Five Nights At Freddy's

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When Cassie discovers that her childhood friend, Jeremy, is taking a risky night shift at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. She questions herself. will this be the last time they will see each other. Find out in this exciting
short story Five Night's At Freddy's Inspired By Scott Cawthon.

Five Nights At Freddy’s

A Story By Denzel Delgado, And Jacob Sly


On Halloween night 1986, Mike was monitoring the cameras when he noticed Chica had left. He panicked until he found Chica on camera 2B. She was right outside his door. As Mike hyperventilated, he shut the door on Chica. Being relieved but he did not know that he accidentally left the door on his right open. Bonnie ran into his room and unlocked the door, and every other animatronic ran in. Mike freaked out and collapsed. 
“I don't think he is in his suit,” said Freddy. Bonnie agreed “Yeah, should we put him in a suit or is he too… Um… dead?”. “No, he just fainted.” All the animatronics took one of his limbs and carried him to the employees only room. “There, He is on the table, now what?"
Chica said. Foxy grabbed one of the empty Freddy heads from one of the shelves. When Foxy put the head on Mike, he awoke. “What is going on here!” Mike screamed. The animatronics looked confused, but they kept on putting the suit together. “When we are done with him, let's put him onstage” Foxy stated. “No, he is not ready for staging yet. We still need to add spring locks in his suit” Freddy argued. Suddenly, Golden Freddy appeared out of nowhere. “What is going on here. Making a new animatronic buddy” Golden Freddy said. “Yes, when we are done with him, we are going to add spring locks into the suit that Chica and Foxy are building in the power room, then we program him, and then he is ready for staging” replied Freddy. Mike hyperventilated inside the head and then he thought to himself “I'm going to die if I don't get out of here soon, and I need to save oxygen so I will calm down.” He saw Foxy and Chica come in through the door holding a brown Freddy Fazbear costume. Mike quickly tried to take the head off himself, but it was too late. Bonnie carried him and fixed him into the spring-locked suit. Suddenly, spring locks started closing in on his body inside of the Freddy Fazbear suit, and then the spring-locked suit crushed him inside. Mike felt nothing as his eyes began going blind. All he saw was 5 standing animatronics looking beyond him. Then he saw darkness. When suddenly, His heart stopped.
Chapter 1: The Reunion
November 21, 1987. I went to Jeremy’s house and sat on the chairs in the living room to relax. My little sister, Mia, grabbed some Cheetos from the backpack that Jeremy had hanging on his coat hanger. “I'm bored is there anything to do around here?” Mia said as she crunched on Cheetos. She turned on the television and watched 1 hour of Tom and Jerry. “Ok, Mia is watching television, want to go outside and play tag?” Jeremy said. “Sure, I am really bored alone at home taking care of my sister, so I thought why not come over to your house.” We went outside, and I called some friends over. Chris, Lily, Finn, and Jessica came over, and we got into groups by gender. “3 boys and 3 girls in each team,” said Finn. Jessica walked up to me. “Where is Mia?” “She is inside watching Tom and Jerry. Kids these days are so into cartoon violence.” Finn and Chris started running as Jeremy counted to 10. “5… 6… 7…”, Me and Jessica were hiding behind a tree and could barely hear Jeremy counting. We started giggling, and Finn grabbed me from the back. “Hey, is he seeking or is he still counting.” “I don't know. I can barely hear him. But I guess that he is seeking”. Finn released me and went back to his hiding spot when suddenly, “GOTCHA.” I screamed and looked behind me, and Jeremy was grabbing me. “No tag backs,” he said. Jeremy started running again, and I couldn't find anybody.
November 23, 1987. I heard knocking on my door, and I opened it only to see Jeremy standing there with papers in his hand. “Guess what,” he said. “I got a job in this place called Freddy Fazbear’s Family Diner. It's said to be the best pizzeria in the whole world”. “You still believe that it's the best pizzeria in the world? That still sounds childish.” Jeremy came in and hugged Mia and Rufus, my dog. Mia hugged Jeremy back, “I have an interview at 2:25 today”. I grabbed 2 cans of Dr. Pepper from my cooler and gave one to Jeremy. “I’ve got to get going!” “Bye Cassie!” He waved goodbye as he ran out the door and into his car.
