A Pie Lot Of Problems

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Hailey Dean has a problem and needs a pie to solve everything.

Submitted: February 09, 2018

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Submitted: February 09, 2018



­A Pie Lot Of Problems


Portland, June 1987


In a peaceful, quiet morning of a black haired girl slept in her bed; Hailey Dean slowly started waking up for the day. She wasn’t in that big of a hurry since she had the weekend off from her job, Hailey debated with herself whether or not to sleep in longer since it's still quite early on a Saturday.

Wait... why does today feel so important? What could it be that Hailey was forgetting, a holiday, a friend’s birthday, a party? No, none of those were it. What is she not remembering? Finally, decided that she must go look at her calendar instead of trying to use that horrible memory of hers.

“WHAT THE-.” Hailey screamed while looking at today’s date, stopped herself from saying a very bad word as she freaked out.

Looking at the calendar, she remembered the essential event with a near heart attack. Hailey wasn’t one to lose her self-control but tomorrow is going be a significant milestone with her and her boyfriend and she had forgotten completely, not good.

Shawn was going to be so disappointed if she didn’t fix this ASAP. She needed to get a special present, fast. What though? Hailey knew what he wanted but she would need to talk someone first about it. With that she quickly a pair of blue jeans and simple red shirt and ran out the backdoor to where her blue Volkswagen sat. Headed in the direction of the expert.


“Annie Jo, Annie Jo!"

A panicked voice called out through the Colin’s archer. Got the attention of a blonde girl that was busy with her farm duties. Annie Jo looked up at the dirt road and found a familiar blue blur spending towards her.

“What does she want now; can’t she see that I’m busy with the harvest?” Annie Jo mumbled to herself.

“AJ, you got to help me with something!” An out of breath Hailey said, as she to ran to the farmer.

“What is it? I’m kinda busy” Annie Jo replied with a hint annoyance. “I have to get apple picking, if I want to get a head start on the harvest session.” Annie Jo pointed to the area where she had barely made a dent in.

“I know you’re busy but I forget Shawn and I one year anniversary, its tomorrow and I haven’t gotten him anything yet.” Hailey said dropped her well-known cool act.

“Well Hailey, you should have thought about it sooner, I'm not bailing you out like the time you forget his birthday four months ago.” Annie Jo scolded her friend.

“All I need is one your family’s apple pies and I’ll be out of your hair.” Hailey pleaded.

“Oh, is that all? I baked some yesterday for the farmer’s market nest week and put them in the fridge.” Annie Jo said, suddenly had a better mood when the topic of money came up. “Follow me.” Annie Jo said, took her stressed out friend to the main house.


In the kitchen Annie Jo opened the fridge door. “You can take one for five dollars.” Annie Jo said stood behind the door.

“Um, AJ, I don’t know how to tell you this but they are no pies in there.” Hailey said, felt freaked out again as she looked in the empty fridge.

“What are you talking about?” Annie Jo replied confused. “I baked fifteen of them just the other day.”

“AJ, I’m telling you there aren’t any pies in there” Hailey said..

“What the-.” Annie Jo said, she uttered a not very nice word after she finally looked in of vast emptiness of the fridge. “What happened to them? I nearly spent the whole day making them.”

“Well now what am I going to do?” Hailey snapped. Her cool slowing begun to melt away from the nervous tension as she paced around the room, bit her lip, “I can’t give Shawn nothing for our anniversary, he would never forgive me."

“Hailey, calm down, why don’t you just get him a card or something?” Annie Jo suggested. “It’s better than nothing.” She tried to smooth over the anxiety as it started to rub off on her.

“A card, are you freaking kidding me, AJ?” Hailey coldly said as she stopped pacing to give Annie Jo a burning glare. “I rather come to him empty handed then got him a crappy two bit card’.

“Hailey, take a breather.” Annie Jo yelled, fed up with the girl’s terrible attitude. “It’s not my fault that someone ate the pies and you don’t need to be so rude." Annie said. Before Hailey could react a dark cream haired boy entered the kitchen.

“Hey AJ, do you have more of those pies?” Carl asked his girlfriend. Both girls looked another as comprehension dawned on them

“No Carl, actually they’re all gone and we don’t know why. Annie said. “Do you know what happened to them?

”“Uh no, I have no idea what possibly could have happened towith a suspicious expression.“ You ate the pies didn’t you?” Hailey blurted out, she read his guilty face.

