The Magi who could fly

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Hi I'm Emma, I'm what you call a magi. A magic person who could live for more than 1,000 years. And I am the first girl who has wings and be a magi.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - the girl who had no parents

Submitted: February 09, 2018

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Submitted: February 09, 2018




Of the beginning of the most biggest creative story in the world it starts off as there once a little girl who dreamed that everyone could fly. Amazing right?

when she was ten she tried flying with her wings,they were  so big that you could see the tip of them when she placed the wings in.

she is going to jump off the most biggest cliff in the world, the great waterfalls of articles, the most great purest- water and the highest cliff in the world. She jumps right off and then she flies high as she could

“amazing”she said

then she  flew right back to her home,when she got home she saw her parents they looked at her “did you fly”?

“yes”. They all cheered and were overjoyed

they said “could we try”?

“ok we are going right away” she said.


“Amazing”she said “now we can all try”

Now she was 13 years old,every day she went flying with her friends they were overjoyed that they were all flying so happily.

Then when she was 14 years old,she and her parents were in a car crash . It was so sad when her parents

had died.  What a  shame. But people cry and people die.


Hello let me induced myself,my name's Emma, I am the one in this story but if you lived for 300 years you get over dead people. Yes I know we live forever but it is not a gift we see our friends and they die each year,but it’s fine.  

Life is a game but this is for magi the ruler of this earth i'm one of these magis of earth.

We are all in a war the war which will see who is the ruler over humans,even if you don't want to play you have to.

There was already 400 magi who had died over 300 years when I was asleep so that means there is 20 magi left.Sad that a little girl like me has to battle.So very sad. Well at least I get to be the ruler of the humans.What fun.


well I better get up.




At the end of my bed there was a little boy who was staring straight at me.


“Hi I guess?

what are you doing here little boy?”


“Oh sorry my name is Zeka,I am here to team up with you Miss Emma”


What a strange little boy.


“Miss Emma why are you calling me a ‘little boy?’

you are little too”


“Oh so you think I'm little?

funny because I have lived for 400 years kid,but that is not the point,who are you Zeka?”


“Oh i'm a magi just like you but i've lived 200 years a little smaller.”


I jumped up and grabbed the most sharpest thing here.It was a candle holder.


“Oh it's ok i’m not going to kill you,I said ‘I want to team up with you’ to kill the bad magi.”


What a weird---omg who is the kid behind him?

he looks creepy...


“So Zeka,who is the kid behind you?”


“Oh he is a magi too but he can't speak well that’s what I think he was here before me.”


“So um kid behind Zeka,what's your name?”


Oh he’s sleeping?

What a weird kid.

Well I can’t say anything because i'm weird myself,oh crap I think we woke him up.

He started snoring loudly. There was an awkward silence and Zeka and me were staring at him.


“Ok well where shall we go Zeka?

and should we leave him here?”


“Yes we should,we don’t know if he is trying to kill you or not.”


“Okay,well I am going to get dressed really quickly so um...shoo shoo”


I was dressing down,but zeka still had not left.


“Get out!” I screamed


That was close he almost saw me naked.




“Ok i'm ready Zeka,sorry for screaming at you,I don't like when boys are watching me get undressed”


“You are blushing Miss Emma”


“No i’m not,shut up”




When we were outside the boy from the room was standing right in front of us.

“Ah! you scared me kid what’s your name?”


And the kid gave me something a key,when I touched it I had screamed and my body had fell onto the floor,I had blacked out.


/// I woke up ///



“What---What happened?’’


“You screamed and then passed out”


“Where is that kid who gave me that key?”


“I don’t know Miss Emma”


“How long was I passed out?”


“3 days Miss Emma”


“Great,where are we?”


“We are at my house”


“I should have asked this earlier but where are your wings?”


“What do you mean , we don’t have wings”



I have wings,in our town we all have wings,would you like to see my wings Zeka?’’


“Yes Miss Emma,I would love to see your wings’’




I lifted up my big wings they are  black and shine.



