The Day The Bins Went Snap

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The Day The Bins Went Snap

Wetherbury was one of those picture-perfect middle class towns. The houses were similar to each other but somehow managed to have their own individuality too. Lawns were kept trimmed, yards were tidied, and the instant something needed painting it was done.

The inhabitants were pleasant and polite. There were no noisy disputes, and any disagreements were kept hidden behind doors. It was an orderly town, a ‘nice’ town, a perfect place for bringing up a family.

The Hunters were a typical Wetherbury family. Alec Hunter worked in a bank, regional manager, no less; while his wife, Amelia, ran her own fashion business, with plenty of help of course. Daniel, eight, and Denise, six, were polite children. They listened to their parents, listened to their teachers, and always did their best.

Strange then, that it should happen there. Alec was standing in the kitchen, placing his cup and plate neatly on the counter to be washed. In one hand he held his briefcase until, snap! It disappeared! The bin had somehow opened and swallowed it whole, then went on to refuse all efforts to open and let him retrieve it.

Amelia came to see what the unusual fuss was about. She stood beside Alec and looked from him to the bin and back again. She placed one hand firmly on the top and pushed. It swung open but only to quickly grab her mobile phone from her other hand. It then snapped closed and refused to budge again.

Daniel and Denise were sent to the school bus stop on the corner alone, while their parents tried to find a way of making the kitchen rubbish bin open without losing anything more to its apparently now untrustworthy mouth.

They had no way of knowing that their predicament was being echoed all around the town. Bags were swallowed, along with laptops and many phones. Letters were lost, important forms were sucked from hands that passed in front of litter bins.

In the stores, whole bags were swallowed by trash cans that never usually had tops but now suddenly did. Sometimes the bags were empty, which was an annoyance; but when the bags were full of purchases, the owners became extremely irate. Normally quiet and friendly Wetherbury was becoming increasingly riotous.

Inside the clean and almost litter-free school the situation was even worse. Young children burst in to tears when they went to put a sweet wrapper in to the bin, only to find the entire bag of sweets being somehow removed from their hands. Lunch boxes were swallowed up, contents included, and the janitor could not keep up with the drink-spills as full cups were sucked straight towards these gaping mouths, slopping out their contents on their way.

Text books were swallowed up, tests were gripped, ripped and eventually devoured. Wetherbury Junior and High Schools, normally seen as exemplary models, were now plunged into becoming settings of tears and tempers. Teachers and Principals struggled to cope until the decision was taken to send all the pupils home early..

Nothing was safe, nowhere was safe. People cowered away from the bins, stuffing any litter in their pockets and leaving it there. The bins themselves seemed to glower menacingly, just waiting for someone to drop their guard and step in to range. The entire town was held to some kind of trash ransom.

Night came early when, as one, the population decided the safest course of action was to retire to bed. At least those that did not have bins in their bedrooms did. Others, well they found a bin-free room and managed the best that they could.

No one knew what to expect the following morning but there was no snapping, no stealing, no attack of the bins. In fact they gave up their contents quite willingly, with not even the slightest of resistance. All was returned, apart from the slopped out drinks, the shredded tests. There was not even a groan when the teachers announced that the tests would have to be given again.

Everything was back to normal in Wetherbury but across town in Lughborougher, where the streets were messy and the people loud, the bins were preparing to ‘Snap!’

Submitted: February 09, 2018

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Jeff Bezaire

What a uniquely entertaining story, Hully. Quirky and fun, odd and intriguing. A fantastic narrative about a fantastic occurrence! It's just one of those thing that will never be explained, like the Dancing Plague of 1518. Hopefully, the people of Wetherbury aren't attacked by killer tomatoes next! :)
Fun stuff, Hully! Truly worthy of B-movie treatment.

Fri, February 9th, 2018 8:09pm


Thanks, Jeff. Sometimes I really get the urge to go with nonsense, or at least to not explain too much. Don't know what inspired it, but I'm glad to know you enjoyed the read!

Fri, February 9th, 2018 12:23pm

Mike S.

Ya got to watch those thieving trash bins--excellent, Hull!

Fri, February 9th, 2018 11:10pm


Thanks for giving this a read, Mike. Glad you enjoyed it.

Sat, February 10th, 2018 1:20am


Such a quirky read, Hully. I love these stories of yours :)

Sat, February 10th, 2018 3:41am


Thanks, jaylisbeth. I've no idea where the idea for this came from so I'm glad that you enjoyed the read.

Sat, February 10th, 2018 3:35am

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