Carl nodded. “You ate all fifteen of them by yourself?” Annie Jo asked. A trace of anger was in her voice

“No, Tony and Harry had some too.” He admitted. He ratted out Annie Jo’s brother, Harry and his best friend, Tony. Before fell to his knees, begged for forgiveness. “I’m sorry AJ, we couldn’t help it. Your pies are just so good and we were hungry.”

“You know if you had just asked me I have given you all one." Annie Jo glared at Carl held back from slapping him in the face even though he deserved it. ”Well Carl, you three greedy guts are going make thirty pies in two days." She said, came up with a suited able punishment.

“Aw come on AJ, we can’t do that in two days."

“If I can do fifteen in a day, then you can do thirty in two days. Here’s the recipe.” Annie Jo went to a cupboard. Took a wore out piece of paper and handed it to Carl.

“But why so many, isn’t that kind of nuts?” Carl whined.

“No it’s not and I told you I needed pies for the farmer’s market, plus you’ll have other two people helping you.” Annie Jo sounded like she was at her boiling point.

 “AJ, what about me and Shawn, I still need to get him something.” Hailey asked.

“Oh yeah, I almost forget, Hailey here forget her anniversary with her special someone and needs to a last minute gift.” Annie Jo said. “So make that thirty-one.”

“Couldn’t I just help you with the harvest season instead, I really don’t like cooking. You said you felt over welded ” Carl complained.

Annie glared at him, got right in his face. “Do it.” Carl said nothing but nodded nervously. The farmer turned her attention to her friend again. “Hails, sorry about my-idiot-of-a-boyfriend. He’ll make you one for free of charge, right Carl?”

The boy nodded once more. AJ always scared him when she’s mad, especially when she it’s at him.

“Um AJ, it’s nice of you to get Carl to make me a pie, but it’s not his problem I didn’t get Shawn anything.” Hailey said, felt badly for Carl, who was in a huge heap of trouble. “I think should make it for him and would be more special if I did.”

“You got a fine point there. Well Carl, looks like you caught a break.” Carl’s hopeful expression was crushed as Annie continued. “Now you just need to do thirty, now get the others and get cracking.” Annie Jo said.

Carl sighed in relief and then mouthed a ‘thank you’ to Hailey. With that the boy left the room, eager to find his partners in crime before Annie Jo destroys him.

“Hailey, you know I won’t be able to help to you with the harvest on its way.” Annie said as she grabbed another copy of the recipe from the same cupboard and gave it to Hailey. "Are you sure you’ll be alright?”

“AJ, I’ll be fine, it can’t be that hard. I’ll just follow the directions and it’ll be easy as well, pie.” Hailey laughed at her own corny joke. “Now if you excuse I need to get baking, later.” She opened the door and ran out to her car.


On her way home, Hailey realized that she had no apples. Still in the Fields where no one is about, she parked her car on the dirt path and helped herself some fruit. The Colin’s Family had miles of trees; they weren’t going to notice a few apples missing.

Apples in hand not really stolen since she helped out in the fields enough to warrant a few apples or so she liked to think, Hailey set off again.


A few uneventful minutes later found Hailey coming up onto her house. She entered the building, walked straight to the kitchen, and was beginning to make the necessary preparations when she heard someone knocked on her front door

Hailey grunted, as she hated being forced out of a task, especially this early into it. She headed to the door, opened it see to the lazy eyed mail lady with a letter in hand. Her brown hair was in a ponytail and she smiled at Hailey.

“Hi Hailey, I have mail for you” Debbie said, gave the letter to her.

“Thanks Debbie” Hailey said.

“Something smells good in there.” Debbie commented.

“Oh yeah, I'm cooking up something.” Hailey said.

”What are you making?” Debbie questioned. A hopeful look flitted across her face. “Muffins by any chance?”

“No, it’s a pie for Shawn, our anniversary is tomorrow.” Hailey said.

“That sounds fun.” Debbie scowled. “Wish I could help but I have mail”

“Maybe later, would be nice to hang out. Well I need to get started but I’ll see you around.” Hailey said.

“Bye and happy anniversary” Debbie said.

“Thanks, tell Emma I said hi”. Emma was Debbie’s daughter. Hailey called out to Debbie as she started to make her leave.

“Will do, good luck with the pie!” Debbie shouted back before she disappeared down the road.

