Dark Clouds

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Submitted: February 10, 2018

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Submitted: February 10, 2018



Dark clouds


I can no longer deal with the pain from my broken heart that’s causing a constant dark cloud over my head 

These pains in my chest from all the sadness that’s triggered, all the painful memories that follow me to bed 

my mind just doesn’t shut off I just see things over and over again and remember the stabbing things that have been said 


I lose hope and I get a tiny bit back but then once again, I’m kicked to the ground 

those diminishing words “but you’re young, it’s easy to turn things around” 

if it’s so easy then why do I have these dreams where I’m dying and wake up and wish l actually drowned 


I tell myself, I can do it.. i can take back my life, then I’m told, you’re not even trying 

I have my moments where I feel like I am going to get better, like I’m flying 

but who am i kidding, i open up my eyes and remember inside I’m dying 


I’m told, I won’t be loved because I can’t love myself but I can’t do it alone.. I don’t even feel like I can do it at all

I tried to fix this, even on my own but it’s hard to be strong when people only try to make you feel small 

Im falling to my knees, but wishing for once I could stand tall 


no matter what I do, I’m a disappointment.. I’m not what I’m wanted to be so in many peoples eyes I’m no longer good 

but there is more to the story, like what went on in my childhood 

but people believed lies so I was never understood 


some people can’t be saved and I feel like I’m one of them, I feel like that more everyday 

I wish I could have a new start, i could leave the people that don’t care about me.. just run away 

but it will probably be the same everywhere i go because I can’t feel loved.. i try but i just can’t seem to find a way


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