Five Nights At Freddy's 2

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When Cassie realized that the monsters have taken Jeremy hostage, she takes action. But not knowing that a strange entity roams the pizzeria when its alone. Something purple. If you have a taste of
horror, read this short story that will spook you. Don't forget to like and follow to support. The more support i get the more i can make stories.

Submitted: February 11, 2018

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Submitted: February 11, 2018



Five Nights At Freddy’s 2


Chapter 1: A Dark Evening.


Jeremy opened the kitchen door only to find A Bear, Duck, Fox, Bunny, And A Golden Bear standing beside each other. “Hello Jeremy” they all said. “I thought I ended you”! In fright, Jeremy attempted to grab his axe but Freddy knocked him out and dragged him to the car. “Let’s take him back to the pizzeria, we will decide what we do to him there” Freddy said. As they drove back to the pizzeria, Jeremy woke up and saw himself amongst the animatronics in a chair all tied up. “What should we do to him”? Asked Freddy. “Let's stuff him” replied Bonnie. All of them stared at each other in agreement. “I'll grab the suit” said Chica. Freddy walked up to Jeremy and whispered in his ear “I Will Always Come Back”. What Freddy told Jeremy is something he will never forget. Foxy came in the room with a wrench and a screwdriver and Bonnie brought a Brown Fazbear head. Freddy ripped tape off his mouth. “Why are you doing this, Why did you ever become evil”. Freddy looked at him with an angry expression. “TELL ME W…” His words were interrupted by Freddy whacking him with his hand, Making him go unconscious. “I got the suit” said Chica. Foxy and Bonnie helped each other put screws and nails into the Fazbear Head. “Great guys, all we need now is to stuff him inside the suit that Chica got”. Jeremy awoke and his vision was blurry. Back at home, Cassie was making dinner for Mia. “Mia do you have your things packed to go”? “Yes mom” Mia replied. Cassie grabbed her luggage as Mia ate dinner. “Say, Have you seen Dad?” “He was supposed to meet us for the long drive”. Mia replied with a full mouth “No… but I did see his car drive off. It looked like he was going back to the pizzeria”. Cassie looked at Mia in confusion. She got in her car and drove to the pizzeria. As she went in, She saw ashes everywhere from the burning. “JEREMY!” she screamed. Freddy stopped in fright and took a peek outside. “It's Cassie, I think she came looking for Jeremy” Freddy said in a deep voice. As Cassie looked around, She saw a bit of dim light coming from the Employees Only room. She walked slowly towards it and then the dim light faded. “Hello, is anybody there”. She opened the door and it creaked loudly. Cassie turned the lights on and saw……..