“What is with that woman and muffins?” Hailey thought as she closed the door behind her. Hailey examined the envelope and, saw it was from Shawn, tore open the envelope to get at the letter. She took a deep breath before read to herself


“Dear Hailey

I can hardly believe we been together for an amazing year. It seems like yesterday when we really talked for the first time at Harry and Lea’s wedding. As celebration I’m taking out us both to dinner tomorrow to a surprise location. Yes you’ll have to dress up but is it really so wrong of that I want to show off how lucky I am? I’ll pick you up at your house at 7:00.

See you then.

Love Shawn”


Hailey blushed a little as she charged into the kitchen, the letter only making her more determined not to screw up their special day. She remembered how she met Shawn like it was yesterday. As the latter mentioned she met him at Harry and Lea’s wedding. Hailey and Annie Jo were both bridesmaids for their friend. Shawn was the best man. Hailey had met Shawn a few times before. But it seemed that her and Shawn had almost immediate connection, as they danced nearly the whole night.

“Enough reminiscing, you have work to do”. She snapped out of her happy memory.

Hailey started reading the recipe.


“The Colin’s Apple Pie Recipe



Pastry for 2 crusts 8 cups sliced, peeled assorted baking apples - about 3 lbs. (Granny Smith, Cortland, Jonathan)
2 Tablespoons lemon juice
3/4 cup white sugar
1/4 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
2 Tablespoons butter
1 egg yolk
1 Tablespoon milk


1. In a large bowl, toss the sliced apples with lemon juice.
2. Combine sugars, flour, cinnamon and nutmeg; add to apples and toss well to coat.
3. Fill pastry lined 9 inch pie pan with apple mixture and the dot with butter.
4. Place second crust on top of pie filling, cut slits in top of crust to vent. Seal the edges of the crust with a fork or by hand
5. In a small bowl, beat the egg yolk and milk. Brush mixture over top crust.
6. Bake at 425 degrees F for 15 minutes.
7. Reduce heat to 350 degrees F and bake 40-45 minutes more or until crust is golden and filling is bubbly.


Hailey stared dumbfounded at the piece of paper in her hand before shrugged and decided to just wing it. Baking couldn’t be that hard right


Mr Green, the local baker looked up from the cake he was decorating, an angry and confused expression on his face fell on him suddenly.

"Hey honey?" He called to his wife kneading the bread dough, near him. He dropped the bag of icing he weld onto a tray. "On second thought you take care of this while I deal with the dough. I need to hit something."
Hailey was digging through her cupboards as she looked for the ingredients but she quickly hit a few roadblocks. She only had whole-wheat flour and no nutmeg. Hailey let out an irritated groan; this is going to make more work for her. After a moment of thought Hailey shrugged, there wasn’t a lot of nutmeg so it probably didn’t matter and flour was flour right?

Problems solved, Hailey grabbed the ingredients and set them on the counter. Hailey may not have a lot of experience with cooking but she is willing to try for Shawn. She got out a cutting-board and the apples, Cortland if Hailey remembered right, that she “borrowed” from Annie Jo.

Hailey set about the process of peeling, coring and cutting the apples into bite size pieces. She put them in the measuring cup and found to her dismay that she was missing a cup. “Crap, I‘m out of apples, now what do I do?” Hailey thought. “I don’t want to risk AJ seeing me take any more apples; I got lucky the last time.”

Hailey looked around her kitchen but the only other fruit she had some pears in a fruit bowl.

“Close enough, pretty sure he said he liked pears anyway.”

Hailey grabbed a few pears and went back to chopping. One cup of chopped pears later and she tossed the sliced apples and pears into a large bowl along with some limejuice, which was the closest thing that she had to lemons.

“Meh, lemons are overrated.”

She found that had forgotten the sugar Hailey went to get some from the pantry, only to find a small amount of brown sugar. It was a problem she only cared about for a split second before dumping the entire bag in the mix, not even bothering to measure first.

“The more, the better, who doesn’t love sugar?”

Since Hailey didn’t have any nutmeg, she decided to double the cinnamon. How could she add cinnamon if it’s in stick form? Eating cinnamon like that wasn’t the smartest idea, she knew from past experiences. Wait, Hailey had a plan. She went to the garage and took the hammer from the tool rack. She returned, Hailey placed the ten cinnamon sticks on the cutting board. Hailey took the hammer smashed them until they were a dusty powder. Then poured the cinnamon into the bowl along with flour before giving it all a good

Filling done, Hailey realized she hadn't read anything about the crust. A quick search turned up nothing.

