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Submitted: February 09, 2018

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Submitted: February 09, 2018



The one woman stood next to the other woman, whispering in her ear. “I think I know why Tony's not here today” she said. “I heard he got drunk last night and has a hang over” the one lady said. The other ladies eyes got real big.


Later she ran into another co worker and they got to talking about why their co worker had called in sick. “I heard he's not really sick but he likes to party. He probably slept with some woman he picked up in a bar last night”. The guy's eyes got real big. He agreed that was probably it.


He sees a buddy and moves over to another part of the store. “Did you hear about Tony. He spent the night with some woman” he said. The other guy grinned real big. “I bet he gets her pregnant” he said and goes back to work.


Later he sees a co worker working near him. He moves closer. “Did you hear why Tony wasn't here today? He slept with some stranger and got her pregnant”. The other person's eyes got so big. “Isn't he married?” they asked. The first person shook their head. “I think so”. “That is so terrible” he walked off thinking about his poor wife.


He would run into another co worker and he had to tell him what he had heard. “Hey, did you hear about Tony?” The co worker looked up, listening intently. “He got some woman pregnant and he is leaving his wife”. “My god that is terrible” the second guy said and shook his head. “Well to each their own I guess. You got to wonder about Tony don't you?” he said. The first guy agreed.


He went off to tell another co worker at lunch time. “Did you hear about Tony? He's not here because he left his wife for some woman he got pregnant and she kicked him out last night”. His coworker's eyes got really big. “That's a shame. He seems like a nice guy. But oh well” he said.


Later that guy runs into another co worker and pulls him to the side to tell him what he heard about Tony. “I hear old Tony is gonna be homeless unless he shacks up with some slut he met in a bar and got pregnant. What a bum” he said. The other co worker shook his head.


Meanwhile Tony is at the doctor's with his wife. She is sick with the flu and he had to drive her to the hospital because she is too sick to drive herself and he is unaware that back at his job he is homeless, he's a cheater, a homewrecker, a player, a ladies man and he's gotten a stranger pregnant.


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