Chapter 2: The Interview
November 23, 1987. As soon as Jeremy got there, His boss who goes by Phone Guy said: “Welcome to your new job at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza.” “Okay, so can you show me around the pizzeria.” Phone Guy sat down and handed Jeremy papers. “First, I will need to know your full name please.” “Jeremy Fitzgerald” he replied. When Jeremy finished signing the papers, He handed them to Phone Guy. “Thank You,” he said. When Phone Guy finished showing Jeremy around the pizzeria, He led him to his office. “This is your office. You will have to come back at 12AM to start your first shift”. Jeremy thanked Phone Guy and went to Cassie’s house to tell her the good news. “Cassie I got the job!” Jeremy was excited and told Cassie that his first shift was today at 12AM. “Well it's getting late, I should go, or my boss is going to fire me on the first day,” Cassie said goodbye to Jeremy, and he went to his car and drove away.
“Ok… first night”. Jeremy clicked on the camera and saw 3 standing animatronics on a stage positioned perfectly. Bonnie, Chica, And Freddy were their names. Jeremy switched to Pirate’s Cove and saw a closed curtain with only one fox inside. “This must be Pirate’s Cove.” As Jeremy clicked through the camera, He heard a clang outside his door. “What was that”? He checked back on the stage. Chica was not in her place. “Ok animatronics are programmed to roam around. That was one thing that Phone Guy told me, Not to worry”. Jeremy checked over every camera and found Chica outside his door. “No worry. I don't need to be scared.”
Jeremy was relaxed after almost being attacked by Chica. “Well, I did not know the animatronics attacked.” He was still freaked out after what just happened, but he calmed down and flipped through each camera again. When he flipped to Pirate’s Cove, Foxy was not there. Only an “Out of Order” sign. Jeremy flipped to CAM 1A and saw Foxy running down the hallway. He clicked the door button and just after that, He heard something banging on the door. “It must be Foxy” he wondered. He flipped to Pirate’s Cove and the curtains were closed, and he asked that Foxy must have been in his cove.
Chapter 3: Who is at the door?
Jeremy heard a jingle at the door. “Who can be here at a time like this”? He checked the camera by the main entrance and saw something that freaked him out. “Is that who I think it is.” He saw Cassie at the main entrance, and he thought “she should not be here.” “Hello, Jeremy are you here” Cassie screamed. Cassie accidentally woke up Freddy. Cassie saw Freddy open his eyes and she screamed. Jeremy opened the door, letting anybody go into his office. He ran to Cassie and whispered, “you shouldn't be here Cassie.” Jeremy led Cassie to his office. “Don't move from here okay. You don't know what the animatronics do here at night to stay here with me until 6AM”. “Why are you keeping me here, what is so dangerous about this place,” Cassie asked. Jeremy replied with a soft voice because he heard Freddy’s clanking feet walking over the pizzeria, “The animatronics wander around at night. You shouldn't be here. Why did you come here”. “Because I wanted to tell you what I found online about the pizzeria.” “The pizzeria has some history.” Jeremy looked at Cassie strangely and felt a sudden stop in his heartbeat and said: “did you read it, what did it say.” Cassie told Jeremy the story. “Freddy Fazbear’s Family Diner used to be a family friendly place for entertainment and fun for everyone. As time passed by, people noticed strange malfunctions with animatronic robots such as glitching, head spins, and talking in an unfortunate way. The next day the animatronics were in the stage performing for a little kid’s birthday. The little kid, Michael, was so excited he went up to Foxy in Pirate Cove and messed around with him. He screamed and laughed and went to put his hand in Foxy’s mouth. Foxy’s eyes glowed a dark red, and then he malfunctioned and bit Michael’s frontal lobe leaving everyone in shock. Everyone screamed and ran everywhere, and that was declared The Bite Of 87. As time went on nobody visited the place until a night guard named Mike Schmidt”. Jeremy looked at Cassie in fear that something like that would happen to him, but he did not mind that much. Cassie then left the pizzeria in doubt as Jeremy continued his night shift because he couldn't leave until 6AM.
Chapter 4: 6AM At Last… or is it?
