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i occur in spots of irregular proportions,
i might be black, brown or blue,
i hold great significance in tuning a human being,
i am present right since the first cry of life,
i am indeed a BIRTHMARK.

i have undulating rash waves,
i rise and fall with respect to placement of moon,
i am peculiarly salty in taste,
i am a boarding house for fern and fish,
i constitute more than 70 percent of earths surface,
i am the deep blue ocean smashing on rocks.

i have brown precipices,
i have loose soil cascading down,
i stand like a fortress amidst a cocoon of clouds,
i am a warehouse of museums of minerals,
i don't like people blasting me with explosive,
i am a chain of mammoth shining rock.

i have multicolored yellow wings,
i posses stripes of scarlet red,
i feed on minuscule ants and grub,
i perch on dark corners of the room,
i love to fly all sunlit day,
i christen myself the butterfly.

i emit poisonous smoke,
i know i look like rotten egg,
i cause several diseases and pain,
i lie at the rear of a motorized vehicle,
i want to commit suicide,
i am none other than a circular exhaust pipe.

Submitted: February 09, 2018

© Copyright 2022 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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