“Do like them Zeka?’’


“Yes I do indeed’’


“Well,I’m glad!”


All of a sudden a little girl came in the room and looked surprised as she stared at my wings she dropped clothing that was in her hands onto the ground.


“Who is this Zeka?’’


“Miss Emma this is one of the maids who will take care of you’’


“Ah I see,what is your name maiden?”


“My name is Jenna nice to meet you”


“Hi,my name is Emma,I am a magi with wings,as you can see”


“Hahaha” Jenna started to laugh


“Why is she laughing?”


“I'm sorry you're so funny, can I touch your wings?”


“Yes you can Jenna’’


She touched my wings gently,I don't let people touch my wings often because they have a mind of there own,but for some odd reason they liked her ,my wings...they are moving!


“Everyone move,my wings are going to fly!”


I went right through the roof and with a big boom was in the sky.



s-someone save me!



“Miss Emma!

calm down maybe the wings will stop if you are not so afraid!”




I took a deep breath and with my eyes closed began to calm myself down,and my wings flew right where I was,that was scary,my wings flew...on their own!

What is going on?


“Miss Emma are you ok?”

“Yeah i'm fine Zeka”


Jenna tried to touch my wings again but I jerked back from her with a sudden fear that they would start to fly again.  


“Stop Jenna don’t touch my wings”


“Sorry Emma”


“It’s okay Jenna,just don't do it again”




“Miss Emma,I would like you to meet someone else,so please get your clothes on and meet me in the great hall,Jenna will show you”




“This is your dress Emma”


“Wow it’s great...I guess?”


It looks pretty old fashion and the worst part is it’s red. Just wow.


“Ok i'm done let's go”


“Yes Emma”

“Wow it’s huge on me! But I kinda like it,heh baggy”


“You know you could live here if you wanted to Miss Emma”


“No,I have to go home,where my family is,my flying friends,i'm sorry”


“Ok then we shall go Miss Emma”


“I would have to carry you there because it is up there,in the sky”


“Wow I didn't know,I thought it would be down on earth Miss Emma”


“It’s not Zeka,well we better go now so we can get a head start”


“Ok Miss Emma,so do I hop on your back?”


“you do, Jenna get on my back we are taking off”


“Ok Emma”


All of a sudden the boy from earlier was right on the ground I stopped and turned around.


“You guys it's the boy from earlier, i'm turning around ok zeka”


“Stop,look what he is doing to the maids inside miss Emma”


They were all dropping one by one blood every where.


“Fly go he is coming fly higher Emma"


“Ok here we go”


“Wow the sky is so beautiful and big too amazing, right miss Emma”


“Yes it is zeka, it trully amazing, ok i need you to close your eyes ok”


“Ok miss Emma”


“Ok Emma”


“You can look now we are here”


“Yes miss emma,wow”


“Wow amazing, Emma”


“Ok i just need my stuff and then we can go back,alright?”


“Ok miss emma”


“I’m back let's go”


“Wow that took less than I thought,Emma”


“Well it's a magic bag you would be surprised what's in it, Jenna”


“Well can we go in it miss Emma,it seems fun”


“Fine but you have to stay close ready?

here we go”


All of a sudden we go into my bag with rainbow waves all around us when we jumped in.


“Weeeeeeeeee,Emma this is fun”


“Ok we are here friends, the center of my bag”


“Wow there is so much junk here miss emma.”


“It's not junk its treasure,you idiot”


“Like that,Emma”


“Fine but it’s my stuff so leave me only you guys”


“Ok miss emma”


“Ok you have seen enough so let's go, ok guys ‘’


“ zeka, jenna , touch my hand”


“ ok here we go”


We went back through a rainbow of colors.


“Ok let's go come on”  


“Oh miss emma where's jenna”


Oh crap where is jenna please don't tell me I left her in the bag.


In the bag

“Ok where am i ,emma, master zeka , anyone"


© Copyright 2020 Zeoy. All rights reserved.


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