The Boy From My Summers

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Emma spent each summer in South Carolina with her Grandparents. Now her Grandparents have passed and left the place to her. After a horrible divorce she decides to move back. She instantly falls
hard for Liam, the boy from her summers. Now many obstacles threaten to tear them apart. Will their love make it through?

Table of Contents

Chapter One

As I drove down the long gravel road with the windows rolled down I took in the silence around me. It had been nearly three years since I... Read Chapter

Chapter Two

When I pulled up to the Jordan's home I was amazed by the decorations. Laney currently has her own business that she just started this ye... Read Chapter

Chapter Three

When I pulled up at the house Zack was at his truck getting their suitcases out the back. I get out and race towards the house, eager to ... Read Chapter

Chapter Four

I woke to someone carrying me up the stairs. I opened up my eyes to see Liam holding me. I nestled my head up against his chest and prete... Read Chapter

Chapter Five

The next morning I awake feeling refreshed. I check my phone beside me and notice its 10 in the morning. My phone has two missed calls fr... Read Chapter

Chapter Six

I started helping Laney with her party planning business. I guess you could say I was her assistant. She had a small office a few miles f... Read Chapter

Chapter Seven

When I get back home I can't sit down I'm so upset. Then I make the decision. I pull out my suitcases and start packing. I needed to get ... Read Chapter

Chapter Eight

I spend time mostly to myself going to various places and hangouts I use to go too. I run in to a lot of people from school and make smal... Read Chapter

Chapter Nine

I run out the guest house and into my parents house. They are both in the kitchen talking and stop to stare at me. I realize I might poss... Read Chapter

Chapter Ten

When I arrived at the airport the next flight wasn't for another hour so I sat and waited. I thought about how bad I screwed up with Matt... Read Chapter

Chapter Eleven

I was lost in a dream. My dad was walking me down the aisle and the wedding dress I was wearing was beyond gorgeous. It hugged my body in... Read Chapter

Chapter Twelve

I knew this was some sort of mistake. Maybe I misunderstood. I had just left him and he was fine. There's no way. “Nana I was just ... Read Chapter

Chapter Thirteen

We were finally told we could go back and see Liam and were ushered to a different waiting area where there was only a couple of people. ... Read Chapter

Chapter Fourteen

I woke to my phone ringing. I jumped up to reach for it but a wave of dizziness hit me hard. I steadied myself and then felt like I was g... Read Chapter

Chapter Fifteen

Liam was released the next afternoon. We took him home and I catered to his every wish. I was so happy to have him that I would have move... Read Chapter

Chapter Sixteen

November 19th came. Stacy sent a text letting us know she would call when the baby was born. She talked to the doctor and he said they co... Read Chapter

Chapter Seventeen

It's been three days since Liam has taken the tests. We still haven't heard from the hospital and Stacy hasn't either. I make myself ... Read Chapter

Chapter Eighteen

Laney was serious when she said she was on it. The next day Mom and I took Dad to the airport. Liam and Travis were already getting fitte... Read Chapter

Chapter Nineteen

The next day Liam decides to go to work for Mr. Odom again. I take him and drop him off so I know he makes it there okay. We kiss goodbye... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty

I saw the blue and red lights reflecting in the glass. Laney lets me go and hops out. She tells the policeman whats going on. I look in t... Read Chapter

Chapter Twenty One

“I'm so glad it still fits. I was so worried.” I said as I looked at myself in the mirror. Laney is on a headset talking to someone a... Read Chapter

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