'AJ must have forgotten to give me the piecrust recipe.... or maybe I dropped it'. Hailey thought as she looked through the papers again to still find no trace of it. 'I don't have anything like that here.' Then Hailey remembered a convenient fact. “Lea is working today. They have those pre-made crusts you can buy.”


Hailey ran out the backdoor to her car for the third time that day and headed to “Happy Cook Bakery”. Once at the bakery, Hailey entered the building and was immediately greeted by the sight of a short redhead came speeding towards her.

“Hey Hails! Today has been so slow and I was hoping someone would pop in.” Hailey couldn’t get a word in as Lea kept talking. “Hazel didn’t even come by for her usual cinnamon roll and no one else really wants to talk for too long. I'm soooo bored since Harry called and he will be working late. He said something about pies.”

“Lea.” Hailey said to try and get her excitable friend’s attention but Lea kept rambling.

“And I was really hoping Debbie would turn up today as well because I wanted to get her try some cupcakes since they’re like muffins except that they’re cakes as well and she always just eating muffins and nothing else.” The girl went on.

“Lea.” Hailey repeated but had more volume to it.

“Mrs Green always said that too much of a good thing is bad, which really doesn’t make much sense but whenever I try to tell her that she just looks at me like she’s not sure what coloured icing to use for a cake so I just go along with it. Anyway it doesn’t matter since she never showed. Hey we should totally bake cupcakes sometimes. Mr Green has been kneading dough all. He says he needs to get some anger out ” Lea continued her happy rant, oblivious to her friend’s increased frustration.

“LEA.” Hailey shouted, louder then she intended.

“Yes?” The over-hyperactive ­girl said, not the slightest bit phased that Hailey had yelled in her face, a common occurrence at times.

“I uh, can I buy a piecrust please. I'm in a hurry.” Hailey said, a little guilty about shouting but it had snapped Lea out of her rambles.

“Of course silly, why you didn’t just say so’? Lea said. She bounced too and over the counter. She leaned down for a moment before popping back up with a small tube that she gave it to Hailey. “It’s 4 bucks. Why do you need piecrust anyway? I thought you didn’t like cooking.”

“Thanks Lea.” Hailey sighed and explained yet again. “I'm making it for Shawn because tomorrow is our one year anniversary.”

“You’ve been with him that long already?” Lea asked.

“Yes and I really need to get going.” Hailey said, handed over the cash. “So here’s your money.” Lea nodded and smiled while she gave the change .


Once Hailey returned home from the encounter at “Happy Cook Bakery”. She got out the pie tin she thought she would never use. Blew some dust off it, Hailey then opened the package and took the dough out. Hailey eyed the cover, arching an eyebrow at the picture of a chef meticulously spreading the dough.

“Nah.” Hailey crammed most of it into the tin. Massed up the edges then poured the filling in the piecrust. Butter followed in chunks as Hailey double-checked the recipe, or at least she thought it was butter. It smelled a little weird but the container said it was butter so in it went.

Pushed the last of the dough into a circular shape Hailey tried to pick it up and lay it on the pie only to have it tear again and again.

Growing frustrated, Hailey dropped the pieces on top the pie and gave a half hearted attempt at patching them up and shoved it into the oven at 320 degrees. Took a deep breath, she let it out with a relieved sigh. She was finally saved now; all she needed to do now was get the pie out in fifteen minutes.


The Next Day.


Hailey screamed a sentence that she had never uttered her entire life before. If someone were to hear her say that she would be laughed at for sure. Clothes covered her bedroom as she threw the rejections over her shoulder. None of them were suitable for tonight. Shawn would be at her house in less than three hours and Hailey was still in a towel after taking a shower. She had act fast or face embarrassment.

“I know can who can get me a dress.” The tomboy said to herself. Hailey put quickly threw on red t-shirt and blue jeans exited out the backdoor. She hardly uses her front door anymore.


She drove to “Ferris Boutique” her friend owned. Hailey knocked on the door. In seconds, the glamorous young woman, she wore emerald sundress and her honey blonde hair in a tight topknot.  “Hailey, what a pleasant surprise. Do you need something?” Hazel asked in her French accent thick.

 “I need a pretty dress ASAP”, Hailey said. She mentally slapped herself for saying that out loud. She’ll need to punch many holes in a wall for years to make up for this day alone and regain what she lost. “Can you help me out?”

