this short story describes a dinner i had with my former partner, i have been missing her terribly recently and i recalled a dinner i had with her last april that always felt odd to me, this is my
way of writing something about it

I was sitting on a table, I see them having dinner, I remember that day I convinced her to eat with me despite her constant “I am on a diet” refusals she gave up when she smelled the apricot stew, I don’t blame her the smell was amazing. I chose this day because I knew I will go to the bathroom in 10 minuets and I will take exactly 7 minutes in there, it is a good chance for me to talk to her, I know it is a shit idea and I know I might fuck a lot of shit up but I am not here trying to change anything I just want to sit there for few minutes and have her look at me as if she was in love with me again, I really missed that look.


“I will go to the bathroom” he said “then we can check that shop you wanted to check”

“Ok” she replied while still eating her rice and stew 

It is show time, I will go talk to her now, I have to. As I got up from my chair grabbed the chair across from her and sat.


“Who are you? That seat is taken” she said “we are almost done and you can have the table after”

I pulled my hoodie back

“It hasn’t been that long you have got to recognize me” I said with a smile on my face “Please don’t be alarmed”

“What the” she said “fuck?”

“I will explain if you let me” I said “I am your boyfriend 2 years from now, and yes I know how this sounds and how dumb this is but I really did travel back in time”

“Bullshit, this is a joke”

“It really isn’t, give me a test let me proof it”

“How about we wait till he comes out of the bathroom and there is two of you also threesome idea?” 

“He will never agree to that”

“Oh, so you are not bullshiting?” 

“No, and I am not here to mess anything for you just wanted to see you one last time”

“Wait, am I dead in the future?”

“No you are ok, you are just not with me anymore”

“What? That is not possible, why the fuck did we break up?”

“I don’t know” I replied crying “I really don’t know” 

“When did we break up?”

“What day is today?”

“April 21st”

“In less than five months”

“No freaking way, did you cheat on me?”

“No no of course not, nothing like that”

“Then what?”

“I don’t know, you just said it is not working and left me”

“I am not going to leave you, that is bullshit”

“No you will and it is ok, You will move on you will be happy, it is going to be fine”

“What about you”

“Here I am, what does it look like?”

“You look good, You lost weight and you are time traveling, so you must be really good after you got me out of your life”

“I am ok, I am a cockroach I survive a nuclear winter”


“You know cockroaches survive a nuclear winter?”

“They do?”

“You never get my references”

“How am I supposed to know that?”

“Never mind, I have to go he is coming back, it is good to see you”

“Wait, can I fix it?”


“Why so sure?”

“Because I am here, if there was a fix I wouldn’t be”


As I walked away I saw her hugging him and his confusing reaction to this sudden display of affection, she looked at me while I was on the escalator and there was tears in both our eyes, despite how bad things got at the end I did love her and she did love me back.

Submitted: February 11, 2018

© Copyright 2022 azajabar. All rights reserved.

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Natasha Rumanová

i like it! :)

Sun, February 11th, 2018 3:32pm


Thank you :D

Sun, February 11th, 2018 10:29am

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