Save by my Imaginary Friend

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Emily gets a new Identity. I am trying to decide what happens next in my story. If anyone has some ideas please email me

Chapter 7 (v.2) - A New Identity

Submitted: March 02, 2018

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Submitted: March 02, 2018



Chapter 7

Lucy call the police station to make sure Kevin was still in police custody. Jason told Lucy that Kevin was in a mental hospital and there was no way he could escape. Lucy is still wanting Emily to go stay with Lisa. Lucy hurry and got Emily ready. “I know you are scared, but we cannot take a chance on Kevin kidnaping you again,” Lucy told Emily. “When will I get to see you and dad again?” Emily asks Lucy. “I do not know. We will try to come see you in a year the most, but you must be brave. I am sure you will love your Aunt Lisa,” Lucy says.

Shawn and Kyle were going to take Emily to her Aunt Lisa's house. Emily was ready when Shawn and Kyle arrived. Lucy hurry got Emily into the car. Emily hug both her parents. “Shawn and Kyle will explain everything you need to know,” Jack told Emily. “Emily, your parents cannot contact you until we feel it safe for them to do so. You will change your name. Also, your Aunt Lisa is posing as your mother. We got you a fake birth certificate.  You cannot tell anyone who you are. You also cannot get hold of your mom and dad. Your new name is Elizabeth Mills. Kevin will never be able to find you,” Kyle told Emily. “Do you really think Kevin might escape?” Emily asks Kyle. “Yes, I do believe he could escape. You saw Kevin when he was the beast. If Cassie did not help us we would have been in trouble,” Kyle answers Emily.

Emily’s aunt was waiting for her in the driveway. “Emily, it so nice to meet you. I got your room ready for you. I am going to start calling you Elizabeth. I will show you to your room,” Lisa says. Kyle and Shawn carry Emily’s suitcase to her room. “You boys like to stay and rest before take-off?” Lisa asks Kyle and Shawn. “No, it will not be safe for us to stay the night,” Shawn answers. “I understand but least stay for some coffee. You boys can also take some coffee on the road,” Lisa says. “We can stay for a little while and we will take some coffee for the road.  Thank you,” Kyle and Shawn both says. “Is Kevin still in jail?”  Lisa asks Kyle and Shawn. “Kevin is in a mental hospital,” Shawn answers. “My sister thinks Kevin can escape. What do you two think?” Lisa asks Kyle and Shawn. I think Kevin could escape but I do not know for sure,” Kyle answers.

After Kyle and Shawn left Emily and Lisa went to bed. The next day Emily heard her aunt talking to someone. “Hello, Elizabeth my name is Patty Parker. I am just welcoming you and your mother to the neighborhood. Your mother told me that you will be homeschooling. I am a teacher and I was offering to be your teacher,” Patty says. “Hello, Mrs. Parker it is nice to meet you,” Emily says.  “You can call me Patty,” Patty says. After Patty left Lisa to start cooking breakfast. “What you think of Patty?” Lisa asks Emily. “I like her, and she seen nice and I would love to have her as a teacher,” Emily answers. “I will call her as soon as we finish eating breakfast.

Emily starts homeschooling the next day. Patty gives Emily a list of books to read for her reading assignment.  One of the books Emily must read is The Book Thief. Emily could not wait to read The Book Thief. Lisa told Patty about Kevin and how Emily’s parents are hiding Emily from Kevin. “I already know about Emily Jordan told me. I work for Jordan Collier and he sends me to be Emily’s teacher. Also, this neighborhood is safe because we look out for each other,” Patty says.  “I am glad to hear that,” Lisa says.

The weekend went by fast. Lisa was watching the news and it says Kevin Wendell Crumb escape. “How can Kevin escape!” Emily yell. “Honey, you need to calm down because he is not going to find you. The only reason Kevin was able to find you the first time because he got hold your adoption papers. There is no papers where you are right now.  You are miles away. The police will find Kevin,” Lisa says. “What about my parents?” Emily asks. “They move before Kevin escape and no one knows where they move. Your parents are safe and you are safe too,” Lisa says.

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