 Chapter 2: Flickering Lights


Cassie turned on the lights and saw a chair with untied roped which led her to suspicion. “We have to go to the new diner” Freddy whispered as all of them, including Jeremy which mouth was tied, were hiding in the basement of the power room. Then Cassie looked inside Jeremy’s office and found a piece of paper that read “Cassie, you and Mia are everything I need. You are amazing and incredibly nice”. Cassie smiled with a tear coming down her cheek. Then, she heard clanking noises outside and went to check. She saw purple bunny ears leave the diner. She ran to check and Jeremy’s car was gone. Cassie quickly started her engine and followed the car. “Oh no no no no” she mumbled. Jeremy’s car along with her’s arrived at a place called Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. She pulled up by the driveway and took a peek at Jeremy’s car. Cassie saw a bear, duck, fox, and bunny. “Oh not this again” she thought. As they entered the building Cassie got out of her car and ran into the building. She saw brand new Robots and a brand new diner area. Everything was upgraded and new. “Whoa this is so cool!” she said. She walked around for a bit and was amazed but the lights were not the best. “Hmmm, place is good but the electricity sucks”. Cassie heard clanking coming from the electricity room and then the lights went off. “Luckily I brought a flashlight for backup”. She turned it on and quietly walked through the room with the clanking. She quietly opened the door and it was pitch black. Cassie shines her light on what looked like a yellow duck face. “Oh My G…” The lights when back on and revealed four robots. They all looked at her with an angry expression. Jeremy woke up and licked the tape to make it weak enough for him to blow it out. “Cassie what are you doing here?!” Jeremy jumped in his chair and got close to the AKS (Animatronics Kill Switch) and tapped it. “That will keep them down for a while. Now untie me”. Cassie untied Jeremy and ran out the door. Jeremy spotted a purple glow in the distance as his vision was still blurry from the metallic punch. “Wh..what is that” he said. “HELLO” the purple glow spoke. “Who’s there” Cassie stammered. The purple glow got closer and it started to look like a person. “MY NAME IS VINCENT”. Cassie backed away slowly. Then a face man (Meant to do that ;). appeared in purple clothes, his skin was purple. Vincent shook Cassie’s hand and she quickly pulled it away. “I gotta go”. She ran out the door with Jeremy. Vincent just stared at her with a weird grin. Cassie put Jeremy in the car and she got in the driver’s seat. She quickly drove back home and Mia was watching television. “Mia we gotta go right now get in the car!” she said. Mia did not know why but she got her packings and put them in the trunk and got in the back seat where she saw Jeremy almost passed out. “Mommy is daddy gonna be ok?” she asked. Cassie nodded her head yes in agreement and jumped in the driver’s seat.


Chapter 3: It's Not Over Yet…


“UH..I GOTTA REMOVE THIS STUPID KILL SWITCH” Vincent said. He grabbed the screwdriver from Foxy’s hand and powered them back on. “Your new command…. Kill Cassie and her family he said to the animatronics. All of them powered on with a bright red glow in their eye. There was an old jeep in the park left there by someone years ago. All of the robots got into the jeep and drove to Cassie’s house. “Ok do we have everything?” Cassie asked. “Yes, now let's go.” said Mia. Cassie started up the car as Jeremy looked out the back window and saw a jeep that looked like his dad’s jeep from years ago. “C...Cassie there is someone behind us” he said. Cassie looked through the mirror and saw the robots inside the car. “EVERYONE GET BACK INTO THE HOUSE!!!” She screamed. Everyone quickly got back in the house and Cassie locked all the doors and windows in the house. “Jeremy, grab your axe from the evacuation shelter”. Cassie said with fright in her voice. Jeremy was unconscious and on the floor, so Cassie went for it. She grabbed the axe but once she came back, She saw Mia and Jeremy in Freddy’s hands, choking them. “NO… S...STOP….. LET THEM GO!!!” “MOMMY HELP ME, PLEASE!” She cried in a whimpering noise. Bonnie smacked Mia on the cheek because she was getting annoyed of her crying, making her go unconscious. “NO!!” In the blink of an eye she swung the axe and Bonnie’s head went rolling. Then Chica’s. Then Foxy’s. All that stood between getting her family back was Freddy. Freddy dropped Jeremy and his eyes glowed a blood red as he charged towards Cassie. She dodged his move and he crashed into the wall and fell to the ground. He stood up again but Cassie slashed his head off. His body slid down the wall and the wires got inside the the circuit board, causing a blackout. Cassie got her flashlight and shined it to Mia but she was gone, same thing for Jeremy. She ran outside and drove back to the pizzeria and saw the new animatronics she had seen earlier on the stage. Toy Freddy held a knife as Jeremy was tied to a chair and Mia was passed out on the diner table. “WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!?!” she screamed. Toy Freddy faced her with a red glimmer in his eye. He plunged towards her and smacked the axe out of her hand. “AHH!!!” she screamed as she ran for the phone to call the police. But toy bonnie caught her and lifted her and tied her to a chair. “We’ve got them now” said Mangle. At home…. Jessica and Chris became suspicious and followed the road tracks Cassie had left. “Freddy Fazbear Pi…” Jessica stopped in the middle of her sentence just to continue another one “CHRIS DIAL 911 RIGHT NOW!!!” she screamed. Toy Chica looked out the window. “We’ve got company...” said Toy Chica. Mangle grabbed some tools from the employee room. Toy Bonnie slowly made a mark on Jeremy’s leg by slicing it with a knife, In Which awoke him with a loud scream. “AAAAAH” he screamed. Chris looked at Jessica like he had just seen a ghost. “What to do what to do” Chris thought to himself. Toy Chica saw Chris coming near the building to come inside. “CHRIS STAY BACK. Help is on it's way just stay here” Jessica said. Chris ignored her and opened the door. Toy Chica knocked him out the soon he got in. “I got him” she said. Mia awoke and snuck into the emergency room. “Ok everything is perfect… Jeremy, Check. Cassie, Check. WHERE IS MIA” Freddy screamed and told the others to look for her everywhere. Mia crawled to the AKS and touched it. All the animatronics powered down. “MOMMY DADDY” she screamed. Mia started untying Jeremy and Cassie.


