Save by my Imaginary Friend

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Emily learns the truth about her real parents

Chapter 4 (v.2) - The Truth

Submitted: February 16, 2018

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Submitted: February 16, 2018



Chapter 4

The police could not find Kevin anywhere. Lucy and Jack were upset and they were scared that Kevin would try to kidnapped Emily again. Lucy and The police could not find Kevin anywhere. Lucy and Jack were upset and they were scared that Kevin would try to kidnapped Emily again. Lucy and Jack went to the police station. “Captain Anderson do you have any lead on where Kevin might be?” Lucy asks. “No, I do not and I wish I did. We will find Kevin so do not worry. We will spare as many police we can to watch your house,” Jason told Lucy. “I just do not understand why Kevin would kidnap Emily,” Lucy says. “The social workers told us who Emily parents are. Emily's parents' names are Mia Watson and Kevin Wendell Crumb,” Jason says. “So, that why Kevin kidnapped Emily. Why did the social workers take Emily away from her biological parents?” Lucy asks. “Emily's biological parents both were in the mental hospital. Emily biological mother died of a brain tumor and Kevin was not able to take care of Emily.

“Dr. Karen Fletcher is the one that told the court that Kevin was unfit to take care of Emily,” Jason told Lucy. “Do you think that is why Kevin killed Dr. Fletcher because he blames her for losing his daughter?” Lucy asks Jason. “No, I do not think that is the reason that Kevin killed Dr. Fletcher. I do not think Kevin was in his right mind when he killed Dr. Fletcher,” Jason says. “I do not understand why the social worker did not tell us that Emily's biological father was seeing the same psychologist that she was. Did Dr. Fletcher knew that Emily was Kevin's daughter?” Lucy asks. “I do not know Mrs. Brooks,” Jason answers.

Emily was reading her book The Secret Garden. She was glad to be home. Emily's doctor came to see her at the house since her parents were too scared to let her go outside. Emily did not mind to stay in the house. Rose knock on Emily's door. “Come in,” Emily told Rose. “Someone sends you a letter,” Rose says. Emily opens the letter. “We will be a family again. The police cannot watch you forever. I am your father I have a right to see you,” Kevin wrote.

Emily was crying uncontrollably when her parents came home. “What the matter Emily?” Lucy asks. “You are not my real parents. I got this letter from Kevin,” Emily show her parents. “Emily I am so sorry we should have told you but we were scared. It is true that we are not your biological parents but we did not know Kevin was your father until now. We love you Emily and nothing is going to change that. We just hope you are not angry with us,” Jack says. “I am not angry with you and mom I just scared. Kevin is still planning on kidnapped me,” Emily says. “Do worry Emily the police are watching the house and there no way Kevin could break in the house,” Lucy says.

Emily was still worried. “Cassie, do you think that Kevin could break into this house?” “No, you are safe just do not go outside,” Cassie says. “Do not worry I won't,” Emily says. Emily was watching TV when she heard Rose yelling on the phone. “Miss Emily is not here so leave her alone! The Brooks are Emily's parents. If you really care for Emily you will leave her alone and turn yourself into the police,” Rose says. Rose hung up the phone and saw Emily listening. “Honey, I am sorry you have to hear that but do not worry the police will catch him soon,” Rose says.

Lucy and Jack had their phone number change. “I thought we should move or maybe Emily could go stay with my sister,” Lucy says. “I think Emily is safe here. Emily has more protection than the president does,” Jack says. "I hope you are right Jack because I am scared,” Lucy says. “Do not worry. I am going to hire some bodyguards to stay in the house,” Jack says. Lucy went to check on Emily who was fast asleep.

Emily's birthday was one week away. Emily was born December 6, 2005. Emily's Uncle Will came to visit. Uncle Will hired a clown for Emily's party. “Will, I do not like a stranger coming inside the house especially with Kevin Wendell Crumb on the loose,” Jack says. “Do not worry brother Steven will not put on the makeup until he gets inside the house that way the police will know he is not Kevin Crumb,” Will says.




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