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Story about the lonely boy who has wings.

Submitted: February 09, 2018

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Submitted: February 09, 2018



A group of school students: three girls and one boy, stayed after class to clean up. The guy recently moved, it was his second day at school. The girls decided to tease the newbie. One of them tried to embarrass him and asked if he has a girlfriend.
"I do not know." The guy answered.
"How could you not know that?!" - The girl was surprised. She exchanged glances with the other girls and continued.
"Do you like any of us?" - The other girls, trying to suppress laughter, giggled. - Which one of us you would like to kiss?
"I'm not interested." - He answered melancholy.
The two girls laughed out loud. And muttered "Oh, he is one of those." left the room.
And the third girl came up closer asked: "What did you mean?"
The guy was sitting on the windowsill at the open window looking outside, when she came up, turned his head in her direction. "OK, I'll tell you."

"I have wings. When I was little I spent all day flying. I knew that other people don't have wings, I was not saddened to fly alone. But one day I met a woman who had wings. I was surprised at first, then very happy. I come up to her with my arms spread out and start running around.
"Hi." - She said and laughed.
"Hi." - I said.
"And what is your name?" - The woman asked.
I told her mine name, then she said hers.
She pats my head and continued on her way. I ran after.
"Fly with me" - I asked.
"You fly very well." - She said smiling. - But, I do not know how.
I stopped in surprise.
"I will teach you." - I said seriously.
"Oh! Thank you! But, unfortunately, I do not have such nice wings like you." - She said with a little sad smile.
"Huh, what about these?" - I was surprised and pointed behind her back.
She didn't say any word just smiled and hugged me. Then slowly went away. After a while, she turned around and waved to me.
I took off. Even in spite of a decent distance, I saw an incredible surprise on her face. Then I realized that she did not even know about the existence of her wings. "

After finishing the story, he continued to look at me with anticipation.
"You have a very rich imagination." - It was all what I could squeeze out of myself.
The guy immediately turned away.
The girls returned and we continued cleaning. I Left the class room, closed the door behind me and briefly told them the story. They just laughed.
I returned to the class, at first I did not even notice it was empty. Only the tulle flutter in the wind in front of the open window.
He did not come to school anymore. The teacher said they moved to another city.

A year has passed since that moment. But that story can't get out of my head.
Maybe I have wings I do not even know about too..?

© Copyright 2018 Alex Cat. All rights reserved.

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