Chapter 4: Is This The True End?


“Oh my god everyone in the car right now” said Cassie. Everyone ran to the car but Toy Chica had barricaded the door from outside. “Time to die little ones Hahahaha” she laughed and Jeremy could hear her voice. He got the fire extinguisher and smashed the window. “Everyone out come on” He said as he helped Mia and Cassie out. Then he jumped out the window only to see the dead bodies of Jessica and Chris. “NOOOOOO…. You piece of metal” he screamed and threw a rock at Toy Chica’s eye. Toy Chica tripped Mia and took her into the pizzeria. “Jeremy look” said Cassie. The police had arrived. “Stop right there it's the police”. “It's not us… the threat is in there” said Cassie. “You might need a bit more troops than just 5” said Jeremy. The police broke the door down and searched everywhere. They dismantled Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, and Mangle but Toy Chica had Mia in the closet with the door locked. The police caught found 2 dead bodies who belonged to Chris and Jessica. Jeremy hugged Cassie and whispered “I hope this ends”. Cassie agreed to what he said and said “We should help”. They both went in because they knew where Toy Chica was hiding. “She is in the closet room” said Jeremy” The police found Toy Chica and dismantled her. “MIA” they both screamed. They hugged Mia and she cried. “Why are you crying Mia” asked Cassie. “The… The robot bit my foot and im bleeding”. “OH MY GOD” Jeremy screamed. “Get her to a hospital As soon as possible please”. Cassie looked at Jeremy and grinned. “This is over now… right”. Jeremy nodded his head in agreement followed by Cassie hugging him. They drove back home and packed their stuff. “I'm so glad this is over. In the morning we pick Mia up from the hospital and leave this state” Cassie said.


The Next Morning….


Okay we have Mia. “Check” said Mia in a cute voice. Jeremy got ready to leave but they were forgetting something. We forgot about Vincent. Purple guy showed up at the door with a fire axe. “Everyone watch out” Cassie screamed and grabbed Jeremy and  Mia’s hand and dragged them to the evacuation shelter. Vincent ran after them with a creepy voice he said “I'M COMING FOR YOU”. Vincent swung his axe and broke a piece of the door.He popped his head  through the door and said “Here’s Vincent” . Everybody screamed and Jeremy grabbed the wrench and whacked him in the face. “Leave us alone” cried Mia. Vincent kicked the door down and stabbed Cassie in the hand. “CASSIE NO… YOU LITTLE” with Jeremy’s words, He knocked Vincent out and snatched his fire axe. “Mia get back” said Jeremy. In one swing, Vincent’s head went flying out the window. Jeremy helped Cassie to the car and Jeremy started up the engine. “No waits anymore let's go” he said. He rushed off to the road and left the state. “Is everyone okay” he said. Mia and Cassie nodded in agreement. Jeremy turned on the radio and all there was is static until… “Memories never die” the radio spoke in a human like voice. “You gotta keep killing them”. Jeremy looked at the radio and saw a piece of electric copper wire coming out of it. Golden Freddy appeared in the road. “AHHH” Jeremy screamed and pulled the other way. “We forgot about him daddy. Did you bring your axe” Mia said. Jeremy nodded and got out of the car to grab it from the trunk. Golden Freddy appeared behind the car and punched Jeremy in the face. Jeremy fell on the floor and Golden Freddy dragged him so Mia and Cassie could see him. “It's Me” Golden Freddy said. “DADDY NOT AGAIN” Mia started crying and wished this would end.

