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Hah. The story of me.

Hello again,


To whomever decides to read my work. 

I want you here, even for the briefest span of time.

Why did you come here? Is this your first time?

Or are you returning?


If you are coming back, then welcome.

I've missed you, I mean it. 

I know I can't text or call you,

Thus, here's my warmest regard.




You are an amazing person.

Kind and sweet and loving.

You deserve the world, not crap.

Especially, if you've received it from some ex.


She's a drifter and a wonderer.

This girl didn't deserve you, or your heart.

Her way is lost and she detonated you.

It honestly, wasn't you.


She fell apart.

From the inside out.

You wanted to be there,

But she forced you to leave.


What the hell, right?

You were supposed to be it.

She even told you so.

Then poof she was gone, again.


Your anger is just.

Understandable to the nth degree.

She hasn't forgotten you.

Or the memories shared.


You are the ultimate gentleman.

Wonderful and perfectly imperfect.

Yet, she felt that it wasn't right.

She wanted to force it so.


It wasn't natural.

Something was off.

She made the call to end it.

You didn't understand.


She was your girl, 

Your future.

You wanted to be her everything too.

The adjustments were noticed.


She tried to be different too.

The familiarity endearing,

Striving to make it,

To be made with you.


She envisioned all of it,

The "Those Rocks",

Mathematical questions,

Parent teacher hilarious debacles.


She wanted it all.

Then her mind flooded.

Crashed and burned,

She couldn't be that girl for you.


The harsh reality scared her.

She was unusually mean to you.

Trying to help you get over her,

Instead of talking to you.


That moment is gone.

Missing your friendship,

Knowing that it won't ever be,

Because it's impossible.


Since you,

She's drifted,

Gotten hurt,

Sought for help.


Hopefully, you are doing well.

You never needed her.

She's so proud of you.

Your life will be the best adventure.


Wishing she could tell you herself.

She's always loved you,

But not the way you needed it.

No apology will ever mend that.


Submitted: February 09, 2018

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