Save by my Imaginary Friend

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Lisa is upset because Kevin has phone rights to call Emily

Chapter 14 (v.2) - Kevin's Rights

Submitted: March 22, 2018

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Submitted: March 22, 2018



Chapter 14

Emily was still scared but kept her fear to herself. Emily tells Jordan about the neckless. “Do you think Kevin would escape again?” Emily asks Jordan. “I do not know Emily. I think you should let me have the neckless so I can have someone look at it to see if there is a tracking device on it,” Jordan replied. Emily gives the neckless to Jordan without question.  Jordan has someone look at the neckless to see if there was a tracking device on it but they did not find anything. Jordan was wonder what Kevin was trying to tell Emily and when did he put the neckless in her backpack.

Kate’s party was today and Kevin was still in the mental hospital. Emily got ready and Kate’s driver already pulls up to the driveway. Shawn and Kyle check the driver out to make sure he was not Kevin. After they clear the driver Emily and Kate left to pick up Candy. Thirty kids to Kate’s party. Kate got a lot of gifts. Emily have fun watching the movies. After the party, Emily and Candy spend the night at Kate’s house.

Emily went back home the next day. Emily finishes her homework and watches TV. While watching TV Emily saw the news talking about Kevin’s trial. The prosecutor wants Kevin to get the death penalty for his crimes. Kevin’s victims’ family thought that Kevin should get the death penalty too. Emily changes the channel because she did not want to watch the news.

Cassie came to visit Emily. “I am glad to see you, Cassie,” Emily replied. I am happy to see you too. I guess you heard that Kevin spend the rest of his life in a mental hospital,” Cassie told Emily. No, I have not heard anything,” Emily replied. The doctors are making Kevin take his medication,” Cassie replied. “Well, I hope he gets better,” Emily replied. “I heard you make a lot of friends at school. I am so proud that you are leaving the house and I am sure your parents are proud too,” Cassie replied. “I miss them,” Emily replied. “I know you miss them but it is not safe for them to be around you. If Kevin escape he could kill them,” Cassie replied.

“So, you think Kevin could escape?” Emily asks Cassie. “Yes, I do,” Cassie replied. “I hope he does not escape because I am afraid of him,” Emily replied. “You do not have to worry about Kevin because you have a lot of bodyguards and the bodyguards are being more careful who they let in the house,” Cassie replied. “I hope your right,” Emily replied. After Cassie left Emily went back to watch TV. The phone ring while Emily was watching TV. Emily answers the phone. “Hello, who is this,” Emily replied. “Emily, I am glad you answer the phone. Your aunt answers last time and she was rude. Kevin replied.

“Kevin, how are you able to talk on the phone?” Emily asks. “The doctors let me talk on the phone,” Kevin replied. “Kevin, you are not allowed to call me,” Emily replied. “I can call anytime I want. BY THE WAY, STOP CALLING ME KEVIN. I WANT YOU START CALLING ME DAD,” Kevin yelled. Ok, I forgot,” Emily replied. “We going to be a family again I promise you that,” Kevin replied. Kevin hung up the phone. Emily rushes to tell her aunt. Lisa call Jordan told him that Kevin call Emily.

“How can Kevin be able to use the phone in the mental hospital?” Lisa asks Jason. “The patients have rights to use the phone,” Jason replied. “You mean that Kevin can call Emily anytime he wants?” Lisa asks. “I am afraid so. The only way could get Kevin to stop calling if you put a restraining order on him. Kevin can argue he has rights to call Emily because he is her father. There might be a chance the courts would agree with the argument because people in prison still have rights to their kids,” Jason replied. “How can an evil man have any rights?” Lisa asks. “Kevin also got a lawyer. Kevin’s lawyer is trying to get him out of the mental hospital,” Jason replied. “You got be kidding what judge or jury would allow that evil murder to go free,” Lisa replied angrily. “Kevin does have a good lawyer. Kevin’s lawyer is Charles Parkers. Charles help get a lot of people out prison. Charles is one of the richest lawyers in the country.

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