Save by my Imaginary Friend

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Kevin kidnapped Emily again

Chapter 5 (v.3) - The Kidnapped Plan

Submitted: March 01, 2018

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Submitted: March 01, 2018



Chapter 5

Jack still wants to interview Steven before letting him in his house.  Jack also want the guards to meet and study Steven. Jack did not want to take any chances with Kevin being loose. After meeting Jack and Lucy meet Steven they knew they could trust him being in the house. Jack and Lucy want to make Emily’s party special. Captain Anderson came to visit the Brooks. “Jason, any luck finding Kevin?” Jack asks. “No, I am sorry but we are doing everything we can to find him,” Jason says.

Emily was worry that Kevin would try to break into the house but Cassie told her that Kevin would not take the risk. “Cassie, do think they would ever catch Kevin?” Emily asks. “I do not know Emily. I hope they do catch Kevin soon,” Cassie says. The doctor was coming to see Emily since Lucy and Jack were too scared to let Emily out the house.  “Hey mom, when is the doctor coming to see me?” Emily asks. “The doctor is coming tomorrow,” Lucy answers. “Mom, can I get one of these iPods for my birthday?” Emily asks. “Yes, we will get you one,” Lucy says.

“Did you get Emily’s iPod?” Lucy asks Jack. “Yes, I did and I got it gift wrap too,” Jack says. “I hope the police catch Kevin soon because I am so scared,” Lucy told Jack. “I know but you do not have to worry about Emily,” Jack says. “I know Emily is Safe but I am also worried about people’s kids. Those children do not have the protection like Emily does,” Emily says. That why I am glad David Dunn is helping the police,” Jack says. “I already order the cake. I will pick the cake up the day before the party,” Lucy says.

The next day Lucy and Jack went to work. Emily’s doctor came to see her. Emily was ready. Emily went to the living room meet the doctor but she saw Kevin. Kevin spray her face making her pass out. When Lucy and Jack got home they found the doctor and the maid pass out.  Jason and the rest of the police rush over. When the doctor woke up he explains that Kevin made him go to the Brooks’ house at gunpoint. Kevin was hiding in the back seat of the car. “WHY YOU DID NOT CHECK THE BACK OF THE DOCTOR CAR!” Lucy yells at the guards.

Emily woke up with a bad headache. “You finally woke up,” Kevin said. “Kevin please I want to go home,” Emily says. “You are home,” Kevin says. “I want to see my mom and dad,” Emily cry. “THEY ARE NOT YOUR MOM AND DAD.  I AM YOUR DAD,” Kevin scream. “I am sorry did not mean to scare you but please stop crying. I am not going to hurt you,” Kevin told Emily. “Can you please keep Dennis away from me because I am scared of him?” Emily asks. “Yes, I will tell him to stay away from you,” Kevin says.

David Dunn could not believe Kevin kidnapped Emily Brooks again. David went to look for Kyle Baldwin. “Kevin kidnapped Emily again,” David told Kyle. “I know I heard about it on the news. I have been trying to get hold of Cassie but have no luck,” Kyle says. “In the meantime, we can see if we can find Emily ourselves,” David says. “Shawn and I are going to talk to Jordan to see if he will help us,” Kyle says. “I hope he does help,” David says. “I am sure Jordan will help,” Kyle says. Shawn knocks on Kyle’s door. “Come in Shawn,” Kyle says. “What did Jordan say?” Kyle asks Shawn. “Jordan says he will help. Jordan says he will not let personal problems stand in the way of saving a little girl,” Shawn says.

Jason Anderson meets David, Kyle, and Shawn at the park. “Any luck guys?”  Jason asks. “No, Jordan agrees to help us,” Kyle says. That great we can use all the help we can get,” Jason says. Have you talk to Casey?” David ask. “Yes, but she did not know very much. Casey did agree to help us,” Jason says. “That good maybe Kevin will try to contact Casey,” Kyle says. “I hope you right Kyle,” David says.

Jason, David, Kyle, and Shawn went to Jordan Collier’s house. “We ask Casey Cooke to help,” Kyle told Jordan. “Do you think Kevin try to contact Casey?” Jordan asks. “We hope so,” Shawn says. “Kyle, have you got a hold of Cassie yet?” Jordan asks. “No, I have not spoken her in a week,” Kyle says. “How are Emily’s parents doing?” Jordan asks Jason. “They are scared and worry,” Jason answer. “My heart goes out to Emily and her parents. Jack Brooks is a good man.  We better get to work on finding Emily. Kyle, you need to keeps trying to hold of Cassie. Casey, I need you to try to remember anything Kevin might say you that might be helpful,” Jordan says.

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