The Voice of Reason

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Submitted: February 10, 2018

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Submitted: February 10, 2018



“I want it now” they said, impatient like.


“But you already have so much. Can't you be happy with that?” the Voice of Reason asked.


“I know, but I want more” the person said, frustrated.


“But you can breath. You are alive. You can think. Isn't that enough?” the Voice of Reason asked them again.


“No. I want more and I want it now” the person said, arguing with them.


“Haven't you heard that good things come to those who wait” the Voice of Reason countered.


“I've waited long enough. I want everything now. I want fame and I want riches” they said.


“Do you think that being famous or rich will truly make you happy?” “Like truly truly happy?”the Voice asked.


“I'm sure of it. I've been neither and I want it. And I want it now” they said.


There was a moment of silence.


“But you can think. You can see. You can breath. You can speak. You can do so much with your life. Isn't that enough for you?” the Voice of Reason asked.


“No” the person said, and began to sulk, almost to the point of being angry now in their impatience.


“I want more. I want lots more” the person replied and began to sulk some more thinking that would get them what they wanted that much quicker.


There was more silence.


“And if you got the fame and the riches what would you do?” the Voice asked them.


“I would be popular and people would like me and treat me nice” the person said.


“Don't they treat you nice now?” “Don't your true friends like you for who you are?” the Voice asked.


“I suppose so but...” they started to say and then went quiet as they thought about that.


“You have so much already. There are some that don't even have what you do and do you think they wish to be you because of what you can do and what you possess already?” the Voice asked.


“No. I don't even want to be me. I want to be special” the person said.


“But you are special. There is no one else in this entire world exactly like you. Don't you know that?” the Voice asked. “That makes you special”.


The person got quiet for a moment thinking about that. “Well I don't feel special. I feel like no one sees me” they said. “I feel like no one ever listens to me”.


“Oh you are seen. Trust me. And you are heard” the Voice said.


The person went quiet for a moment. “I guess” they said finally.


“Instead of looking to the things you wished you had or could do and thinking you have nothing, try looking at what you do have and remember others have even less. Fame and Fortune do not always mean happiness. A rich person dies in the end same as anyone else. And those who are famous and in the limelight have many that hate them for their fame. Do you want people hating you?” the Voice asked them.


“Well no” they said and went quiet.


There was a moment of silence.


“Live in the moment. Breath. Enjoy your time while you can. Tomorrow is promised to no one” the Voice said.


The person thought about that for a moment. “Who are you?” they asked finally.


“I am called many things by lots of different people, but for you I am the Voice of Reason”.



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