Save by my Imaginary Friend

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Lisa and Emily have not heard from Kevin in a year. Lisa hope they can live a normal life. Emily's dad Jack have a car accident

Chapter 15 (v.2) - The Accident

Submitted: April 02, 2018

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Chapter 15

Lisa was still upset that Kevin could call Emily. Lisa went to talk to a lawyer. The lawyer she went to talk was Jason’s brother Victor Anderson. “My brother told me that you need to put a restraining order against Emily’s biological father Kevin Wendel Crumb,” Victor replied. “Yes, I do Mr. Anderson,” Lisa replied.

“It is not going to be easy, but I will do what I can,” Victor replied. “I hope you can get the restraining order because this man is upsetting Emily,” Lisa replied. “The good thing is that the court will not force Emily to talk to Kevin even if we not able to get a restraining order,” Victor replied. “I am glad to hear that because I do not think Emily should be forced to speak to a man she is afraid of,” Lisa replied. “You can change your phone number and the number unlisted,” Victor replied.

Lisa had the phone number changed and put unlisted. Lisa told Emily not be given out their phone number. Emily’s school field trip was tomorrow. Kevin was still locked up and have not tried to call. Lisa was glad, and she was hoping that they could go back to their normal life. Lisa was still scared, but she felt better that Kyle and Shawn lived next door.

Emily was getting ready to go on her field trip. Her aunt packed her a good lunch for her field trip. Emily’s parents sent her some money and her aunt give her some money too. The kids’ parents or guardians could meet them at the fair.

The fair was big and had a lot of rides. The food was great. Emily and her friends really had fun. Emily won a Kindle Fire at the contest they were having. Candy won a PlayStation 4. Kate won an IPAD. Jordan was thrown the contest. Emily also won a Coca-Cola cake at the cake walk.

It has been a year since Kevin got caught and put back into the mental hospital. Emily has not heard from Kevin in a year. Emily was happy because Jordan told her that it would be safe for her parents to come to visit. Emily could not wait to see her parents. Jordan told her that her parents will be coming to visit in a month.

Lisa was working on her writing when Jordan came in. “What is going on?” Lisa asked. “Kevin has been taken his medication and doing what the doctors say,” Jordan replied. “Do you think Kevin could be tricking the doctors, so he can escape?” Lisa asked. “I believe there a good chance he has tricked the doctors, but I cannot say I know for a fact,” Jordan replied.

“I also have some bad news Lucy and Jack will not be able to visit until three months because Jack was injured in a car accident,” Jordan replied. “Is Jack going to be ok?” Lisa asks. “Yes, Jack is going to be ok but his injuries are really bad. Jack has to have surgery on his leg. Jack also have to have physical therapy, so it might be more than three months until Jack and Lucy could come to visit,” Jordan replied.

After Jordan left Lisa went to look for Emily. “I have some bad news your parents are not coming to visit in a month because your dad has to have leg surgery. Your dad was in a car accident but he is going to be ok,” Lisa replied. “Will my parents still come to see me?” Emily asked. “Yes, I just do not know when they will be coming,” Lisa replied.  “I just hope my dad is going to be ok,” Emily replied. “Do not worry your dad is fine,” Lisa replied.

Emily was disappointed because she has not seen her parents for a while but was glad that her dad was doing ok. Candy came to visit. “What is the matter, Emily?” Candy asked. “My dad was in a car accident,” Emily replied. “Is your dad going to be ok?” Candy asks. “Yes, he is. My dad just needs surgery on his leg and have to go to physical therapy,” Emily replied.

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