Flare for the Dead!

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Cognitive dissonance is an insidious creeping social virus......beware the backdoor of your mind!

Submitted: February 11, 2018

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Submitted: February 11, 2018



A mortuary is a lonely place at night. Applying cosmetics to the cold sallow skin of dead people isn’t an occupation for the faint of heart. Some would say its downright gruesome.

Almar Oglethorpe was a natural. Not only had he never been disgusted by death, he had literally been obsessed with cessation of life since his earliest memories from childhood. Human corporeal remains were his stock-in-trade. He liked being alone late at night with the dead. He was good at it. He utterly reveled in the lurid unction it gave him. Almar was never happier than when he was surrounded by open caskets and their grim contents.

In fact, Almar loved the dearly departed so much that he actually spoke to them while he arranged his funereal patrons for their last viewing in preparation for final departure from this wicked world. Tonight’s client had been a psychiatrist by profession, so Almar naturally spoke on topics that would be of interest to one so well-versed in the subtle nuances of the mind.

While teasing the hair and brushing foundation onto the unresponsive face of the cadaver, an ebullient Almar chatted away as to a trusted confidant.

“I am ever on guard against my mind being infiltrated by cognitive dissonance. The media is literally saturated with psychological, emotional, and instinctual triggers covertly engineered with the explicit aim of inculcating in the mental processing habits of the public the disastrously deleterious affects of cognitive dissonance.

The so-called organized religions of the world are rife with the same subversive conniving scheming found in popular culture, advertising, news broadcasts, and even the educational system. What really terrifies me is that many of the devious plots executed in the modern world were fashioned ages ago before the scientific term “cognitive dissonance” even existed. This shocking fact proves that someone, or some thing, has been actively launching attacks aimed at controlling the human mind individually and en masse for generations reaching back into the obscuring shadows of the distant past.

Cognitive dissonance retards and severely limits the mental process of logical thinking based on factual reasoning, thereby crippling the average person’s potential for self-reliance and independence. This malicious plot is, I honestly believe, perpetrated with the clandestine agenda of ensuring a ready supply of human slave labor to serve the dastardly inscrutable machinations of the ostensible free enterprise system of the Capitalist Global Market Economy.

Now then, a formal definition of cognitive dissonance is something to the effect that when one harbors beliefs, ides, or values that are in contradiction with each other resulting in feelings of confusion, inferiority, or guilt, then one is suffering from cognitive dissonance.

Notice this definition doesn't say FACTS, it says beliefs, ideas, or values. All of which are SUBJECTIVE not objective. In other words, the Corporate Controlled Military Industrial Complex enslaves the uninitiated human population of Earth by creating a culture of OPINIONS which can be expertly exploited and manipulated by MOOD INDUCTION. Mood swings spawned like storms among people by the deceptive media determine what people do or say at specified times and places.

Examples are national holidays, sporting events, days labeled with special religious significance, social issues such as politics or domestic violence, the nation’s capital and shopping malls. The majority of people are controlled like puppets on strings by emotional triggers cunningly disseminated in glamorized ad campaigns, as opposed to thinking independently for themselves with logical decisions based on factual analysis of reality.

A revolting illustration of the damage caused by cognitive dissonance is when Christians claim that Jesus says turn the other cheek, yet these same Christians totally ignore the fact that according to their own so-called scripture this allegedly messianic Jesus threw a violent temper-tantrum turning over the tables of the money-changers in the synagogue, then cursed a fig tree to die because it didn’t have any fruit on it.

Well, they are hypocrites. I mean, after all, it even says right there in their cherished New Testament that it wasn’t the season for figs, so there wasn’t supposed to be any fruit on the tree. The son of the only all-knowing misogynistic women-hating man-god should have known what any child would have known in those days.

Why would a benevolent being of pure love hate women? How should I know? All I know is that according to the prejudicial Old Testament, it wasn’t Adam who gave into temptation, it was Eve. It wasn’t Lot who looked back at the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah to be turned into a pillar of salt as punishment, it was Lot’s wife. Anyone who doesn’t see that the so-called “Holy” Bible is laden with male chauvinist bias and a derisive slant against the female gender is obviously suffering from the abhorrent psychoemotional disease of cognitive dissonance.

Another sickening example of the frightening consequences of cognitive dissonance is when MADD wants to prosecute to death anyone arrested for DUI, yet they say nothing about the executives raking in million-dollar salaries by distilling and selling to the public an endless supply of booze. Maybe the person who was driving under the influence should be punished, but so should the unscrupulous parasites who manufacture alcoholic beverages.

An ancient military strategist wrote that it is possible to know how to win a battle without being able to do it.  I bet if the CEOs of the world’s distilleries were put in prison every time one of their customers was arrested for DUI, the whole social blight of inebriated driving would be stamped out forever! You don’t get rid of a cold by simply wiping someone’s nose. You don’t get weeds out of a garden by merely pulling off a few leaves. Nip it in the bud! Cut it off at the source!


Secrets of the mind are unveiled in the gnostic texts penned by medieval scribe Sean Terrence Best, readily available to you via Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble, and many other booksellers.

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