Save by my Imaginary Friend

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David Dunn and Captain Jason Anderson are trying figure out who would want to kidnap Emily.

Chapter 2 (v.2) - The Theories of Suspects

Submitted: February 12, 2018

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Submitted: February 12, 2018



Chapter 2

Emily woke up in a room that was very cold. Emily was very scared because she did not know where she was. She also did not know why Kevin kidnapped her. Emily was also wondering where Kevin was. Emily legs hurt really bad. “Hello, Kevin why are you doing this?” Emily cry. Nobody answers. There was just silence. Emily did not know what to do and start to cry nonstop. “Emily stop crying, I am here,” Emily heard Cassie said. “I will help you get out of here, but you have to speak me telepathically because we do not want Kevin to hear us,” Cassie told Emily. “Cassie, I thought you would never show up and I was scared,” Emily says.

Emily heard Kevin coming and she was scared. “I am glad you are up,” Kevin says. “Why are you doing this? Are you planning on killing me?” Emily asks. “No, I am not going to kill you but you have to promise you will not try to escape,” Kevin says. “Will you kill me if I did try to escape?” Emily asks. “No, I am hoping you will not try to escape. I got you something to eat,” Kevin says. After Kevin left, Emily starts calling Cassie telepathically. “I am here Emily,” Cassie says. “When do you think it will be safe to escape?” Emily asks. “I do not know when it will be a good time to make an escape because Kevin has not left the house. We cannot try to escape while he in the house we have waited until he leaves,” Cassie says.

Emily ate the food that Kevin brought her. “Why is Kevin doing this Cassie?” Emily asks. “I do not know why Emily. The most important thing to think about right now is trying figure out a way to escape. Emily why don't you go to sleep and get some rest because we will not be able to escape tonight,” Cassie says. It did not take too long for Emily to go to sleep. “Emily wake up!” Kevin is yelling and shaking Emily. “What Kevin I am trying to sleep,” Emily says. “Ok I am just wanting to make sure you were ok,” Kevin says. Emily was still wondering why Kevin was doing this. Cassie has been gone for hours and Emily was scared. Emily was still able to go back to sleep. When Emily woke up, she saw Cassie is sitting in the next bed.

Lucy and Jack worried about Emily. They were not mad at their driver Ray. Ray felt guilty and wish he would watch Emily better. David Dunn came walking in. “Mr. and Mrs. Brooks, my name is David Dunn. I heard what happen to your daughter and I would like help find her,” David says. “Thank you we appreciate any help we can get,” Lucy says. “Do you have any ideas who might want to kidnap Emily?” David asks. “The only person we can think of is Emily's biological father. Emily's biological father was put in a mental hospital not long after she was born,” Jack says. “Do you know his name?” David asks. “No, social worker never told us who Emily's biological parents were,” Lucy answers.

David Dunn walks up to the police captain Jason Anderson. David knew Jason Anderson for 17 years. David has been helping the police with cases for years. “Jason, do you have any ideas who might have kidnapped Emily?” David asks. “No, we are trying to find out who is Emily's biological father but the social workers are saying that those files are confidential, so we are going to have to get a subpoena to get those files. It takes 48 hours or longer to get a subpoena,” Jason says. “I might be able to help. I will go to the gas station and will take Brooks' driver Ray with me to see if he can remember anything,” David says.

“Thank you, David, that will really help me out because I have a big workload with this case,” Jason says. “No problems Jason. I do whatever I can to help,” David says. David and Ray went to the gas station. The only thing Ray remembers is that someone took the car key from his pocket without him noticing. “Ray, do you not remember anyone behind you or following you while you were paying for the gas?” David asks. “No, I wish I did. Whoever kidnaps Emily must have been planning this for a while,” Ray says. David got an idea and call Jason. “Hey, Jason, was Emily Brooks' one of Dr. Fletcher's patients?” David asks. “Yes, she was. I know where you are going with this. You think Kevin Wendell Crumb or another patient of Dr. Fletcher might have kidnapped Emily,” Jason says. “You did say that Emily's biological father was in a mental hospital so Emily's biological father might have been one of Dr. Fletcher's patient,” David says.






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