Forgotten Stories

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As a completely new and rookie writer, I decided to unfold my (virtual) paper, and spill down whatever floated into my mind in this late night. It's not really a short story, It's more of a
prologue, introducing the state of mind which I'm trying to get you into, continued with 3 acts.

Each act plays as a (very) short story, leading you to use your most powerful tool - Imagination to set yourself up in each scene in this newly invented world. This piece ends with a short epilogue
which states and closes all of the acts, acting as if it the closing idea behind the open ends.

** Each story will eventually (with time) will become a full detailed story, which I will post gradually over 2018.

Thanks for reading :)

Submitted: February 10, 2018

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Submitted: February 10, 2018




What you don't understand; Is that this reality is only one of billions.
If I told you there were one where all those people you had lost along the way were still alive,
wouldn't you do everything in your power to at least see it?

We humans are strange beings – don't you think? We are so attached to this piece of meat we call our bodies,
even though what makes us human in the first place is something completely immaterial.


~Act I~

Those foreign people abducted me and over a dozen other orphans, we were just children and I was the only one to survive.
I cannot remember anything of what they did to us – It's all just fragments as if they took my entire childhood and ripped it from my memory.

"Me? But why me...?"


~Act II~

All she cared about was making the world a better place, more than she cared about us.
Then this veiled woman came in acting as if she had all the answers and of course, Mina went right along with her.
"You don't understand, I don't deserve to be saved! I betrayed the Father – This is my punishment".

"This is it Mina?! Is this what you gave us up for?!".


~Act III~

Nora Rousseau, daughter of Girard - emissary of the Blue legion coalition and newcomer to this wonderful city.
"We've found traces of poison in some of the corpses... That snake isn't above anything, is she?".
The blue coalition will learn at this accusation, be sure of that.
"This is far more than about the state. Weaving an intrigue like this, these pathless bastards spit on everything the civilized world and the light-born stand for".


~Fin (To be continued)~

Fair? Nothing in this world is fair.
Maybe it's time for you to finally stop deluding yourself.

© Copyright 2019 Alexander Chain. All rights reserved.

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