Marriage- The secret to happiness

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Are you ready to start working toward a happy and healthy marriage? Well, if yes, then, let me tell you. Marriages aren’t just the union of two people, it is beyond that. The fact that you want to
spend your entire life with someone, be a part of their everyday, and maybe even their family’s is a task in itself. But if you have the love in your heart and a deep-seated desire to accept your
spouse for whatever they are, and then you know that your marriage will last.

Indeed, it is essential to make your partner and relationship a priority. Your partner will come first after you tie the knot, and practicing making him a priority now will help you experience and
enjoy a deeper connection.Everyone should get married one day for many valid reasons. People need love, companionship, a family, and just basically to turn old and gray with. Individuals need a
partner in life. It can be hard to find the right person to be with- but you surely will find! Let me also share with you: Happiness refers to the state of being contented, satisfied, joyful,
delighted, well-being and being in good spirits.(It has eventually prove that couples enjoy this contentment the most).

Considerable support has been found that people need some form of close relationship, coupled with a network of other relationships, to be happy and avoid loneliness. A close relationship allows
for a certain level of self-disclosure, or willingness to share one's feelings or personal issues. Without relationships, people would feel lonely in the other friendships, as there is a tendency
to focus on impersonal talk. This is in marriage, there is a prime time for the happiness, which revealed an increase in the first year of marriage, but it gradually tapers off. After which, the
happiness levels go back to their baselines before marriage though they are better off than if those people had not got married.

I know, you might not believe that marriage can bring a joy. This study examined people ten years prior and after marriage, unlike other studies that use already married people without considering
their happiness levels before marriage. The study also had a vast number of participants compared to previous studies (Ask your grandparents, your grand – grandparents, they were the most
happiest). What comes out clearly is that marriage plays a role in people`s happiness in the long-run in comparison to people who stay single. It is difficult to take these studies at face value as
there are other variables that could contribute to one`s individual sense of happiness, such as a resilient nature that is separate from their personal relationship and positive outlook on life.

To conclude, marriage is such a beautiful happening, beginning or years after, it’s a happiness to cherish and share.

Submitted: February 11, 2018

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Submitted: February 11, 2018



Marriage is about love , share and caring. It is that beautiful moment which live as long as the sun does! Marriage is the life that you've always wanted- it is all about the imperfect couples learning to enjoy the differences.

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