The Last Straw

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Below is a true story.

Submitted: February 10, 2018

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Submitted: February 10, 2018




  I will be the first to admit I have a weird sense of humor. One may even call it goofy but I find humor in a lot of things, including myself. I had read once that “Life is a tragedy to those who feel, a comedy to those who think”. I guess I must think a lot because I definitely see humor in a lot of things.


  Anyways one day I stopped in a Taco Bell for some lunch. It was actually after their lunch rush and the place was rather slow (which was fine with me). I had ordered my food and the girl had given me my drink cup. I filled it up and put the lid on it and grabbed the straw. It was then I had a funny thought and waited for the gal to come back to the counter.


  I was holding the straw in my hand and when she looked up at me I got a serious look on my face and I shook the straw at her and said “I'm gonna tell you right now. This is absolute the last straw” all stern like, like I was really upset.


  The girl's eyes get real big like “oh crap, what's wrong?” and asked me if everything was okay.


  And then I softened my look and smiled. I said “No really. This is the last straw” and showed her the straw I was holding. “There are no more straws in the dispenser". The girl behind the counter suddenly gets a relaxed look on her face and says something like “I thought you were mad or something” and laughs now, seeing the joke.


  There was lady standing next to me in line and she breaks out laughing and says “That's classic” and I smile over at her and said “I couldn't resist” and grinned mischievous like. The lady behind the counter would give the lady in line behind me a straw and then take a bunch out to dispenser after taking her order.


  It just goes to show you that often our phrases and words can often have two meaning I guess. But I had a good laugh and I'm sure the girl did too. I can hear her telling her husband or boyfriend later after she got off work. “You'll never guess what this customer said to me today honey”.


  Laughs. Life is too short to be so serious we can't stop to have a good laugh. Even if it is the last straw for you.

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