Save by my Imaginary Friend

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Kevin make a new friend in the mental hospital who help him escape

Chapter 16 (v.3) - A Hard Challenge

Submitted: April 06, 2018

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Submitted: April 06, 2018



Chapter 16

Emily got to talk to her parents on the phone. “Your aunt told us that you have been doing good at school,” Jack replied. “Yes, have been making A’s in all my classes,” Emily replied. “Your mom and I are so proud of you. I hope you continue to do good, but do not stress yourself out. Your mom and I are proud of you as long as you are trying. I have to go, Emily, my doctor is telling me I need to rest. We will call you next week,” Jack replied.

Emily got ready for bed. Emily read her Lord the ring book, than went to sleep. The next day when Emily went to school. The school held an award ceremony. Emily won a lot of awards. The honor students would get to go to New York to receive another award and other prizes. The honor students also get to stay The Plaza Hotel all expenses paid. Emily will be going to New York for her summer break.

Kate makes it for honor roll and she will be going to New York too. Candy did not make it for honor roll, she will not be able to go to New York, but her mom is going to take her to New York when Emily and Kate are going with the school. Lisa took Emily and her friends to celebrate. They went out to eat and went to the movies to watch the Hobbit. They also went to the bookstore. Emily got the Jungle Book and The Man in the Iron Mask.

The next day Lisa was busy making dinner for Emily when Jordan come by. “I have some news about Kevin. The court is allowing Kevin to go to a lower secure mental hospital since he has been cooperating with the doctors,” Jordan replied. “I do not like this Jordan. I do not think Kevin should be trusted. Kevin could escape again,” Lisa replied angrily. “I know but do not worry Jason, David, and Richard are watching the mental hospital,” Jordan replied.

Lisa did not want to tell Emily, but she did tell the school. Lisa also told both Kate and Candy’s parents about Kevin. Lisa was still worried that Kevin would escape. Lisa knew Emily would be safe. It already March 20, 2016. Emily was already off for spring break.

Emily wishes her parents could come during her spring break, but her dad is still recovering and have not started his physical therapy yet. Kevin has not tried to escape at the other mental hospital. Emily was looking forward to going to New York. Emily has been saving her money for the trip. Emily’s parents were still given her money too, but she still is wanting to save her money to buy gifts.

Candy told Emily that her mom was taken, her to see a Broadway play. The play was Beauty and the Beast. “I cannot believe you get to see Beauty and the Beast,” Emily replied to Candy. “Is your class going to see a Broadway play?” Candy asks Emily. “Yes, we are going to see Peter Pan,” Emily replied.  “I saw that play and I really enjoy it,” Candy replied.

When Emily got home she finished her homework and read the Time Machine. After Emily finished with her reading she watches the movie, Pollyanna. When Emily’s aunt got home they went to the library. Emily returned her book and got The Little Princess and The Three Musketeers. Emily read The Little Princess until she went to bed.

Jordan was working on his paperwork when Tom Baldwin call. “Jordan, Kevin escape again. A mental patient named Paul Edwards escape and help others mental patients to escape. Kevin was one of the patients Paul help. Paul has telepathic abilities which are going to be hard if he is helping Kevin. Paul would know when we are close by,” Tom replied.

Jordan went to see Lisa, Kyle, and Shawn.  “Kevin had escaped again and this time Kevin have someone helping him. The man who is helping Kevin named is Paul Edward and he has telepathic abilities. We have to be really careful. Kyle and Shawn are going with Emily to her field trip. David Dunn and Richard are also going to follow the school bus. David also has telepathic abilities, so he would know when someone is following the bus. We do not know what Kevin and Paul are planning, but we have to be prepared,” Jordan replied.


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