Chapter 5: It’s Me

“Cassie held Mia but she got out of the car and snuck to the trunk. She grabbed the axe and got in the car again. “M..Mia why are you holding that”? “Mommy distract him. I'll be back”. Cassie did as Mia said and got out of the car. She waved and got Golden Freddy’s attention. Golden Freddy ran to Cassie and knocked her down. Mia stood behind Golden Freddy and chopped off his foot . Golden Freddy looked at her in rage, which gave Cassie enough time to get in the car and run him over. “MIA GET OUT OF THE WAY” she screamed. Mia jumped to the left and Cassie hit the gas pedal and ran Golden Freddy over. “AAAARRGHH” he screamed in pain and Mia grabbed the axe. In one last swing his head went flying off the bridge. “Mommy is it over now”? Cassie nodded her head and Mia grinned. Cassie dragged Jeremy to the car and drove down the road until they were far away from Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria.


One Month Later…..


“Who wants breakfast” Cassie asked. “ME ME ME” replied Mia. Jeremy chuckled and raised his hand. “Race you to the table” Mia said. Jeremy and Mia ran to the table and Cassie just watched. Cassie heard a knock on the door. She opened it and saw a card on the mat. It read “From Unknown. We will come back. We will always come back”. Cassie opened her eyes in shock. “What… What is it” said Jeremy. Cassie looked at Jeremy and gave him the letter. Jeremy read the letter and stared at it when he was done. “We need to go”. “Again… We haven't even been here for 2 months” said Mia. “Mia they're coming back”. Mia opened her mouth and ran upstairs and started packing. Jeremy could see a purple glow at the door. “Cassie behind you watch out” He screamed. “No… You don't understand”. Jeremy looked confused. “Cassie… why is the purple glow coming from you”. Cassie unzipped herself and revealed Vincent. “OH MY GOD” he screamed. Mia came running downstairs. “Daddy mommy is upstairs tied up who is this”. At realization she grabbed a knife and pointed it to Vincent. “S...s….stay away”. “No… you don't get it do you” Vincent said. Mia and Jeremy were confused. Cassie remembered she had a pocket knife in her pocket. She cut herself loose and snuck behind Vincent. “STAY AWAY AND NEVER COME BACK”. She screamed as she stabbed Vincent from behind. The knife went straight through. “ is that possible” Mia said. “IT'S A HOLOGRAM” Cassie screamed. The holo vincent spoke “I am dead. I sent this message to tell you i'm coming back. Look outside in your backyard”. Jeremy slowly opened the back door and saw a torn up yellow rabbit looking animatronic. It had human looking eyes. “That's springtrap. I built him to hide in but the springlocks malfunctioned so I died. He can't be powered off. He can't be killed. Have fun with your new toy”. Springtrap looked at Jeremy with in a solid state. He stood up, walking towards them. Jeremy and Cassie quickly started boarding up the house, but it was too late. Springtrap broke through the borders. Since the front door and everything else was boarded up, they had nowhere to go...


Credits: Idea By: Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 By Scott Cawthon

Special Thanks to: Diane Murphy McDonald, Paula Smith.

Helpers: Jacob Sly and Denzel Digado for helping edit


NOTE: Part 3 coming soon “There will be 6 parts regards to the game which has 6 parts”.


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