Save by my Imaginary Friend

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Kyle, Shawn, Jordan, Jason, and David make plans to rescue Emily and her friends

Chapter 12 (v.2) - A New Rescue Plans

Submitted: March 17, 2018

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Submitted: March 17, 2018



Chapter 12

“Kyle, Kevin is taking the girls somewhere else.  We have to hurry before Kevin leave,” Cassie says. Kyle drove as fast as he can to rescue the girls. Kyle call Jordan to see where he was at. “I am almost at Kevin’s cabin,” Jordan told Kyle. “I am already in Kevin’s cabin but there no one there. Kevin must have left early,” Kyle says. “Does Cassie have any ideas where Kevin might have gone?” Jordan asks Kyle. “No, I am going to start driving around the highway to see if I can see them,” Kyle said.

Emily is hoping that Cassie and Kyle would find her and her friends. “Where are we going, Kevin?” Emily asks. “I want you to start calling me dad,” Kevin told Emily. “Dad, where are we going?” Emily asks. “We are going somewhere far where no one can find us,” Kevin says. Emily saw a car behind them. Kevin was getting angry. “I HOPE THAT NOT KYLE AND JORDAN FOLLOWING US. WHY CAN THEY LEAVE US ALONE!” Kevin scream.

Kyle was following Kevin but notices that Kevin was going faster. “Kevin must have figure how we are following him,” Kyle told Cassie.  “Kyle, you need to stop following Kevin,” Cassie says. “If we stop following Kevin we will lose him,” Kyle says. “We will not lose him because I already know where he is going. If we keep following him we will lose him,” Cassie says.

“What is going on, Kyle? Why are you turning around? We are going to lose Kevin if we stop following him,” Jordan asks. “Kevin know we are following him, Cassie told me to stop following Kevin. Cassie knows where Kevin is going,” Kyle told Jordan. “I hope you are right Kyle,” Jordan says. “Kevin’s dad has another house that no one knew about.  The house is in Cape May New Jersey. Kevin’s dad had work in New Jersey and he bought a house to stay in while he was working,” Cassie told Kyle. Kyle gives Jordan, Shawn, Jason, and David the address to the house.


“Do not worry Emily we know where Kevin is going and we are going to try to get there before Kevin does,” Cassie told Emily telepathically. Emily was happy. It starts raining and storming so bad Kevin could not see the road so he stops at a park until the rain stop. Kevin turn on the radio to see when the storms are going to stop. Kevin was worry that Jordan and Kyle would find them but there has been no sign of them following him. Emily and her friends went to sleep while they were at the park.

“Kyle has been driving for hours and became tired. Kyle knew he could not stop and rest because he was afraid he might lose Kevin. Kyle stops at Starbucks to get some coffee to wake up. Kyle saw Jordan and Shawn pull up to Starbucks. “Kyle, you look tired,” Shawn says. “I am tired,” Kyle says.  “Do you want me to go with you so I can drive?”  Shawn asks. “I could rest my eyes for a while. We have a long drive ahead of us do you think Jordan will be ok driving by himself?” Kyle asks. “Richard Tyler came with us. Jordan thought after seeing Kevin turn into the beast we need all the backup we could use. “Richard is driving with Jordan so Jordan will be fine,” Shawn says.

Emily woke up when she saw Kevin stopping at this house. “This is our new home,” Kevin replied. Emily and her friends got to share a room. Emily was glad she was sharing a room with her friends.  “Are you girls hungry?” Patricia asks. “Yes, we are,” Emily and her friends answers. Patricia cooks a big meal. Emily and her friends eat all their food even though they were not hungry. They knew that Patricia would become angry if they did not finish their food. The girls went to bed.

The next day Kyle and Shawn make it to Kevin’s house. Kyle found Emily and her friends. “Girls are you ok?” Kyle asks. “Yes, we are,” Emily answers. “Where is Kevin?” Shawn asks. “We do not know because we just got up,” Emily replied. “You girls stay here.  Shawn and I are going to look for Kevin,” Kyle replied. Kyle saw Kevin and he already turns into the beast. Jordan and Richard came rushing in. The beast came running toward them when he felt the same arm grab him. Shawn uses his healing abilities to hurt him. The Beast pass out. They call Jason and David. Jason and David took Kevin back to the mental hospital. Kyle and Shawn took the girls back home. Emily was glad to be home with her aunt. Emily talk to her parents for hours on the phone.

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