At last, his watch said 6AM, and he could leave. As Jeremy left his room, he saw that one animatronic wasn't on the stage. And that was Freddy Fazbear. He panicked and ran for the door just to figure out it was locked and it wasn't 6AM yet. It was actually 5:39AM, and he ran back to his office to shut the door, but he only had 23% Power left, and he hoped he would survive. Jeremy thought to himself “After this night, I am not coming back.” Jeremy heard footsteps outside of his door, and he stayed still, knowing nobody can come in. Jeremy heard faint metallic knocks on his door. As his power hit 10% and the time was 5:54AM, he thought he could actually make it past this night. It was 5:58AM, And his power was 2%. He freaked out, and he thought he spoke too soon about making it past one and the last night. As his power hit 1%, it was 5:59AM, and he was sweating of fear because he thought he couldn't make it. Suddenly, power hit 0%. Everything went dark, and he saw a dark face at his left door. And then the clock hit 6:00AM. In relief, he ran out the door and got in his car and drove back home. What he did not realize was he left the pizzeria door open. “Our chance is finally here guys, and we will take it,” Said Freddy Fazbear” he and his friends ran out the door and followed Jeremy’s car. Jeremy got home, and Finn, Mia, Cassie, And Jessica were waiting for him at the door. “Oh umm, what are you guys doing here”? “We all just wanted to make sure you are safe” Said Cassie. Suddenly, Jeremy heard metallic footsteps outside. Jessica heard it too and took a look outside. She screamed as she saw 4 robot animatronics standing at the door. All of their eyes glowed bright red, and in fear, Jeremy grabbed his fire ax from the evacuation room. When he got back, Cassie and all his friends were tied up to the wall. “Let them go right now, Freddy”! Freddy shook his head in disagreement. Chica’s jaw opened very wide, and in a blink of an eye, she closed it on Finn. “FINN NO”! Finn was now dead. He couldn't let anybody else die so in a swing of an ax, Chica’s head went rolling on the floor. “There is more where that came from,” Jeremy said. Jeremy swung his ax, decapitating all of Freddy’s friends. “You got one more,” Freddy said. Out of nowhere, Golden Freddy appeared and got in front of Cassie. He opened his jaw and then… Jeremy swung his ax, and Golden Freddy’s head rolled to the yard. Freddy quickly untied Cassie and took her back to the pizzeria. Jeremy untied everyone else and went after Cassie. “STOP, it's too dangerous,” Said Jessica. “I need to go after her, I can't just let her die.” Jeremy hopped in his car and drove back to the pizzeria. When he got there. The pizzeria was burning, and Freddy was inside with Cassie.
Chapter 5: Is This The End?
As Jeremy watched the place burn, He ran in and saw Cassie surrounded in a ring of fire and Freddy deactivated. He grabbed an extinguisher from the fire room and blew all the fire out. As Cassie coughed, Jeremy grabbed her hand and took her outside. He then poured the rest of the gasoline in the pizzeria and set it on fire. Jeremy and Cassie drove back home, leaving Freddy to burn in the pizzeria. Jeremy thought this was over. But it wasn't over. Since Finn died by a bite of an animatronic. His ghost went into Freddy’s burning suit. He quickly extinguished the place and sat down in the middle of the pizzeria. The uniform belonged to an evil child. So as entering the suit. He started to urge to kill. He rebuilt the other animatronics and some of his friends that passed away a long time ago agreed to go into the suits. They started glitching and wanted to kill.
One Year Later….
Jeremy made dinner for his friends. He went downstairs, and before even making it all the way down the stairs, Jeremy heard a noise upstairs, so he went upstairs. He heard clanking coming from the kitchen. “Might just be Cassie finishing dinner?” he said. He opened the door only to see a Bear, a Duck, A Fox, A Bunny, And A Golden Bear, all staring at him.
“Hello, Jeremy”...



Credits: Idea By: Five Nights At Freddy’s By Scott Cawthon.

Special Thanks To:, Rachelle Johnson, Shelley Clayburn, Amanda Messersmith, Lisa Trobee, And Annie Leaf.



Diane Murphy McDonald,

Paula Smith,

And Jacob Sly,

>For Inspiring Me To Work Harder And For Being The Best!


Special Note From The Author: I Will make a Part 2 with more suspense and a lot of entertainment and drama. So stay tuned for Part 2...Image result for fnaf


Submitted: February 11, 2018

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