito Torrea might be the saddest boy I've ever heard of," Eskhar sighed.

"If none of us were triumphant in slaying the dragon, then what does Mito think he is doing?" Semsial snickered as he removed his golden, unblemished spaulder and placed it on the table, continuing to remove his armor after a sip from his chalice.

"Poor boy, is it true that the three of you tried and failed? Is the beast that terrible?" Eskhar asked despairingly. Loucha took a heavy swig of ale, flashing a curious glance Merreck and Semsial. Merreck wet his lips nervously, the act was jarring and did not match Eskhar's definition of Merreck Royendal.

"Absolutely horrible. The beast was at least twenty- no thirty feet tall," Merreck said quickly after the boys' short interlude of glances.

"And the fire, that awful fire! It leaves no words for what my eyes have seen," Loucha added.

"It astonishes me that the last three apprentices of the Royal's Guard would be so unsuccessful against the dragon. It must've been a truly terrible beast for all of you to have failed. Mito is a sad sort of brave, willing to go and fight the dragon because he has nothing to lose," said Eskhar.

"Well, at this point it's only natural selection if he was stupid enough to go. A blacksmith's apprentice isn't going to have any effect on a dragon if we couldn't," Semsial huffed. Loucha gave a nervous laugh.

Eskhar frowned, "No need for that, boy."

"I'm placing it as simple as it is; his mother ought to be ashamed to have borne such a fool," Semsial sneered.

"She would only be ashamed if he returned without even trying," Eskhar replied coldly, taking another drink. Loucha rubbed his hands together, looking away as Eskhar spoke. Conversation was abruptly dropped across the room as a breathless herald flung open the door.

"Mito Torrea's back! He's slain the dragon!"

Not even the exodus of Moses could compare to the men who grappled and flew out of the tavern in such a flurry. Loucha, Merreck, and Semsial stared at one another for a long, dreadful moment before flying up and out of the tavern, pushing and shoving to the front of the crowd. Mito was not what Eskhar expected to see of a "dragon slayer"; he was short, skinny, with sharp, almost feminine features, riding in on a scrawny horse that one could presume was white before it received a fine coating of mud. He halted the horse, and hopped off. He dusted himself apprehensively as people swarmed around him shouting their queries.

"How large was the dragon? I heard it was at least thirty feet tall!"

Mito looked puzzled, turning to drag a saddle bag off the horse, with ease Eskhar might add. He untied it. Gasps erupted and echoed across the crowd as he removed the bag. Eskhar was not the brightest man who ever lived, but that carcass did not look 30 feet tall; its lifeless body was easily that of a large cat.

"That can't be it! You must have killed its offspring instead!" a man shouted. Roars of agreement followed. Mito shook his head; he pulled out from his pouch a long necklace laced with gold and sapphires.

"There was only the one, it was guarding the Queen's stolen necklace," he stated softly, "The little thing didn't really give much of a fight," he said, pulling up his sleeve to show light burns on his arm. "I've gotten worse from the forge."

"But Semsial said the beast had taken his sword like it was nothing and smashed it to bits!"

"This sword?" he asked, pointing to a beautifully crafted sword tied loosely around his waist. "I found this outside the dragon's lair; I thought it would be handy."

"How can this be? Semsial, Loucha, Merreck- they all went and came back fruitless!" someone marveled from the crowd.

"Noble boys don't know how to fight, they only know how to look good faking it."

Submitted: February 09, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Maotatoe. All rights reserved.

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Red Hunter

Ha, that ending! This was a well-crafted, really enjoyed reading it. I swear, that ending really got me lol well done!

Sat, February 17th, 2018 5:22am


Thank you very much! It means a lot to hear that!

Fri, February 16th, 2018 9:28pm

Casey Ford

I like this short story... But what happened to the noble's sons? They were and nothing... Maybe have them quiet slip away and have the crowd look for them before the last line.

It's a minor thing but I was curious about it at the time...

Great job!

Thu, March 29th, 2018 5:54am


Thank you very much! I wrote it under a word limit and now that you mention it I probably need to add a little more of them before the story ends! Thanks!

Thu, March 29th, 2018 9:16am

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