Hazel smiled and dragged her friend in. “Lea told me about you and your boyfriend’s big night, the dear had brought me a cinnamon roll during her break. Congratulations by the way, and I’ve taken the liberty to pick out some dresses so you can make a selection. Oh you just have to let me give you a makeover as well.” Hazel squealed at the last part from over excitement, she led Hailey in to the back where she kept racks of dresses and gestured to one particular rack.

“Pick any one you like.” Hazel finished. Hailey took a moment to process what was happening. She and Hazel had always gotten along when Hazel first moved here from Paris while they both in high school.  She had no clue that Hazel had devoted quite a bit of her time with just a possibility of helping. It made Hailey feel a bit guilty for waiting till the last minute. Next year she would have to step it up and not run around town like chicken with it’s head cut off.

“Thanks Hazel, for doing this. Let me have a look around.” Hailey said. As she expected each and every dress looked like an almost perfect fit. They were all nice but Hailey was having a hard time imagining wearing any of them. Feeling desperate Hailey hurried through the last rack and almost missed one that caught her eye.

She reached out and felt the softness of the fabric before she showed Hazel her selection. “I’ll take this one.”


-Later that day-

“Knock, knock"


Hailey went to the door and opened it to a certain tall man in a grey suit. His usual spiked up black hair was smoothed down to a slick hairstyle. He even had a black tie on and bouquet of red roses, how sweet! Hailey wasn’t underdressed either. She was wearing a bright purple floral lacy dress that she had selected to Hazel's great delight. Her hair was actually brushed and had been curled for the occasion, something else Hazel had helped with.

Hailey owed her big time for her kind deed.

“Hails, you look beautiful.” Shawn said, admired his smoking hot girlfriend while giving her the flowers.

“Thanks, you don’t look so bad yourself.” Hailey blushed; he’s such a charmer. “Want to come in, I got something for you.” He gave her a passionate kiss on the lips before entering the house,


Hailey lead him into the kitchen. She got the pie from the fridge and placed it in front of him at the table.

“Whoa, did you make this?” Shawn said. Though excited at first he couldn't help but feel a little apprehensive. Hailey's cooking history was filled with many sad tales. Still, it didn't look that bad....

“Yeah, it’s an apple pie, your favourite. Want a slice?” Hailey asked.

“Why not, thanks babe.”

Hailey went to get a knife and plate. She cut him a piece and handed it to him along with a fork. He grabbed the fork and shoved a big chuck of the pastry into his mouth. He immediately regretted it; it was one of the nastiest things he ever tasted and it was definitely the worse pie, it tasted rancid aftertaste and the crust had a rubbery quality that told him it was pre-made.

He hated that stuff, something no self-respecting baker would use. It was also undercooked and Shawn tasted like it had a different kind of fruit in it when it should just be an apple pie He could have easily gagged right there and then. He’s a good sport however and he swallowed it; resistied the temptation to spitting it out in a napkin. Coughing a little he looked up to see Hailey was staring at him with a hopeful smile.

“I hope you like it; I spent the whole day making it for you.” Hailey said, unintentionally guilt tripping him. He had to eat it all now. But maybe he could get out of this.

“Yeah it's 'cough' great.” Shawn lied as he put another bite in his mouth, not wanting to hurt her feelings. “Where did you get the recipe”?

“It’s from Annie Jo, but I had to change some things since I didn’t have everything needed.” Hailey answered proudly. “It’s kind of a funny story, I’ll tell you about it later.”

“Like what exactly?”

“Like I had to no lemons so instead I used limes.” Hailey said. “Are you going finished that?” She pointed to the half-eaten pie.

“I uh, don’t want to spoil my appetite for dinner.” Shawn said. “We should probably get going now, it’s a long drive.”

“Sure, where are we going anyway?” Hailey asked. Finding it a little bit weird that he hadn't finished his pie by now. She once saw him eat a pie in under a minute.

“To a new place called “The English Gentleman.” Shawn said. “It opened up last month”.

“Sounds swanky. I’ll just put your pie in the fridge and you can take it home later.”

“Yeah, take it and throw it right in the garbage can.” Shawn thought. “Sure, thanks babe. We should probably get going now.” The couple left the building. Shawn silently vowed to never eat another pie that Hailey made. 



© Copyright 2018 Maggie Love. All rights reserved.

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