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Submitted: February 09, 2018

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Submitted: February 09, 2018



i wore spiked shoe with projecting porcupine thorn,
tread on the brittle surface of the frozen lake,
breaking the harmony of the agglutinated chunks of ice.

i wore a demon mask having scores of Dracula teeth,
attached a hair wig composed of fiery needle,
roamed in zebra striped suits, traversing the busy streets,
thereby scaring groups of innocent children.

i wore trousers made of threadbare rope,
encapsulated my chest in jackets of rich straw,
held wine jars in my hand containing pure incense stick,
sat down to meditate with routine traffic whistling past my eyes.

i wore a plastic coat made from stale polythene,
triangular cap of cane possessing an army of irregular holes,
nailed a big plus in the center of my broad chest,
catered to a host of patients as the visiting doctor.

i wore a suit stitched in exquisite quality silk,
sparkling boots made of snake python leather,
sprinkled my persona with gallons of whale perfume,
pinned an enchanting red rose to my immaculate tie,
sat with overwhelming peace in the plush interiors of the American coffee shop.

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