Save by my Imaginary Friend

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Emily and friends go back their normal life but Emily finds something in her backpack.

Chapter 13 (v.2) - The Surprise in Emily's Packback

Submitted: March 22, 2018

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Submitted: March 22, 2018



Chapter 13

Kevin was brought back to the mental hospital where he was getting medication shot to control his personalities. Shawn would also go to the hospital use his healing abilities on Kevin. Jason got more bodyguards to watch Emily and the neighborhood. Jason was hoping that Kevin would not escape again. Jason also told Emily’s parents it is still not safe for them to come back to the state. Lucy and Jack stay where they were at.

Emily, Candy, and Kate all went back to school a week after they return home and all their classmates were happy to see them. Kate’s parents are throwing her another party. Kate is wanting to have her party at home because she still afraid Kevin would escape. Kate’s parents understood their daughter’s fear. Emily was glad that Kate is having her party at her house. Emily went to visit Candy. “Candy, I am sorry that Kevin kidnapped you and Kate,” Emily replied. “Emily, you have nothing to be sorry about because it was not your fault,” Candy replied. “Are we still friends?” Emily asks Candy. “Yes, we are. Kate and I do not blame you. I want to thank you because Kevin could have kill Kate and me. You save our lives,” Candy replied.

The medication was making Kevin depressed but the doctors keep giving him the medication. Jason went to talk Dr. Burkhoff. “Dr. Burkoff, do you think that Kevin could escape again?” Jason asks. “I do not know. Kevin has been depressed and asking for Emily. I have seen no sign of Kevin’s other personalities,” Dr. Burkhoff answers Jason. “I hope Shawn had healed Kevin from his mental illness,” Jason replied. “I do not think that Shawn healing abilities are enough to heal Kevin,” Dr. Burkhoff replied.  Jason went to visit Kevin but he was asleep. Jason went back home.


Emily’s parents send her some money to buy whatever she wants. Emily got some PlayStation 4 games. Emily invites Candy and Kate to play the games with her. Kate’s party was going be in two weeks. Emily was looking forward to the party. One of the bodyguards watching Emily name was Tim Benson. Tim have telepathically abilities. Tim is driving Emily to the party.

The next day at school Emily learns that her class is taking a field trip to the state fair. “I cannot wait until we go to the fair. You are going to have fun Emily because our state fair has all kind of rides and games. I like the haunted house,” Candy told Emily. Emily was looking forward to going on the field trip. Emily has never been to a fair. “Aunt Lisa, Can I go to the school field trip?” Emily asks. “Yes, you can go because Jason got more bodyguards for you,” Lisa answers.

The school’s field trip would be in a month. Emily was doing her homework when Kate came to visit.  “My dad is buying Skyline Movie theatre. The owner is moving to Florida and buying another movie theatre there. I am having my party at the movie theatre,” Kate told Emily. “What movie are we going to watch?” Emily asks. We are watching The Hobbit,” Kate answers. “I read the book and I really enjoy reading it,” Emily replied. “Have you read Alice Through the Looking Glass? Kate asks. “Yes, I have and I read The Wizard of Oz,” Emily replied. “I watch the movies too,” Kate replied.

After Kate left Emily went to finish her homework and read her book A Little Princess. Emily was thinking about doing a book report on A Little Princess. Emily was looking through her backpack when she saw her neckless that she was forced to leave at the cabin. Emily got scared. “Aunt Lisa!” Emily yell. “What is it, Emily?” “I found my neckless in my backpack. Kevin made me leave this neckless in the cabin. I do not know how it got in my backpack,” Emily replied. “Emily, Kevin is in the mental hospital so do not worry. Kevin might have put your neckless back in your backpack before you left the cabin. I will call Jason to see if Kevin is still in the mental hospital,” Lisa replied. Emily was still worried. Emily believes that Kevin is going to escape again. Emily is wondering when she will be able to live a normal life.

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