Save by my Imaginary Friend

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Emily start going to the public school but she might have to go back to homeschooling

Chapter 9 (v.2) - The First Day of School

Submitted: March 07, 2018

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Submitted: March 07, 2018



Chapter 9

“HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT!” Kevin yell at Jordan. “I am not trying to pick a fight with you, Kevin. I am just saying to think about Emily’s happiness. Emily has a right be happy and she will never be happy living with you. Emily knows you are a cold blood killer. You need to get help Kevin and these doctors can help you. If you escape and try to kidnap Emily we come after you and win. Kevin please stay here in the hospital and pay for your crimes,” Jordan says.

I want to be part of Emily’s life. Kevin told Jordan. “Kevin if you want to be part of Emily’s life do what the doctors say. If you listen to the doctors maybe the doctors will talk to Emily’s adopted parents let you have visitation rights. Do not give your hopes up because I cannot promise you will have visitation rights. The doctors and Emily’s parents are the ones decides if you get the visitation rights,” Jordan says.

“After Jordan left the mental hospital Jordan was thinking. Jordan knew Kevin felt bad for what he has done and want to change. Jordan also knew Kevin is going to have a hard battle to change because of his other personalities will not let him.  Jordan went to visit Shawn. “Do you think Kevin will change?” Shawn asks Jordan. “I think Kevin want to change but his other personalities will not let him. I am sure he will leave Emily alone because his other personalities do not care for Emily. Kevin’s other personalities only care about their cost to the beast,” Jordan says.

John Burkoff was Kevin’s new doctor. Dr. Burkoff agrees with Jordan about Kevin. Jordan still thinks Emily should remain in hiding just make sure Kevin does not try to kidnap her again. Dr. Burkoff told the judge that Kevin should be lock up in a maximum security mental hospital so he cannot escape. The judge agrees with Dr. Burkoff.  Casey went to Kevin trial. Casey wanting justice for her classmates. Casey was not friends with Clarie Benoit and Marcia but she felt they did not deserve to die. Casey is in a foster home right. Casey also happier with foster parents.

Emily’s aunt felt safe letting her going to public school. Lisa felt like since Emily is more comfortable leaving the house now it will be ok to let her go to public school. Emily wanting to ride the bus. “Ok, you can ride the bus Emily but if you feel uncomfortable riding the bus just let me know Emily? Lisa asks. “I will mom,” Emily answers. Emily starts calling her aunt mom because she did not her classmates and neighbor to get suspicious who she is. The only people know Emily’s identity is Patty and Candy.

Emily enjoys her first day of school and she makes many friends due to being friends with Candy. Jordan also told Lisa it would be safe to let Emily talk to Lucy and Jack. “Hey, Emily, how are you doing?” Lucy asks.  “I am doing good. I make some friends,” Emily said. “I know your aunt told me. Emily, your father and I are so proud you. I wish we were here to see you. Honey, we have to go because we cannot stay on the phone too long. Emily, remember your father and I love you,” Lucy said. “I love you all too,” Emily said.

Emily was doing good in school and all her teachers like her. Emily’s new friend Kate invite her to her birthday party. Kate’s birthday party will be in a week. Emily was looking forward to Kate’s birthday party. “What are you going to get Kate for her birthday gift?” Candy asks Emily. “I am going to get her iTunes gift card for her iPod. What are you getting her?” Emily asks Candy. “I am getting her the Lord of the Ring book,” Candy says.

Jordan Collier, Shawn, Kyle, Jason, David went to the maximum security mental hospital when they got an urgent call. “What is going on Dr. Burkoff?” Shawn asks. “Kevin escape and we do not know how long he been gone. I have been helping other patients at another hospital. Kevin turn into the beast and kill all the staff and no one lived to report what happened. We did not know what happens until today and I have been gone for two weeks,” Dr. Burkoff says. “We have to warns Lisa,” Jordan says.

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